How we could have drafted if we would have traded Albert for the 54th pick

Don't get me wrong here I do like where the Chiefs went in most of the draft but I think we could have walked away some better more valuable players, if we would have traded Albert to Miami or even got some solid players where we picked instead of getting players with upside by are a large risk.

The pick of Kelce in the third round shocked me at first but then I started to read more about him and more about Moeaki and the more I started to like the pick. I am a huge fan of Moeaki I live in Iowa and I thought he was going to be the next Tony G. if he could stay healthy and he hasn't if Kelce can come in and prove to be on the right path this could be the steal of the draft this year. I also really like the Nico Johnson pick this was a guy I wanted them to be targeting if all the other ILB were off the board I think he will be a good complement to DJ on first and second down and is a tackling machine because that is what we need but what if we could have changed it up a little.

Lets take a look at who was drafted at 54 and beyond just to see where we could have went if we would have acquired the pick from the Dolphins.

54. Jamar Taylor

55. Vance McDonald

56. Arthur Brown

57. D.J. Swearinger

58. Montee Ball

59. Aaron Dobson

60. Robert Alford

61. Eddy Lacy

62. Christine Michael

So after we take a look at this lets see where the Chiefs could have gone if we would have made the trade.

Round 2 Pick 54: D.J. Swearinger (FS)- This one came down to Swearinger or Arthur Brown and I think that Nico Johnson will end up being a better fit for our defense so I took Swearinger here we need someone to play FS, since this regime is set on leaving Berry at SS we need a ball hawking FS and Swearinger is it. I know they say Sanders Commings will get his change there but to get someone like Swearinger at this point in the draft we may have had the best secondary in the league.

Round 3 Pick 63: Travis Kelce (TE)- Still going with Kelce here because of what I stated above with Moeaki going into the final year of his contract this is a good pick. With Kelce and Fasano two players that are good at catching and blocking we could be seeing some offense similar to what the Patriots run with two TE sets.

Round 3 Pick 96: Johnathan Franklin (RB)- I get the Knile Davis pick he has major upside to his game but he has had fumble issues and has a history of injury problems I would have loved to see the Chiefs take Franklin here to pair him with Charles and take over for Charles god for bid he were to get hurt again. Would have loved to see them go this direction.

Round 4 Pick 99: Nico Johnson (ILB)- I think this guy is going to do some great things for our defense he is a very good run defender and if anyone read my article about our stats last year we were terrible against the run drafting Johnson and picking up DeVito in free agency will really help our run defense.

Round 5 Pick 34: Jesse WIlliams (DT)- I couldn't believe that the number 1 rated 3-4 DT by a lot of people was still on the board in the 5th round, and I couldn't believe that we passed him up. I know we took Poe last year and I am a huge fan of Poe I think he will dominate next year I actually think that will Poe skills he could play DE on some plays as well. If we would have added Williams here we would have had a very solid D-Line for the next couple of years and if Poe could play some end this pick of Williams would ease the blow when Tyson Jackson leaves next offseason.

Round 6 Pick 170: David Quessenberry (C)- If we were going to select a Center here for insurance to Hudson I would have liked to see the Chiefs take Quessenberry here he has played all positions on the O-Line and a more solid pick. Selecting Eric Kush here was risky but he is from the PA so maybe Reid was doing some scouting on this kid before he even left the Eagles and knew what he was getting.

Round 6 Pick 204: Braden Wilson (FB)- This pick I wouldn't have changed I really like this pick this guy is 6'3 254 pounds will be a good blocker on short yardage and goalline situations and if he can turn into a good between the 20's run blocker Charles may be running wild next year even more than he did last year. Can you say rushing title for Charles.

Round 6 Pick 207: Jordan Poyer (CB)- This guy was ranked high on many boards that I looked at before the draft and for him to fall into the 7th round was crazy to me he could end of being the steal of the draft for the Eagles. I think after we added Jesse Williams in the 5th round we would have eliminated the need for a DE here we did pick up D.J. Swearinger in the 2nd round but getting a corner of Poyer's ability in the 7th would have been huge for this defense I fully believe that Sean Smith will be the starting corner next to Flowers but Robinson is going to be 31 going into the season so we may not even get the 3 years out of him that we signed him for so Poyer would have been a great pick.

Hope you guys like the article.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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