How many games do you predict the Chief will win?

The schedule is out the dates and times are set. I always study this and try to imagine how the Chiefs will fare.

1. KC @ Jacksonville >Winner Chiefs
Season opens at Jacksonville, if the Chiefs cannot beat last years other 2-14 team we need all pick another team to root for and Clark needs to fire everybody. Record 1-0

2. Dallas @ KC >Winner Chiefs Dallas has a seasoned QB in Romo, receiving threats with Bryant and Witten however they gave up 4.5 yds per rush on defense and 125.2 yds per game. I think a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles and the KC 12th man at the home opener makes this game a toss up. In this case I take the home dog. Record 2-0

3. KC @ Philadelphia >Winner Eagles Short week Thursday game on the road. Mobile QB Vick keeps KC defense off balance. Former Tiger receiver Maclin makes us wish we had drafted him as he and Jackson repeatedly burn the updated KC secondary. Prime time Philly crowd overwhelms their former coach's new team and we find out Andy Reid can not walk on water. Record 2-1

4. NY Giants @ KC >Winner Chiefs After a short week and an embarrassment at Philly, Reid rallies the troops and Jon Baldwin has his long awaited breakout game. Charles runs wild and the other Manning doesn't have enough help to overcome the ambush at Arrowhead in the Giants second road game in a row. Side note:Is it patently unfair we have to face a QB named Manning three times in one regular season? Record 3-1

5. KC @ Tennessee >Winner Chiefs Tennessee is a doormat that must be stepped on if the Chiefs are to even think of the word "Playoffs" The Titans 6-10 last year have been fairly busy in free agency but may already be in a hole after opening on the road at Pittsburgh and Houston and 2 at home against San Diego and The Jets. If so KC get's a wounded animal in a corner. Alex Smith and Ryan Succup begin to earn their contracts as KC drives past midfield and wins with a 50 yd. field goal as time expires. The bandwagon is on in KC! Record 4-1

6. Oakland @ KC >Winner Chiefs Hopefully the Raiders are more dysfunctional now than before the passing of Al Davis. After opening on the road at Indy and game 3 at the Mile High City the Raiders should be no better than 2-3 and imploding internally. I only hope the Reid Dorsey regime understands the importance of this rivalry and instills it in the players. The 12th man will have no problem regaining the title loudest stadium in the NFL as KC takes revenge for the past several seasons of defeats at the hands of the hated Raiders and pounds them into oblivion! The NFL starts to take notice, can KC keep it up and get flexed into prime time for some late season games...A citizens committee forms to appoint Dorsey/Reid The Grand Poobahs of Kansas City for life. Record 5-1

7. Houston @ KC >Winner Texans The Texans don't get the memo and bring the Arrowhead faithful to their knees with a thorough trouncing of the Chiefs who started reading and believing their press clippings too soon. KC gets a rude awakening. It may not be the last. Record 5-2

8. Cleveland @ KC>Winner Chiefs KC gets revenge for the previous week beat down in their 3rd home game in a row. Don't print playoff tickets yet. Record 6-2

9. KC @ Buffalo >Winner Buffalo Halfway through the season and KC lays an egg. Chiefs have not fared well recently in Buffalo and the trend continues in a huge freak snowstorm. Record 6-3

10. KC @ Denver >Winner Denver After a bye week for KC the other Manning brings his "A" Game and Alex Smith and company look simply human against the donkeys in Denver. Record 6-4

11. San Diego @ KC>Winner Chiefs Chiefs must protect the home field and triumph over divisional rivals. A two game slide is erased with a close game won by the defense with an interception touchdown return of a Phillip Rivers pass by Brandon Flowers. Stranger things have happened to Rivers at Arrowhead...the fumbled snap LOL. Record 7-4

12. Denver @ KC >Winner Chiefs Payton Manning twice in 3 weeks and 3 Mannings in one season...WTF the defense is thinking. However after the donkeys previous week stomp down at New England and Manning's arm being torn off in a shoot out with Tom Brady the Donkeys trot out backup QB Brock Osweiler and his career passing record of 2-4 for 6 yards. Still the Chief's only win with a long Ryan Succup field goal but a win is a win especially over the donkeys. Record 8-4

13. KC @ Washington > Winner Chiefs Chiefs roar into JFK Stadium and RG3 limps in after proving you cannot have a running QB in the NFL. Crippled from the previous 12 games of abuse the Chiefs finish him in the second quarter and against his back up ground out a close win. Jamaal Charles 200 yds rushing 100 yds receiving. Bowe drops 3 easy balls. Record 9-4

14. KC @ Oakland > Winner Chiefs Dorsey/Reid by now understand Kansas City's utter hatred for the Raiders and lead the Chiefs into Oakland Coliseum with the best game plan of the season. Alex Smith shows off in a game as close to his old home in San Fran as he can get. Chiefs most lopsided win in a decade. Start printing playoff tix! Record 10-4

15. Indianapolis @ KC >Winner Chiefs No luck or BBQ for Andrew Luck this week at Arrowhead. KC's "D" is all that and harass him into 4 turnovers. Anyone have AFC Championship tickets for sale, there is a great demand in KC! Record 11-4

16. KC @ San Diego >Winner Chargers Due to such parity in 2013 the Chiefs have already qualified for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They sit Alex Smith and his backup and start Alex Tanney at QB. He hits the goal posts, the trash cans, throws it into a luxury suite window into a bowl of dip and knocks the girl off Warpaint. Unfortunately he cannot hit a receiver and the Chargers win 3-0. Good news, we are in the playoffs with 2 healthy QB's looking at a bye. Record 12-4

Oh I just woke up and this was all a dream! The season is over and KC limps in with a Record of 6-10. Dorsey Reid are not Grand PooBahs of KC and we are outside the playoffs by a mile looking in, the Dorsey/Reid honeymoon is long over and we are drafting in the top 5 again. I wish I had stayed asleep.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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