Ideal Mock Draft 2013

I has been said that the Kansas City Chiefs are the most talented team ever to draft #1 Overall. They have a lot of talent but with a horrible QB (Matt Cassel) winning is almost impossible. However it is necessary to draft a few players who will further make the team better. We have 8 draft picks where we can provide depth and insurance for the future.

RD 1 Pick 1- Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M. It is no surprise that we use this pick on an Offensive Tackle, we need to a legit RT for next season. Joeckel would fill the void perfectly as he has tremendous size and footwork. If Albert decides to leave next year, Joeckel could quickly fill his void. Joeckel can play both RT and LT, he would almost certainly play at RT next season. This pick is the one that makes the most sense and will happen.

RD 3 Pick 63- Jonathan Bostic LB Florida. This player has tremendous recognition and would make a terrifying combo with Derrick Johnson. He could also help us out greatly in Special Teams and sub-formations. Bostic has a lot of talent and could be seen as a steal (kind of like Justin Houston).

RD 3 Pick 96- Andre Ellington RB Clemson. We need a complement to Jamaal Charles and Andre Ellington is the best RB available. This guy is powerful between the tackles and doesn't shy away from contact. He is a bruiser back, sort of like a young Marshawn Lynch. His speed isn't top class but he can get into space and make people miss. Value pick right here for depth.

RD 4 Pick 99- Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas. A young player to develop under veteran QB´s like Smith and Daniels will help us out greatly in the future. Wilson is very poised and delivers the football with a good mechanic. The QB pickup of Daniels i see it as a mistake as we had Ricky Stanzi, but overall Tyler Wilson is better than Ricky Stanzi, so grabbing Wilson an releasing Stanzi would be the move here. This guy will be a future elite QB.

RD 5 Pick 134- Sanders Commings S Georgia. We need a safety to compliment Eric Berry, even though we have Kendrick Lewis (who is a great player) he is very injury prone. Commings would compliment Berry and vice-versa. Coming from the SEC Commings joins Berry and Lewis (also SEC) which means he plays at a high level and very confident. This pick makes a lot of sense right here.

RD 6 Pick 170- Marquess Wilson WR Washington State. This pick provides depth at the reciver position and good special teams help. Wilson is highly talented but had no QB. Kind of like the Chiefs in 2012, very talented with no one to deliver. Great pickup here.

RD 6 Pick 204- Everett Dawkins DT/DE Florida State. This guy fills the role of playing a 3-4 DE. He comes from a strong defensive program at FSU. Shadowed by Carradine and Werner, this guy actually plays at a high level and would also provide depth for our front 7.

RD 7 Pick 207- Mario Benavides C Louisville. Benavides can play both C and G. He would be good for depth and is actually pretty good. Value pick here.

I hope you like this mock draft as i feel it feels all our needs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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