My Mock with trades/ Lets compare

1. TRADE Eagles: Geno Smith- As I stated in my post of "This one is for you Nick Jacobs" I believe that the Eagles have serious interest Smith and if they feel the Jags are going to take him they will make this trade. Eagles trade us the 4th, 35th and their second round pick next year for the 1st pick in the draft.

2. Jaguars: Dion Jordan- This team has to get better at rushing the passer and Jordan could be the next Jason Pierre Paul.

3. Raiders: Sharrif Floyd- This pick could be Sheldon Richardson but I think that the Raiders will ultimately go with Floyd over Richardson. They lost almost everyone on the D-Line and they need Floyd bad.

4. Chiefs: Eric Fisher- I think that even if the Chiefs can't trade out of 1 they will take Fisher there as well he is better in the run game and just as good in the pass game as Joeckel. This will open us up to trading Albert to the team that misses out on either Joeckel and Johnson I will explain later who that might be.

5. Lions: Luck Joeckel- This could be a pick that gets traded but I think the Lions would be foolish to trade back and pass on Joeckel when they clearly need a LT. They lost both of their tackles in the offseason.

6. TRADE Dolphins: Lane Johnson- The Dolphins get the 6th pick and the Browns get the 12th pick and the 41st pick from the Dolphins.The Dolphins have been quite public about wanting to trade up for Johnson and I think this is the spot it will happen. The Dolphins get there guy and the Browns get the much needed second round pick back they lost when taking Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft last year.

7. Cardinals: Jonathan Cooper- The worst part of this team has been taken care of for the most part and that is the QB situation I actually don't think the Cardinals take a QB in this draft. The next worst part the O-Line they need a tackle and a guard and this pick of Cooper takes care of guard tackle in round 2.

8. Bills: Chance Warmack- This team lost Andy Levitre to free agency and they need someone that can replace him they will get their QB later in this draft, this lose has to be addressed.

9. Jets: Ziggy Ansah- The Jets need a pass rusher and this could be there guy, he has been raising up draft boards for a while now and they are lucky to land him at number 9.

10. Titans: Sheldon Richardson- Well the titans lost out on both of the top rated guards in the first so I think they take one in the second and solidify there D-Line with the pick of Richardson here. The middle of this defense has been weak for quite some time.

11. Chargers: Barkevious Mingo- Although some people don't like to think so this team has been in a decline for 3 years now and they need play makers on both sides of the ball Mingo here provides them with a pass rusher that they are going to need to compete in this division this year.

12. Browns: Dee Milliner- Boy did the Browns know what they were doing or what they make the trade to the Dolphins and pick up that needed second round pick and still land the guy they wanted at 6.

13. Bucs: Desmond Trufant- This pick could belong to the Jets before the draft but I won't predict that now so the Bucs are clearly in need of a corner and I think that Trufant has moved himself above Xavier Rhodes.

14. Panthers: Tavon Austin- This team needs a play maker for Cam Newton he only has Steve Smith and how long will he play, Austin has to be in consideration for the Panthers here.

15. Saints: Jarvis Jones- I think this will be the first surprise of the draft everyone is thinking he is going to fall maybe even out of the first round, but there is no denying this guys pass rush ability and this defense was really bad last year this would give them a much needed boast.

16. Rams: Cordarrelle Patterson- Look the Rams need WR help that is no secret and the get it here I wouldn't be surprised if they address this again in this draft.

17. Steelers: Keenan Allen- This team lost Mike Wallace and they may lost Sanders they need an upgrade at WR.

18. Cowboys: Kenny Vaccaro- The Cowboys add Vaccaro to a secondary that boasts Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne.

19. Giants: Alec Ogletree- This team hasn't had really good linebackers that can play all facets of the game in a long time now they will have one in Ogletree.

20. Bears: D.J. Fluker- I know this team added Jerome Bushrod in free agency but there have probably the worst offense line in the league if you watched the game against the 49ers you could see that no one on the O-Line is making an impact. This will also allow them to move Gabe Carrmie into guard where I think he will be much better.

21. TRADE Packers: Eddy Lacy- The Bengals trade the 21st pick to the Packers for the 26th pick and the 122nd pick. The Packers need a RB they haven't had one for a while and Arron Rogers can't do it alone anymore.

22. Rams: Bjoern Werner- The Rams got there WR at 16 and they were making calls to try and trade out of this pick but there were no takers to they take the best player on the board.

23. Vikings: Justin Hunter- This guy may even be taken before Keenan Allen but I actually think he falls to the Vikings here, could be the Randy Moss in Vikings.

24. Colts: Star Lotulelei- I know most people will say no way Star falls this far, some think his stock has gone back up and will be a top 15 pick. I don't believe so he is good but it depends on what each teams doctors said about him. He could be dropping on some draft boards either way the Colts land a guy that will come in and start and give them a much needed presence on the defensive side of the ball.

25. TRADE Bills: Ryan Nassib- Vikings trade the 25th pick to the Bills in exchange for the 41st pick and a third round pick next year. The Bills are going to draft Ryan Nassib and I think they have to trade into the first round to get him why not with the Vikings who trade the second of their first round picks.

26. Bengals: Eric Reid- The Bengals need a Safety like Reid he can play both safeties and would be a great addition to this defense. They would have drafted him at 21 but they knew they could drop down pick up another pick and still land him at 26.

27. Texans: DeAndre Hopkins- The Texans desperately need a WR the can make plays outside of Andre Johnson to help this team get over their playoffs woes.

28. Broncos: Xavier Rhodes- The Broncos have to think about replacing Champ Bailey sooner rather than later, he was exposed in the playoffs this past season and probably contributed to the Broncos loss more than anyone else. They also need to replace Elvis Dumerville but that can come later in the draft.

29. Patriots: Damontre Moore- This guy has to get on a team like this or he will never make it in the NFL he is a very raw guy that is going to need the Patriot way and when he does look out of this defense with Moore, Wilfork, and Chandler Jones.

30. Falcons: Tyler Eifert- Don't be fooled by Tony G. coming back for another year they need a replacement for him when he does retire next year. Eifert will get to play behind or with Tony G. for a full season that would be very valuable for the Falcons Tony is the best TE to play in the NFL.

31. 49ers: Jesse WIlliams- Some people may have thought that the 49ers would trade up to get some one with all the picks they have but they know where the most value is in this draft and they will be moving all over in the 2nd and 3rd round. Some would also say Margus Hunt would be the pick here not in my books Jesse Williams just looks like a 49er already and this guy would fit this team very well.

32. Ravens: Manti Te'o- Look I don't like this pick for the Ravens but they need to replace Ray Lewis and even with all the stuff surrounding Te'o I think he will turn into a pretty good linebacker is isn't going to be as good as Ray Lewis but he will take control of this defense maybe not in his rookie year but in year two yes.

That is my mock for the first round. I believe that overnight a lot of calls are going to be made this year I think the second and third round are going to have a lot of trades you have multiple teams that have a lot of ammuntion to move up and get some really talented players. I think that one trade that will take place will be the Cardinals calling up the Chiefs and saying we want Brandon Albert we are willing to give you our 69th pick this year and our 2nd round next year for him but we really don't want to give up our second this year. Since we already received the Eagles second round this year we say yes. Real short I will line where the chiefs go in this draft.

1. Eric Fisher

2. Matt Elam

3A. Kiko Alonso

3B. Zac Dysert

3C. Barrett Jones

4. William Gholston

5. Nico Johnson

6A. John Boyett

6B. Aaron Mellette

7. Brandon MaGee

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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