Franchise QB? No thanks.

Shocking title no? The thought occurred to me when I saw someone somewhere mention the upcoming contract negotiations of Luck, Griffin and Wilson. The thought occurred to me that perhaps all the 3 would demand monies around 20 million per year. That thought made me realize that maybe we are lucky (pun intended) to not have a franchise QB on board. With us already so close to the cap, we might not have been able to keep bowe, dustin or albert.

Now, with seeing Cassel and Quinn run the show this past season I can appreciate the quarterback position for what it is. Which is; the most important position on the field. What concerns me is having roughly 1/6th of your salary cap tied to one guy. Now what if that one guy is like someone Griffin? Someone who has already had multiple knee surgeries and uses his athleticism as part of his game.

Lets say he finishes out this year fine and then misses a few games in 2014 when his contract is able to be renegotiated. His agents will talk about his potential and argue that if the redskins don’t give him a $20 million deal, someone else will. Griffin will get his way because the franchise gave up to much to get him to let him walk away after 3 years… and there goes 1/6th of your cap. Luck and Wilson do not have the injury history but after guiding their teams to playoffs, they will also want a huge deal.

Look at the last few teams to win the superbowl, or even come close (because we all know the best team doesn’t always win). You could argue that the 49ers, ravens, steelers, giants, were all built around teams (specifically defenses) and their QB’s were either good enough or they got hot at the right time.

The Saints and Packers are examples of teams with stellar QBs and horrible defenses. The Saints defense was getting turnovers like crazy when they won the SB and the Packers were getting hot at the right time… heck even our new guy Zombo played well for them them.

Brady won his superbowls with Bruschi, vrabel, ty law and Vinatieri and none since he became the focal point. Granted he is primarily the reason they are perennial winners, and a few plays from more SB’s (like Tyrees catch), but you can’t count on a guy developing into a future Brady even if he was a #1 pick (see Bledsoe).

My point in all of this is that if Kansas City had our own franchise guy, would you rather have him than some of our guys that we couldn’t then re-sign?

Im not talking about a HOF guy either. I’m talking about a Flacco, Ryan, Eli, Rivers, and Romo type of guy. Because that is all you can realistically ask for. Guys like Brees, Rodgers, Brady and Peyton are four out of thousands type players. So you cant honestly expect to get one, you can hope, but do not expect.

Would you take a chance on those B+ players for 20 million? Because it seems that’s the way we are headed. And had we got our own $20 guy might have to say goodbye to guys like dj, tamba, flowers, berry, Charles, bowe, albert and the upcoming contracts of guys like asamoah and Houston.

SEA will have a helluva time re-signing guys like Sherman, Browner and others once Wilson becomes eligible for his raise. I think that’s why they are shooting for the moon right now with all their signings… trying to get what they can while Wilsons contract is so low.

Hopefully Alex can continue the growth he has been showing the last few years (see the end of the SF-NO playoff game on January 14, 2012) and last season before the injury... we can do something special with the window we have.

Contrary to the bumper sticker deep "you are what your record says you are" we are not your typical 2-14 team. I don’t need to go down the list to anyone here about the talent we have on the roster and with Andy now at the helm… I am all board the homermobile.

So I guess my question is the one every franchise must ask itself when signing these qbs to these deals…. Do I pay this QB what he wants, or try to build a team around the next guy.

Looks like in the cases of Dallas and Baltimore… they are opting to pay the QB. What would you do?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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