The Chiefs are taking Luke Joeckel...unless they take Dion Jordan...or Eric Fisher

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs will select Luke Joeckel with the No. 1 overall pick. Of course, that's only if they don't take Eric Fisher. Or Dion Jordan. Or another prospect. In other words, we don't know who they're taking.

I always chuckle at folks who report Team A will select Player A in the 2013 NFL Draft. Unless that team is the No. 1 pick, you can't confidently say a team will be taking a certain player. The KC Chiefs do have the No. 1 pick but you still can not say for sure who they will take. In fact, the draft reports have the Chiefs taking Luke Joeckel or Dion Jordan or Eric Fisher. One of the three!

Chiefs GM John Dorsey said the Chiefs are considering four players for the top pick. Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel are strongly believed to be two of those players; Dion Jordan is probably another; the final one could be a defensive tackle like Sharrif Floyd or Star Lotulelei.

We don't even really need to watch the 2013 NFL Draft next week because reporters have already told us who the Chiefs are going to draft!

It's Luke Joeckel

Jason La Canfora buries his big breaking news that the Chiefs will take Luke Joeckel all the way down in the 12th paragraph of his draft piece.

"Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel will be the first name called next week," La Canfora writes. "According to numerous league sources, the Chiefs are locked in on him, barring anything unforeseen, after also strongly considering Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher."

Barring the Chiefs changing their mind, which is very, very possible, the pick will be Joeckel.

Or Eric Fisher

The ONLY way the pick isn't Luke Joeckel is if the pick is Eric Fisher instead.

Joeckel or Fisher seems to be the debate. Those are the two players this is coming down to. Joeckel seems like the safer pick since the Chiefs have seen him play regularly against a higher level of competition. Fisher is said to have more upside.

Well, maybe Dion Jordan

The ONLY scenario where it's not Fisher or Joeckel is if they pick Dion Jordan instead.

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