The Case for Star Lotulelei

First I would like to start by saying that with all the Quarterback movement in the last couple of days with teams in the top 10 of the draft, there is no way we are going to be able to trade the number 1 pick this year. If we do I would be really surprised and I would have to bet the compensation wouldn't be anything close to what the trade value chart would suggest.

John Dorsey has publicly said that the Chiefs have narrowed there potential draft selections at number 1 down to for players. Most would assume that this would be Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Dion Jordan and who is the other your guess is as good as mine I think it would have to be Star Lotulelei. This guy would be an absolute force in our defense with him and Poe playing alongside each other with Devito and Jackson subbing in and out we could have a very formidable front 7, that could be on the brink of being the best in the league if we can land a stud ILB in the draft as well.

Every year the media and NFL analysts talk about how the chiefs need to take an OT in the first round of the draft and every year it never happens. I know that there is an all new coaching staff and new GM but I don't think we go OT with the number 1 pick because I still think that we will work out a long term contract with Albert. Which leaves few positions left for us to go after. Clearly you can't take an ILB at number 1 overall especially with the money that is already wrapped up in the position. WR could be a good choice considering we don't have the personal in my opinion to compete with the best if it becomes a shoot out but no WR in the draft is good enough for the number 1 pick..

What abut OLB like say Dion Jordan this could very well be the direction that the Chiefs go with the number 1 pick they have scouting as much as you can scout someone and I think they like what he could bring to this defense especially when Tamba Hail's contract runs out, or they decided they don't want to pay Hali the 11.5 million he will be due to make next year.

But to me we need more players on the Defensive line some of the players that we have taken in the past may not have played up to their draft status but these guys didn't draft any of them and Tyson Jackson will be a free agent next year so we must address this position.

Lotulelei spent the past two seasons as perhaps the best defensive player in the Pac-12. He was a wrecking ball at the point of attack. Lotulelei is explosive off the snap and constantly disrupts plays behind the line of scrimmage. The only way offenses were able to keep him in check was via double teams. Even with two blockers, Lotulelei would hold his ground and generate draws. He also beat double teams semi-frequently.

For the NFL, Lotulelei looks like a complete package. He has amazing strength to grab offensive linemen and toss them aside. Lotulelei is extremely fast to chase down ball-carriers. He makes more plays than the stats illustrate with the constant disruption he provides off the snap. His explosive first step lets him fire by offensive linemen to get penetration into the backfield. Lotulelei also plays with a mean streak. He bullies linemen and hits with authority.

Just think of what we could have with Lotulelei, Houston, and Hali putting that much pressure on the QB and making them step up into the pocket where Poe, DJ, and our new ILB will be waiting, I think this guy is the so called BPA and he is who we should be focusing on with the number 1 pick in this years draft, especially since we are one year too early for Jadeveon Clowney and one year too late for Andrew Luck.

One more interesting thing that I found listen to the free agents we will have in 2016 if we don't resign them before then.

Tamba Hali

Eric Berry

Jamaal Charles

Derrick Johnson

Sean Smith

Dunta Robinson

Dontari Poe

Mike devito

Chance Daniel

Donny Avery

Jeff Allen

Donald Stevenson.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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