Will these stats make you think twice about taking a LT at number 1?

So I decided to try and find some stats so I could write and article that refutes the notion that we are going to take a tackle number 1, and I think I have found those stats. I think that Reid and Dorsey have been trying to trade Albert and there haven't been any takers they have found what the market is for him and it isn't worth a second round pick this year and an additional pick next year. So they have two choices sign him to a contract that fits with the team like 4 years $26 million (6.5 million per season) with like $12 million guaranteed. I know that some of you will say no way he signs for that much but when he realizes that no one out there is going to give him even Jake Long money (I don't Albert is in Jake Long territory) he will gladly take the $6.5 million per season. I think with the additions of Schwartz and some late round help we have enough depth right now to have a good offense line and that is something we can work on next season if need be.

Passing Defense:

The Chiefs were ranked 21st overall in the NFL in passing defense

6th in Touchdowns give up through the air

29th in total sacks

32nd in opposing team QB rating/ giving up a 99.9 QB rating

12th in yards per game with 218.2 a game

31st in INT's

25th in PPG give up at 26.6 per game

6th in giving up 1st downs against the pass/ giving up 176 first downs against the pass

What does this tell us? Well it tells me that we can't sack the quarterback even though we have two of the best OLB in the league so our DE's and DT's aren't doing what they are suppose to do and that is take on multiple blockers. It also tells me that our secondary can cover and not give up TD's but they can't pick the ball off to save their lives. We give up way too many points because our offense couldn't stay on the field. But there is one positive stat if you can look at it like that and that is only 218.2 passing yards per game given up ranking in the top 15 is good for this particular stat and this will only get better with the new secondary additions. The one thing that gets me though is did we only give up that many passing yards per game because we were pretty much out of the game by the second half and teams were just running it down our throats, I would have to say yes on this.

Rush Defense:

27th in total rush yards given up

23rd in average per attempt at a staggering 4.5 per attempt

27th in yards per game/ giving up 135.7 rush yards per game

24th in giving up 1st down runs/ we gave up 106 1st down runs

12th in rushing TD's given up

Okay this really shouldn't come as a surprise to most Chiefs fans that watched every game in agony last season like I did even when they were just get smashed or when they were in the game like against Pittsburgh where our defense was playing really good and our offense just blew it for us. Couple of state here jump out at me, but who have to take into account that our defense was on the field a lot last season and when you are tired the opposing team usually can run all over you. But the two stats that concern me the most are being in the bottom of giving up first down runs and letting the other team average 4.5 yards per attempt, this is not going to win games.

Passing Offense:

32nd in total yards

30th in yards per attempt

32nd in passing TD's with 8 just to make it more clear the Jags had 20 TD"s

31st in INT's thrown

32nd in first down pass plays

31st in QB rating/ at 63.8

This is by far the some of the worst stats that I have even seen for a team, the Cardinals were right there with us but this is bad. I know that we have addressed the QB spot with Alex Smith and I think he will improve our team stats in all of these categories. All of these stats are from the QB play it was terrible, but the offense line did give up 40 sacks which could play into the INT's and first down passes but I don't think it played into it that much.

Rushing Offense:

5th in total rush yards

5th in yards per attempt with 4.8

5th in yards per game with 149.7

6th in rushing 1st downs

28th in fumbles

25th in rushing TD's

Look every Chiefs fan knows we have one if not the best running back in the league (Some would argue Foster or Peterson but they are different backs than Charles no comparison). We need someone that can get us some rushing TD's if we can ever get into the Redzone and we need someone that is reliable with the football, as a team we had 11 rushing fumbles Charles had 5 of those but that is just the nature of his game, he is going to fumble from time to time because he isn't that big and when he gets smacked the ball is going to come out but we need our backups to be able to handle the ball get us first downs and TD's while Charles eats up yards between the 20's.

Offense Line:

Rushing to the left side of the line (Brandon Albert)

36 first downs

25 negative plays

25 10+ yard gains

100 power runs

Rushing up the middle (Allen, Lilja, Asamoah)

38 first downs

13 negative plays

14 10+ yard gains

47 power plays

Rushing to the left side (Winston)

44 first downs

16 negative plays

25 10+ yard gains

80 power plays

That is a lot of power plays and clearly running to the outside is something that Charles does best and something that Reid will implement for this offense next season.

Now that we have the stats out there lets try identify what some problem areas are, how we have addressed them in free agency and how we will address them in the draft.


Areas that have been addressed: Run stuffing DE, Two Cornerbacks, Not losing both starting DE's

Our pass defense is much better than our run defense granted we didn't get a lot of sacks or INT's from our defense last year but some of that has to be attributed to the fact that we were getting ran on like crazy because we were getting the hell beat out of us by halftime. Hell our offense didn't even score a TD until like week 8 or something if I remember correctly. I think we have addressed some absolute needs on this defense so far in free agency.

First we needed a better run stuffing DE as much as I thought Glenn Dorsey was improving he just isn't a good fit for a 3-4 defense and wasn't as good against the run as some would think and he never put pressure on the QB. Getting Mike Devito was a great pick up he is one of the better run defending DE's in the league and I would imagine he will play on the right side where Tamba Hali can line up outside of him because Hali is a force in the run game as well good replacement.

Second our secondary wasn't as good as the 218.2 yards per game would lead you to believe Brandon Flowers was the only good thing in this secondary last year and he carried them for most of the season. Eric Berry was very slow to get back to where he was in his rookie campaign but by the end of the season he was getting there I think his play will be in the forefront this year. Reid and Dorsey had a plan to bring in some CB's and that is what they did bringing in Robinson and Smith will really elevate this secondary and the play will be much better from the unit as a whole.

Areas that still need to be addressed: ILB, DT or DE, and Safety

I have said it once and I will say it again I think the Chiefs will take two ILB in this years draft and will shore up that spot on our defense. But you still then have other areas we have brought in some free agents that can contend for the starting safety spot, but I believe that Reid and Dorsey want to get back into the second round for one of the safety's that will still be available.

Then you have the DT or DE spot which I think they will address with the first pick in the draft this year or if they trade down in the first round of the draft this year. I will elaborate more on this in my final conclusion of this article.


Areas that have been addressed: QB, WR (some what), TE, and Depth on the O-line

Clearly Reid and Dorsey knew that they seen not enough talent in this years QB's declaring for the draft. We knew early on that Reid was a big fan of Alex Smith and that the Chiefs were going to do what they needed to do to get this trade down and bring in the guy that they wanted and knew could run Reid's system well, and they got him at a hefty price tag but they got him and I think it will pay off big. We had one of the worst if not the worst passing offense in the league last year and Alex Smith will make last year all Chiefs fans will soon forget this was the best QB on the free agent market and we got him.

It is hard to say that we have addressed the WR position but bringing in Donny Avery isn't just a body Reid like's these type of guys in this offense Avery will make some plays this season. I believe Alex will be looking toward him and McCulster on third and shorts to get the first down, something we were also terrible at last season.

I believe that giving Fasano the contract we gave him was silly but hey if he comes into KC and does what Vernon Davis did in SF then we won't be complaining about his contract will we. He is a good pass catching TE and a very good blocker how do we really know his potential he has played with some pretty bad QB's since he has been in the league so this could be a real find if he comes in and provides a reliable target for Smith to throw to.

Picking up Schwartz, Baker, and Mattison in my opinion really gives us some depth on the O-line these were smart pick ups and will increase competition at training camp and throughout the preseason.


The first conclusion that I came too after looking at these stats was we don't need an offense lineman in the first round of this draft if Albert is still on the roster when we come up to pick at number 1 no way we should take a tackle. To me this would be a waste of a pick ya we might lose him next season but I think Stephenson is going to take the LT spot anyway and why take a RT at number 1 no way we should do this.

Next thing that I came too was that we need a better run defense Devito is going to help this but we need more capable all around players on the D-line. We also need another ILB that can help DJ out and is a tacking machine I think we land two of them in this draft, I think one in the 3rd and one in the 5th. We also need a young guy that can come in and push all of the safeties that we have on this team we need someone that can complement Berry and that could come in round 2 if we are able to trade down if not maybe later in round 3.

Last thing we need more WR's or we need Baldwin to step up.We need play makers that can actually do something with the ball when they get it into their hands, bringing in Avery was a start but he isn't going to stop defenses from doubling D Bowe, could Fasano be the answer here I am not sure but we are going to find out. Still think we need someone else or we just need our current guys to step the hell up.

Just so you don't wonder who I think we should take in the draft I actually think that Reid and Dorsey may surprise some people if we aren't able to trade out of the number 1 pick and they might select Sharrif Floyd. If you think they resigned Tyson Jackson to be the starter you are crazy, rotational player yes starter no unless we don't have a choice. If we brought in Floyd we could move both him and Poe around on that line and create confusion with the offense, I believe that both of them have the ability to play DE in a 3-4 defense.

Sorry this came out to be so long hopefully you all don't stop reading half way through.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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