2013 AFC Draft Grades

2013 AFC Draft Grades

Baltimore Ravens A-

We can talk all day how Baltimore let too many people go in the offseason, but when you can draft like the Ravens do, it doesn’t matter all that much. Elam will fill in right away and should give them just as much as an aging Reed gave them the last couple of years. Brown is just another stud LB that fell to them. They get some depth on both sides of the line as well. Don’t sleep on Mellette the WR, he fell to the 7th round but can contribute at some point

Buffalo Bills B

It’s hard to knock the Manuel pick too much, but he’s a guy that could have been taken later. This QB class was so weak that him being taken first is like being the tallest midget, doesn’t count that much. I think Woods at WR is better than people think. Goodwin is another WR to give them someone to throw to other than Stevie Johnson. Meeks has some value in the 5th round for sure. They get the bump since they took their guy at QB and were one of the few teams willing to take a few risks when other teams went safe.

Cincinnati Bengals B+

People love the Bengals draft but I don’t really get it. Don’t get me wrong there is talent in these draft picks, but I think there were better players for them to take. Really don’t get the Eifert pick at TE since that wasn’t a need with 1st round pick. The Bernard pick at RB another guy who is good, but there were better RBs there. Hunt is a stud though and was a great pick at the end of the 2nd round. Williams will get a shot at safety which could turn into a great value there as well. I grade on starters and future starters and there could easily be 4 here, but I think they could look back and see that there were better options.

Cleveland Browns D+

Hard to really get excited about this draft. 2nd round pick who was used on Josh Gordon last year, and no 4th and 5th round picks really hurt this team. They did get Bess from Miami with the 4th round pick, so there is value there, but this team needs more talent. Mingo just doesn’t impress me enough to take at number 6. He might just be added to the list of failed LSU defensive lineman. Biggest disappointment has to be though that they didn’t at least take a chance on one of the fallen QBs. This draft could have been salvaged with taking a backup QB.

Denver Broncos B

Broncos are in such a win now mode, maybe even more than the Dolphins. Manning only has a few years left so they need everything they can right now. I think they got 2 starters with Williams on the defensive line and Ball will be a starter at some point at RB. I think they might get a knock though because they didn’t address a pass rusher till the 5th round after Dumervil walked because of a fax machine. Dysert will be interesting to watch as he has some talent and get to sit behind Manning for at least a year.

Houston Texans B

I think there are a couple of schools of thought. Take the best player available or take a player of need and almost everyone will say take the best player on the board. I think though that you can throw that out the window when you are a team that has this window of opportunity to win it all, you draft a need. Hopkins I don’t think is going to be a great WR but it was the only glaring need for this team. Montgomery also has huge value taken at the end of the 3rd round. Swearinger might be one of the hardest hitting DB in this draft which fits well with this team. This team probably has 3 starters from this draft but Hopkins needs to be decent right away for them to deserve a better grade.

Indianapolis Colts C

This team is built around a QB and probably always will. They did need a RB, some WR help, OL would be nice and that was just on the offensive side of the ball. DE is a need but Werner is a guy who played with a lot of pass rushers at FSU so I’m not sure if they are going to be great individually. I think Thornton who is a third round guard could come in and start quickly, but this team will probably only get 2 starters from this draft and maybe some depth.

Jacksonville Jaguars B-

I don’t think I’ve seen a team with the second pick run up that fast with their pick to get Joeckel. The problem is they don’t NEED a LT. They have one, but Joeckel is their future. They have a lot of other problems and they took care of one with Cyprien with their secondary a mess. I thought they should have taken a chance on one of the QBs since they have one of the biggest question marks. Denard Robinson has talent and speed but I don’t think that they have enough different looks in their offense to really get him the ball to be effective. I think this team has 3 starters from this draft but only because of how bad this team really needs playmakers so they get a B with the slightest margins.

Kansas City Chiefs C+

We didn’t know till the pick was in they were going to draft Fisher but they got their guy. He will be there for 10 years. Kelce has a ton of talent and Reid will love having a 2 TE set. Nico Johnson will probably get a chance to start right away at ILB and so will Commings at safety. I wasn’t impressed with the end of draft with no QBs taken and also the botched Albert trade that never happened. They could have used a 2nd round pick. Also Davis as RB in the 3rd will be forever referred to as a waste of a pick. This team has at most 4 potential starters from this draft but more likely 2 with Alex Smith also added as we can see now has great value since the QBs were viewed as 4th round talent by most NFL teams. You just expect more out of a team picking from the top 5 every round.

Miami Dolphins C+

A team that this offseason has reeked of desperation added that to the draft with taking a raw Jordan and then adding some help in the secondary with Taylor I think will give them a better defense. They could be just as much to blame for the trade not going through for Albert which now leaves them without a LT going into the season. A team that is all in, just didn’t pick the right time to start winning games, they have a ways to go, so this all in is just bad timing right now.

New England Patriots C

Honestly surprised with this draft. I didn’t see any wow factor and I think the Patriots even though got 5 of the first 102 picks just didn’t do what they usually do which is find great value with each pick and plug them in. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but a couple of these defensive players will have to step up this year for this to be a successful draft. Logan Ryan is the guy who I think will be able to step in and do that, but raw is a term you could use for almost of all of these picks.

New York Jets B-

I’m not sure if it’s enough to save Ryan’s job but it was a good draft. Milliner will step in day one and make an impact. Richardson on the DL will be a work in progress but gives them some help soon. Geno Smith is obviously the biggest question mark. This is probably the best and worst place for Geno. Best because he will get to sit but probably not for long, but worst because if he isn’t good quickly, Jets fans will turn on him. They then went to take 3 offensive lineman in a row so one of them will work out and my bet is on Winters from Kent State. Could see him on the right side. They also get Chris Ivory for a 4th round pick. That just keeps adding onto the average RBs on their team.

Oakland Raiders D+

Honestly it was like Al Davis was picking these guys from the grave. Hayden is a great story, but there is a chance he won’t be able to even want to play football after his literal near death experience. They then take a tackle who didn’t even understand football as he grew up in England with their 2nd round pick. Moore has some talent at LB and so does their 4th round QB in Wilson so there is a chance this works out for them, I’m just thinking that history is not on their side.

Pittsburgh Steelers A

So there were a lot of people that were wondering how you replace Harrison, Mendenhall and Wallace. Easy, you use your first three picks and just plug and play for half the cost. Jarvis Jones will make an immediate impact and is perfect for the Steelers. Bell is that typical Steelers RB who runs with some power and could start. Wheaton could be as fast as Wallace and will stretch the field. Then at Thomas the safety out of Syracuse who is great value in the 4th round could see some action this year if there are injuries. Add to that Landry Jones who will sit and wait behind Big Ben, I think they won the draft.

San Diego Chargers C

An interesting draft that I think could either be a hit or a huge bust. I don’t think Fluker is a LT so it will be interesting to see where he sticks. Te’o had to go somewhere and he ended up in a place that needs him and he will be asked to just go get the guy with the ball. Allen gives Rivers some much needed help at WR. The problem is that I think there are only 3 possible future starters on this team and they could all fall flat. That is what scares me from giving them a good grade.

Tennessee Titans C+

I’m not a fan of taking a guard with the top 10 pick but there just wasn’t much there for them to take at that point. Hunter is a boom or bust type of player that will make this draft a lot better if he works and if Locker takes some steps forward. The rest of these picks were safe and will need some time to develop to really get any production out of them. The Titans need playmakers right now on defense so these young guys will get tested quickly.

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