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Alright every Chiefs fan out there I have been writing articles and reading articles on what the Chiefs might do in this draft and what they might do with Brandon Albert. I have had some very one sided thoughts on this as I am a big Albert fan and I don't approve of the idea of trading him and replacing him with the first overall pick even if the rookie prospect is better than Albert. Those were my thoughts until I really started to think about what we could do and how much better of a football team we would be if we were to have the second round pick back, and I think the only way we get it back is by trading Albert. I really don't see us being able to trade down in this draft the QB's just aren't good enough and I actually that one may only go in the first round, and I am not even sure it will be Geno Smith.

So I have come up with a few ideas on what the Chiefs could be really doing and how they maybe be able to land that so needed second round pick. I believe it is going to be determined on what the first 12 teams do in the first part of the draft. Which team out of the Lions, Cardinals, Dolphins, and Chargers are going to miss out on either Joeckel, Fisher, or Johnson, well at least one of them which is going to open the door for us to try and trade Albert to the team that didn't get one of these guys on the second day of the draft. They now have an entire night to talk trades for the second round and I believe now that something will get done with Albert before the second round begins.

So first I will outline how I think the top 12 picks will go so I can explain who I think will be trading for Albert before the 2nd round begins. I will then give you a full Chiefs mock draft with there pick for Albert and it will be my last before the draft because it is driving me crazy thinking about what the hell we are going to do at number 1 and what we are going to do with Albert.

1. Chiefs: Eric Fisher, I think Fisher has more upside than Joeckel and he has fewer weaknesses than Joeckel. He is a better run blocker and is just as good in pass protection, will come in for Albert and give our offense line a boast that they really didn't need. Look at the way the line I think will shape up at the start of the season.

Fisher, Schwartz, Hudson or Lilja, Asamoah, Stephenson could be one of the best line in the league.

2. Jags: Dion Jordan, There is a possibility that the Jags take Geno Smith here but I think they have a better chance of finding someone at 33 or trading back into the first round if they have too.

3. Raiders: Sharrif Floyd, The Raiders lost almost everyone on there D-line they need help there the most, but really they could throw a dart at their draft board and whoever it landed on would help Oakland at this point.

4. Eagles: Sheldon Richardson, This is going to be my surprise pick of the first round after doing some research I think Richardson is better than Floyd and if Jordan is gone I think the Eagles surprise with this pick.

5. Lions: Luke Joeckel, You know when you play baseball and the batter hits a smashing ground ball or line drive and the third baseman closes his eyes and somehow makes the play and everyone on the team yells OH LOOK WHAT I FOUND, that is what the Lions will be thinking when Joeckel falls to them at 5 no way they pass on him with the needs they have on the o-line. They have to protect Stafford after all he is making $20.1 million this season.

6. TRADE Dolphins: Lane Johnson, The Dolphins have come out publicly and said they are going to trade up for a LT and I believe them that is why they haven't made the move for Albert they feel the rookie prospects are a better option and they have the picks to make this move. Not to mention the Browns would like to recoup the second round pick they lost last year and what a perfect way to do that. The Dolphins know they are going to have to get above the Cardinals and the Chargers to make this happen I think it is enviable that this trade will go down.

7. Cardinals: Dee Miliner, Second surprise of the draft here. Look the Cardinals had a pretty good defense last year until everything fell apart kind of like the Chiefs they need pass rushers but passing on the chance to pair Millner with Peterson in a division that they are going to need to play man coverage with facing two potential running QB's twice a year is too hard to pass up.

8. Buffalo: Cordarrelle Patterson, The Bills clearly need a QB but this is another team that I think waits until round 2 or trades back into the first round to get one I think they are going to take Ryan Nassib just like the Dolphins did last year Mike Sherman came to the Dolphins and they took Ryan Tannehill same thing here with the Syracuse's coach now being Buffalo's coach they will take Nassib just not at number 8.

9. Jets: Ziggy Ansah, I don't think that the Jets will be able to pass on taking what could be the next Jason Pierre Paul.

10. Titans: Jonathan Cooper, This team added Andy Levitre in free agency and adding Cooper here could give Locker more time to find targets down field and could bring Chris Johnson back to a relevant player in this offense.

11. Chargers: Chance Warmack, Since the Chargers couldn't land of the top LT tackles in this draft they take the one of the best interior linemen in this draft and I actually think they will come back in the second round and take the top rated tackle on their board they have to protect Rivers especially playing Von Miller, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston twice a year.

12. Browns: Tavon Austin, Just one more surprise in the top 12 picks. Name a WR on the browns outside of Josh Gordon ya I don't know either they have a capable QB for a year or two in Weeden and they took arguably one of the best RB's to come out of the draft in a while in Richardson they need a play making WR and Austin is it.

Now that I have outlined how I think the top part of the draft will play out we have two teams that still need a LT going in to the second round that is the Chargers and the Cardinals. The Cardinals are in more of a need because the Chargers were able to pick up Warmack with the 11th pick. I think the Cardinals call us up overnight and say hey we need a LT that can come in and protect our new investment in Carson Palmer what do you want for Brandon Albert. We as the Chiefs now hold all the cards because we know that Arizona needs Albert bad and they want him bad, so we say we need the 38th pick this year and a third round pick next year. Arizona jumps on this right away and they have come up with the top corner in this draft to pair with Peterson and they get the LT they need so bad and we get the two picks we lost in the Alex Smith trade.

So lets see what I think the Chiefs will do now in this draft.

Round 1 Pick 1: Eric Fisher, Read what was stated above.

Round 2 Pick 38: Eric Reid: I would love to see Kevin Minter fall here and we grab him but I think there are too many teams at the bottom of the first round like the Raven that will be selecting him, so we grab one of the best safeties in the draft in Reid a perfect complement to Berry he can play both safeties positions.

Round 3 Pick 63: Kiko Alonso, This pick is more like a late round second pick with a few teams forfeiting their second round pick so I think if we trade in the draft it is going to be right here where we could potentially land Alonso a little bit later in this round and pick up another second or third next year I can see this happening but for this mock I will keep Alonso here.

Round 3 Pick 96: Barrett Jones, We have no idea what is going on with Hudson especially now that we have asked Lilja to come back for another season so we add Jones here who could very well beat Hudson out in training camp if Hudson is healthy but either way solid depth pick for our already solid O-Line.

Round 4 Pick 99: William Gholston, We need DE depth and this would be a great pick up if Gholston falls to the fourth round he is projected to be a late round 3rd so it is possible for him to fall to us with this pick would give us some good rotational players on the D-Line

Round 5 Pick 134: Tyler Wilson, has us taking Ryan Nassib here but no way Buffalo lets him get by them that many times I think Wilson will actually fall this far and would be a solid pick up here for the value. This would probably mean Stanzi would probably no longer be with the team.

Round 6 Pick 170: Nico Johnson, I have said it before that I think we will address the ILB position at least twice in this draft and this is our second of the two adding good depth to this position that we haven't had in a long time.

Round 6 Pick 204: John Boyett, Pretty solid safety prospect that we have scouted and had meetings with could be targeting him late for more depth even if we take a safety high in this draft you can't have enough play makers on defense.

Round 7 Pick 207: Aaron Mellette, Could end up being a steal this late in the draft ran a good 40 time and has good hands.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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