Final Chiefs Mock Draft

I am going to go a head and throw in the trade for Brandon Albert because if he thinks he is going to get the 8 or 9 million a year he is looking for he is crazy. He will come to his senses and lowers his value on him self and signs a contract with the Dolphins which I think is his only option. If he stays in KC how does he know he won't get hurt again or that he will be playing right tackle all season and his value on the market next year will not be what it is now. I think the Dolphins are willing to give him around 6 to 6.5 million per season something like 4 years 26 Million. This would be a contract he would need to accept right away he will not get more than that next year.

Alright now that I have said what I think about the Brandon Albert and that he will still be traded, lets get to the mock draft.

Round 1 Pick 1: Eric Fisher (LT)- I believe this has to be the pick all of KC's position coaches prefer Fisher over Joeckel and I think that I would prefer Fisher I think he will be a better LT in the NFL. I know that we want to trade out and we might be able to if we could accept that we are not going to get any where close to the value of the number 1 pick back.

Round 2 Pick 42: (Miami)- Larry Warford (OG)- That is right lady's and gentalmen we are going to protect Alex Smith I think with us cutting Winston and probably going to trade Albert we are going to bolster our O-Line in the first two rounds of the draft. Warford reminds me a lot of Brian Waters and would be an instant starter and upgrade at LG. If this were to happen our O-Line would be Fisher, Warford, Hudson, Asamoah, and Stephenson, that right there is a line that is young will will gel together and will start to look like when we had Roaf, Waters, Wiegmann and Sheilds. This will turn our O-Line into a strength, plus we will find some great value in the late rounds to fill out our team.

Round 3 Pick 63: D.J. Swearinger (FS)- I think this guy could be a very good complement to Eric Berry. I think that we need a very versitle FS to allow Berry to play back on some plays and Swearinger is this guy. He could be one of the draft steals in all of the draft and he will be a Chief.

Round 3 Pick 96 :Markus Wheaton (WR)- I think there is a specific player that Reid and Dorsey want in the second round of this draft and that is why they want to get back into that round. Wheaton is the second best slot WR in this draft class and could become a good number 2 if need be. Reid can say all he wants about McCluster but he is just too small I think he will have some designed plays for him in this offense but not a focal point he will also be used more on kick and punt returns which means we need someone that can come in and take over that spot to help Baldwin develop and to take pressure off Bowe. By the way Donnie Avery isn't going to do that.

Round 4 Pick 99: A.J. Klein (ILB)- we need a big physical ILB to come in and just make tackles and plays for our defense next to DJ. Klein can be that guy this is execellent calue at this point and we now have dominated the middle of this draft by drafting guys that can come in and compete right away.

Round 5 Pick 134: Kevin Reddick (ILB)- I know these two picks are from the mocking the draft and turf show times but I really love the pick of Reddick in the 5th round and Wheaton in the 3rd round. I like taking Reddick here even with us taking Klein in the 4th I am not against drafting one position in back to back rounds when that might be the weakest link on your team these guys will both come in and compete for playing time we could even rotate them if Klein turns out to be better against the run and Reddick against the pass. DJ also isn't getting any younger and we need some one to groom behind him.

Round 6 Pick 170: Landry Jones (QB)- If Jones falls this far which could be a possibility with the way the QB class is shaping out to be with not a single one maybe going in the first round but I think Jones could come in and play in Reid's system right away if need be but he doesn't have too that is the good thing he can come in and compete against Chance Daniel for the second string job and watch Alex Smith to become a better player.

Round 6 Pick 204: Hugh Thornton (OG)- I have watched the Chiefs draft Illnois guards in the last couple of drafts. Asamoah is a stud and Jeff Allen will get there with some coaching by Reid and so will Thornton, he is a very versitle player, he played LT in his senior season but has played at both RG and LG so his versitility will come in handy.

Round 7 Pick 207: Zeke Motta (SS)- Eric Berry needs a reliable back up that can come in and play if Berry ever gets hurt again we need depth in the back end of this defense and with the pick of Motta and Swearinger we have it. Sorry if there are any spelling errors It wouldn't let me check my spelling after getting done.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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