Contender Measurables

Branden Albert is the Champion, the #1 Contender needs to knock him out to reign as the Kansas City Chiefs LT.



Luke Joeckel

Joeckel isn’t really "weak" in anything. He could add some strength to his frame because he sometimes struggles to drive defenders down the field. Sometimes he seems okay with winning a block and not finishing it, but again you have to nitpick to see him struggle. A couple times in pass protection he opens up with too wide of a base, keeping him from sliding fast enough; which keeps him vulnerable to a speed rush on the outside. Most of his weaknesses are things that will be fixed with experience, and it would be very surprising if he struggled in the NFL.

Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher didn’t enter his senior season with the hype of Luke Joeckel or Jake Matthews, but he has a real chance to be the first offensive tackle, if not the first player, drafted in April. Fisher dominated the MAC, but also rose to the challenge against Big Ten foes. Then he stole the show in Senior Bowl practices with his technique, strength, and tenacity. Fisher is the whole prospect in an offensive tackle prospect. His frame is uncommon and would catch the eye of any scout in the league. He has the immovable anchor that more than meets the minimum required of an NFL pass blocker. He’s a wowing run blocker with ability to create movement that’s not far behind the likes of D.J. Fluker. On top of that, he’s a phenomenal all-around athlete in every attribute. He’s a complete package with very little noticeable faults to his game, which makes him a slightly better prospect than Luke Joeckel is. Fisher has the ability to beat you in numerous ways, which plays into his schematic versatility. He’s a day one starter on the blind side and as much of a sure-thing as you’ll find on draft day. If the Chiefs have their eye on an offensive tackle with the first pick, Eric Fisher is the way to go.

Lane Johnson

His athleticism will always be his best asset. He’s 6’7" and over 300 lbs. and has an arm length of 35 ¼". His quickness and long arms make him a great pass blocking tackle and with the NFL being a passing league that is what makes him attractive to so many teams. While he sometimes struggles to physically move defenders he does play with a mean streak. He is always looking for something to hit and that is a quality that is hard to coach.

DJ Fluker

D.J. Fluker stole the show at the Senior Bowl weigh-ins and for good reason. He measured in at a massive 6’5", 355 lb., and arm length of just over 36 inches, the next closest lineman was Lane Johnson at almost an inch and a half shorter. Fluker puts that size and raw power to good use in the running game. He has put the likes of John Jenkins and Damontre Moore on skates. He’s undoubtedly and absolute road grader in the running game. The problem comes from his ability to hold that weight in space and in pass protection. He had his struggles against the likes of Barkevious Mingo and Quanterus Smith because of range issues. It’s tough to believe things are going to get any better in that category in the league. Only so many technical improvements can help him increase his quickness at that size. For that reason, he may be a candidate to kick inside to the guard position. I still think he should be drafted as a right tackle, but needs to be placed in a power running scheme. If a team gives him some help on obvious pass rushing situations early on in his career, he’ll be able. It’s all about scheme fit for D.J. Fluker. If he lands in the right place, he’ll have a long career pancaking oblivious defensive ends.

Menelik Watson

Watson was highly regarded as a phenomenal athlete for most of his junior season, considering his pasts in basketball and soccer. In reality, he didn’t show the athletic ability on the field and then put in a very disappointing performance at the combine. That shouldn’t completely diminish him as a prospect, but the numbers were far from favorable. He finished last among offensive linemen in the 3 cone drill and in the bottom third in the short shuttle. His slow feet are a concern. Another concern is the general inconsistency that plagues him. Some of that is to be expected of a player who is still learning the game the way he is though. Menelik Watson is quite simply a very raw offensive tackle and would be a risk to put in the starting lineup as a rookie. The upside is high, but the floor is low. All things being considered, he looks the part of a third round pick and nothing more.

Terron Armstead

Terron Armstead drew all the headlines at the NFL Scouting Combine and for good reason. He set a new record for the fastest 40 yard dash by an offensive lineman with an official time of 4.71 seconds. He also put in solid numbers in agility drills and totaled 31 reps on the bench press. Armstead really should have been getting attention long before his masterful performance at the combine. Though he played against weaker competition in the FCS, he did the only thing he could do by dominating play-in and play-out. That natural athleticism and strength really shows on tape and should not have been a huge surprise. It’s impossible to argue that Armstead’s potential isn’t through the roof, which will really his value on draft day. He will have a transition to make to the NFL that’s bigger than other offensive tackle prospects. He won’t be able to dominate on natural ability any longer and will need to develop his technique more. Confidence will be key for him as well, with a belief that he belongs with the class of players in the league. Armstead is a great fit for a zone blocking scheme or a spread heavy team that can utilize his ability in space. He’s a high ceiling player, but he’s not as raw as most think and should be a lock for the second round.

Combine Results:

Player Branden Albert Jeff Allen Donald Stephenson Luke Joeckel Eric Fisher Lane Johnson DJ Fluker Menelik Watson Terron Armstead
Height 6'5 6'4 6'6 6'6 6'7 6'6 6'5 6'5 6'5
Weight 309 307 312 306 306 303 339 310 306
Arm - 33.5 34.875 34.25 34.5 35.25 36.75 34 34
Hand - 10 9.875 10.125 10.5 10.125 10.5 10.375 9.25
Age - - - - - - - - -
College Virginia Illinois Oklahoma Texas A&M Central Michigan Oklahoma Alabama Florida State Arkansas Pine-Bluff
Conf ACC Big Ten Big Twelve SEC MAC Big Twelve SEC ACC SWAC
40 Yard 5.17 5.28 4.94 5.3 5.05 4.72 5.31 5.29 4.71
Bench 23 26 19 27 27 28 21 - 31
Vertical 26 27.5 35.5 28.5 28.5 34 - 24.5 34.5
Broad 111 102 114 106 116 118 - 103 112
20 yard Shuttle 4.78 4.9 4.78 4.68 4.44 4.52 - 5.01 4.72
Three Cone 7.97 8.01 7.52 7.4 7.59 7.31 - 8.31 7.62

HTML Tables

What are the Chiefs looking for in their Offensive lineman moving forward? Speed, Size, or Agility? Does the Quality of the opponents weigh in the decision? Awards won?

Outland Trophy Winners

1992 Will Shields G Nebraska

1993 Rob Waldrop NG Arizona

1994 Zach Wiegert OT Nebraska

1995 Jonathan Ogden OT UCLA

1996 Orlando Pace OT Ohio State

1997 Aaron Taylor G Nebraska

1998 Kris Farris OT UCLA

1999 Chris Samuels OT Alabama

2000 John Henderson DT Tennessee

2001 Bryant McKinnie OT Miami (FL)

2002 Rien Long DT Washington State

2003 Robert Gallery OT Iowa

2004 Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma

2005 Greg Eslinger C Minnesota

2006 Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin

2007 Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

2008 Andre Smith OT Alabama

2009 Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

2010 Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

2011 Barrett Jones OT Alabama

2012 Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

Barrett Jones is not even in the discussion. Maybe? Do awards mean anything to the John Dorsey's of the world? Are we looking for a Mauling Right Tackle or Pass Blocking Left Tackle, or something in between.

Barrett Jones

If you’re looking for a prospect in this draft with a higher football IQ than Barrett Jones, you will never find him. While Jones isn’t a physical specimen by any means, he sets himself up to win by outsmarting opponents. He always knows how to maximize what he does well and limits the strengths of his opponents. Jones does his best work when uncovered. He’s then able to utilize his range in the open field and frustrate linebackers all day long. If he has to face a powerful nose tackle, he can still get the job done by himself without help. Having a center who is as smart as Jones pre-snap is a big plus for an offense that has to face the wide variety of defensive looks that NFL defenses throw out there every week. His versatility is also an unmatched characteristic among offensive line prospects. Jones is the steady, play-in-and-play-out guy that every team wants leading their offensive line. It’s important to know his limitations though. He’s a relatively poor athlete which limits scheme versatility and isn’t as strong as he needs to be. He’s more of a day two prospect than a blocker teams shoulder consider on day one.

Sorry A Center :) Who can hate a Guy that tells the QB to

Geaux Chiefs

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