The 1st Round: Pick By Pick Breakdown

The 2013 NFL Draft probably had the most boring build up of any draft in recent memory. All of the skill positions seemed weak. Offensive tackles were expected to be the hot commodity. Everyone wanted to trade back, but there weren't (reportedly) many suitors to trade up. It looked like a big snoozefest. But hold the phone, because this first round actually had more movement and surprises than I think any of us saw coming. A surprising trade that resulted in an even more surprising pick. The two most talked about players in the draft both being passed over and falling out of the round. A team with a pair of first round picks deciding even that wasn't enough. A coach passing over his college QB and the consensus best QB in the draft for a guy who some thought would go in the 3rd rd. All in all...pretty interesting.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Fisher - OT - CMU: Highlight of this pick was the shot of the war room where it almost looked like everyone was ready for a nap. Boring start to the night, but this was definitely the right pick.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Luke Joeckel - OT - Texax A&M: Well the Jags take the Chiefs leftovers as many thought they would. However, it appears they will put Joeckel at they even managed to screw that up.

3. Miami Dolphins: Dion Jordan - OLB - Oregon: Woah! Huge trade that crushes the Chiefs hopes to tra...wait Dion Jordan? is still on? But they used the pick the Chiefs wanted to move up. Cue the suspenseful soap opera music, cuz this just got interesting.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: Lane Johnson - OT - Oklahoma: Ok, sanity returns and we see the last of the big three OTs off the board, as expected. Of course, you have to wonder how the Dolphins trade may have affected this.

5. Detroit Lions: Ezekial Ansah - DE - BYU: Possibly affected by Miami trade, but Ansah was a popular pick for them anyways. No real surprise here. However, how cool of a starting lineup is it when you can introduce Ezekial Ansah and Ndamukong Suh one after the other?

6. Cleveland Browns: Barkevius Mingo - DE - LSU: The Browns add a pass rusher and seem to be setting themselves up to have a pretty dominant defense. Can't wait to see how they ruin this by being the Browns.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Jonathan Cooper - OG - UNC: Most confusing analysis of the night comes from Mike Mayock. Cooper is the 2nd best OG in this draft, but he's a better pick here than the best OG, Chance Warmack. I'm not sure how that makes sense, but who cares. The Cards have finally taken a step towards not getting all of their QBs killed.

8. St. Louis Rams: Tavon Austin - WR - West Virginia: The first offensive playmaker finally comes off the board. The Rams make a big move to get Sam Bradford some help. This jump shows that the lesser Missouri team is ready to make a move towards the playoffs.

9. New York Jets: Dee Milliner - CB - Alabama: The Jets officially try to replace Darrelle Revis. You could almost hear the New York media screaming at this kid: "How does it feel to know you'll never be Revis?" Next up for the Jets? Replacing their HC and QB...and lots of other people.

10. Tennessee Titans: Chance Warmack - OG - Alabama: The draft has gone back to being boring. But let's be real. The Titans could have selected Joe Montana here and nobody would have noticed.

11. San Diego Chargers: DJ Fluker - OT - Alabama: The Chargers add a RT...which they already had. Still no LT. I wonder if Philip Rivers will notice? Wait...did we just have three Alabama players get selected in a row? Wow, Nick Saban must be on to something down there.

12. Oakland Raiders: DJ Hayden - CB - Houston: The Raiders draft maybe one of the best stories in this entire draft. It's hard not to cheer for Hayden because of what he's gone through, but I'll manage since he's a Raider. I am starting to wonder if the Raiders agreed to only getting the 42nd pick just to screw with us though.

13. New York Jets: Sheldon Richardson - DT - Missouri: The Jets shock everyone and focus completely on defense. No really, this was actually a shock this time. With all their needs at QB, WR, TE, RB, and on the OL...they went defense. Makes perfect sense.

14. Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei - DT - Utah: At one time he was considered a top contender for the #1 spot in this draft. Gotta wonder how this plays out if the heart condition is never known about. But hey, I don't bet against large Samoan guys in the NFL.

15. New Orleans Saints: Kenny Vaccaro - S - Texas: The Saints manage to get some defensive help. But you have to wonder if they even have enough money to actually sign him. Not sure how that works if you draft a player but never sign him. Is there some kind of statute of limitations on that?

16. Buffalo Bills: EJ Manuel - QB - FSU: The Bills get a QB! Obviously it was Geno Smith, the best QB in the class. Oh, it wasn't? Well then, it's gotta be Ryan Nassib because he was Doug Marrone's guy at Syracuse. Wrong again? Well how about Matt Barkley, since he was supposed to be the most pro-ready QB? No? Nope, it's EJ Manuel who some thought wouldn't go until the 3rd round. Anyone rethinking their pre-draft QB evaluations?

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jarvis Jones - OLB - UGA: This pick might as well have been made five spots ago. I don't think anyone was surprised here. This was just filler before we all watched Dallas screw up their pick.

18. San Francisco 49ers: Eric Reid - S - LSU: And Dallas screws it up! The 49ers use a few of their 100 something picks to move up and get the best available player at a position that Dallas desperately needed help at. Jerry, you were in prime position to get a great player at a huge position of need, and you let him go to the team you have to beat if you ever want to get back to the Super Bowl!

19. New York Giants: Justin Pugh - OG - Syracuse: The Giants do NOT select a pass-rusher to the surprise of everyone who hasn't looked at their actual drafting habits over the years. Eli Manning has to be fairly happy about this pick though.

20. Chicago Bears: Kyle Long - OG - Oregon: No, you read that right. There have been 4 Guards drafted so far. More OGs than OTs, go ahead and research the last time that happened. To be fair though, Long and Pugh did play OT in college...but that doesn't matter anymore. It's all about the next level.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Tyler Eifert - TE - Notre Dame: And the Golden Domer comes off the board...just not the one everyone was paying attention to. The Bengals provide a new option for "The Red Rifle" to ignore when he throws the ball to AJ Green.

22. Atlanta Falcons: Desmond Trufant - CB - Washington: The Falcons go defensive. After losing Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes this offseason and the strength of this defensive back class, there was little doubt that they would be going CB. Maybe a little surprising that they traded up for him, but it's not like they jumped to the top of the draft here.

23. Minnesota Vikings: Sharrif Floyd - DT - Florida: Ha, this guy was projected by many to go 3rd overall. So the Vikings win the value award. They needed a DT, and they got one. Not the excitement some people thought we'd get with the Vikings pick...but ok.

24. Indianapolis Colts: Bjoern Werner - DE - FSU: Another guy who had a mighty fall down the draft boards. He was once considered the best defensive player in this draft and a lock at #2 overall. This would not be #2 overall.

25. Minnesota Vikings: Xavier Rhodes - CB - FSU: Round 2 for the Vikings and they get some secondary help. Seems like there may have been a certain focus for them in this draft.

26. Green Bay Packers: Datone Jones - DE - UCLA: It seems the Packers are always adding some kind of defensive stud in the why does their defense suck? Maybe they should have used this pick on a DB that will knock down a Russell Wilson hail marry.

27. Houston Texans: DeAndre Hopkins - WR - Clemson: Andre Johnson stares at the screen incredulously and says: "It took you 11 years to get someone to help me?" Of course, at this point, Matt Schaub's eyes might be permanently glued to Johnson anyways.

28. Denver Broncos: Sylvester Williams - DT - UNC: Is there a worse feeling than when your rival makes a good move? I can't find anything wrong with this pick, so I absolutely hate it...and John Elway...and all Broncos...and even the Rockies just out of proximity.

29. Minnesota Vikings: Cordarrelle Patterson - WR - Tennessee: Because let's face it, sometimes two picks in the 1st rd just isn't enough. The Vikings may have just figured out that there is no sense in having picks after the 2nd rd when you can just have all 1st rd picks.

30. St. Louis Rams: Alec Ogletree - ILB - UGA: The Rams trade up to the top and down to the bottom of the 1st. Honestly, can anyone fault this strategy. Gotta say well played by the lesser Missouri team. And getting a defensive player like this isn't a bad move either.

31. Dallas Cowboys: Travis Frederic - C - Wisconsin: I think I actually heard the entire US say at the same time: "Who?" Well Dallas, I wondered how you would screw this up, and you did not disappoint. For those of you playing at home, Frederic was often ranked in the mid 40s to high 50s on most draft boards. So...congrats on that one Jerry.

32. Baltimore Ravens: Matt Elam - S - Florida: The Ravens go defense...not surprising considering almost everyone on their defense left. Even the guys they just signed have already started leaving.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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