Luke Joeckel at 1 to the Lions?

Okay so I decided to think about what the Chiefs might actually be doing I will start with Eric Winston since this was a big deal to some.

Eric Winston was not great last year you could say he wasn't even that good in our system he gave up too many penalties and sacks. Plus we already have someone on our roster that can play RT and that is Donald Stevenson people seem to be overlooking this guy and when he had to step in for Brandon Albert he did a fine job he will win the starting job. He is a much better option than Winston and you will all see that when the season starts.

Next I will talk about the Brandon Albert situation I think that the Chiefs Brass is throwing up the biggest smoke screen here with Albert I know reports have come out that they are seeking out suitors for Albert and that he is as good as gone I don't think so I think they are doing this to make other teams think they are going to have to take a LT first overall. In my opinion there are many teams ( Lions, Cardinals, and Eagles) that need a LT and would gladly give up a second this year and a third next year for him. So why hasn't this happened because we indeed don't actually want to trade him. People say that the trade hasn't happened because we will then give our hand away in the draft I think by just saying that we want to trade him we are giving our hand up in the draft. I don't think there is anyway that the Chiefs would let Albert go on NFL AM and talk the way he did if they were intent on trading him or had a trade partner in place already, I think that they chiefs will sign him to a long term deal after the draft. Him staying away from VOLUNTARY workouts is just another ploy to get teams to think they are going to unload him at some point. The closer it gets to the draft the less likely he will be traded.

Now lets look at the trades that have happened in the past couple of days Matt Flynn is now the starter in Oakland regardless of what some might say he is the starter he has ties to Oakland. Carson Palmer now in Arizona and there is no way they are paying him 16 million over the next two years to sit on the bench. This proves that no team in the NFL thinks there is a worthy QB in this draft, besides maybe the Jags or Bills which Geno may fall to them anyway or the Jets. This is why I think if we trade the 1st pick it will be for someone that needs a LT and there are plenty teams that need one I will elaborate more later.

3 teams in the top 7 picks need a LT badly the Lions lost both of there starting tackles they have to protect Stafford. The Cardinals now have Palmer and he will never last if he is sacked 5 times a game they also need a LT. Then you have the Eagles who will get the LT they want I think at number 4. There is no way that the Lions and Cardinals think that Joeckel or Fisher are going to fall to them in the first round so they are going to need to trade up to get one of them.

I am going to focus on the Lions simply because I think the Cardinals can land Lane Johnson if they need to. The Lions are one year removed from the playoffs and they have secured some of their own free agents they did lose Cliff Avril but that doesn't hurt them as much as losing both of their starting tackles.

Since I think we are going to sign Albert to a long term deal and I think no one is looking a Geno Smith besides the Jags and the Bills we have one option, trade to someone that needs a LT because we DON'T need one. I don't think we will get as much for the trade as some would think though. I think the Lions might offer something like the 5th pick, the 36 pick and a second round pick next year, we jump on this immediately.

So we now have picked up a second round pick this year and a second round pick next year which means the Alex Smith trade is accounted for, and we have retained Albert. So here is what I think we do in the first 5 rounds of the draft, but first I will outline the first 5 picks so it makes since.

Number1 (Lions): Luke Joeckel

Number 2 (Jags): Curveball Geno Smith

Number 3 (Raiders): Sharrif Floyd

Number 4 (Eagles): Eric Fisher

Number 5 (Chiefs): Dion Jordan (OLB) He will be a force in this defense if you look at what the Jets did on blitzes they usually brought 4 to 5 rushers out of nickle and dime packages. Can you imagine Jordan, Hali, and Houston all rushing the passer this season look out Peyton Manning the Chiefs are coming.

So now that you have seen what I think will happen in the first 5 picks I will go over how I think the rest of the Chiefs draft will play out.

Round 2 Pick 36: Robert Woods (WR) our number 2 receiver Greg Jennings Colan. Will beat out Baldwin and will help us to the playoffs.

Round 3 Pick 63: Terron Armstead (LT/RT) This guy had a pretty impressive combine but I still think he falls to us in the third and will be a great addition to our already solid group of linemen.

Round 3 Pick 96: Shamarko Thomas (SS) A very under rated SS that plays in the box very well, is a good run defender, and can cover the slot well. This guy will learn very well from Berry and Robinson. This will allow Berry to slide back to FS where he belongs.

Round 4 Pick 99: Kiko Alonso (SILB) He will step in and start opposite DJ right away and make a huge impact.

Round 5 Pick 134: Tyrann Mathieu (Nickle Corner Back and Returner) He may not fall this far but he has had more than a few problems and could very fall right into our laps here, if he is here this is a steal.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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