Why the Chiefs would want to trade Albert

So I got off of work tonight and tuned into some NFL news just to see if anything had come about in a potential Brandon Albert trade and what I heard or read I guess was music to my ears. The Dolphins are in serious talks with the Chiefs for acquiring Albert.

By now we all have heard that the Chiefs lowed their asking price for Albert to just a high second round pick, in one of the articles that I read it said that they Dolphins would like to get Albert for the 54th pick in the draft. I don't personally think that will cut it they didn't say a high second round for no reason. I think the Chiefs should and probably will get the 42nd pick for him in this year's draft.

Just for the record I was totally against trading Albert because he has been a consistent player on our offense line for the last 5 year's. He is a very good pass blocker (which Andy Reid likes to pass the ball more than run) and he is an above average run blocker, just go watch the 91 yard TD run by J. Charles against the Saints and tell me who sprung Charles on that play, guess who Albert.

So I started to think why would be really want to trade Albert.

Did we fall in love with Joeckel before even entering contract talks with Albert?

Does he fit into Andy Reid's system?

Does he want more money than we feel he is worth? What do we feel he is worth? A high second round pick

I have read some things about us being in love with Joeckel which I am not crazy about I would rather have Fisher but I am not a scout just a fan so my opinion really has no worth. Joeckel may come in and be the next Joe Thomas which would be great and we fans would be thanking our stars that we found this guy.

I think that the Chiefs don't want to pay what Albert wants and they are in love with Joeckel so why not trade the guy that you want to replace and remove almost 10 million off your books. Taking a high second round for Albert is only going to make us better for next year there is so much value in the second round with some really good players. Any one of those tackles Joeckel, Fisher, or Johnson would be able to come into this year and play better than what Albert would have if we keep him, he doesn't want the tag he isn't going to show up for camp and when players do that they always get hurt or don't get back to full form until like week 6-8 this is something we can't afford. That is why I think we take one of the tackles at 1 regardless if we trade Albert or not.

I think that if the Chiefs can get the 42nd pick in the draft for Albert I think we have to pull the trigger I don't think that many teams have contracted the Chiefs about Albert besides the Dolphins but you never know I think this would be a good value for what kind of a player we could get with that pick and we replace Joeckel who could potentially be better than Albert this year. Then we come back with that 42nd pick and address our defense. I would love to see Kevin Minter fall into the second round and we package the 42 pick with like a 5th or 6th and trade up to grab him if he falls I think he is the best ILB in this draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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