Division 2 Draft Prospects

Hey guys I have been a member of AP for about 6 months now and I figured it was about time that I do something useful besides giving MN crap in the open threads. So I decided to do a write up on something that I know a little bit about, D2 football. So I have done a little review of some of the top D2 players that we could here called on draft day. Now obviously these are not all of the players who could hear there names called, so if you have someone you would like some info on that I didn't cover, please let me know and I will try to look some stuff up (even though most of the stuff on here can be found by a quick google search and watching some tape). So enough with the talk, lets get started

Brandon Williams, DT Missouri Southern

For once there is a D2 guy that everyone has heard of and there is good reason. With Missouri Southern being in the MIAA, I have seen him play several times and he definitely stood out on the field. The guy is 6’ 1" 335 lbs. ran 5.37 40 and had a 29.5" vertical, so ya he is a pretty dang good athlete for his size and I almost forgot he is strong as an ox (38 reps at 225lbs). But enough with the underwear Olympics stuff, let’s look at some of his on the field stats. This guy had 68 tackles 16.5 of which were for a loss, 8.5 sacks and 5 forced fumbles in 2012. In 2011 he had 35 total tackles 16 of which were for a loss and had 8 sacks in 9 games played for the season. In 2010 which was really his first year of fulltime playing he had 50 tackles 17 of which were for a loss and 9 sacks. While this was against D2 offensive lineman, those are still pretty dang impressive numbers. This guy really was a dominant force on a terrible team, which speaks volumes about the guy. This is because he was really the only threat and got doubled sometimes tripled on almost every play. He does have his faults, he needs to work on his technique and leverage and it will be interesting to see how he handles going up against NFL caliber lineman. But his physical attributes are on another level and if he would have been at a larger school he would be a 2nd round prospect, if not a little higher. In most of the projections that I have seen, most think that he will go in the 3rd or 4th round. Below you will find some Senior Bowl footage on Brandon.


Vontez Miles, FS California (PA)

At 6’ and 203 lbs., Miles is a prototypical sized NFL FS, while his numbers at the combine are not eye popping, they were solid. He ran a 4.62 40, 36.5" vert and had 123" broad jump. Where this kid really jumps off the page is on tape, below you will find a highlight tape. While I don’t like using pure highlights for an evaluation, it is all I have to work with since this kid played at California (PA) and only played Northwest once in his career. Miles was actually sought after by some large schools out of high school but chose to play at Kent St., where a family member was playing. After that family member got removed from the team he eventually transferred to play at California (PA). His stats are pretty impressive, this last year he had 75 tackles, 2 break ups and 4 interceptions. In 2011 he had 71 tackles, 8 breakups and 5 interceptions and in 2010 he had 60 tackles 12 of which were for a loss, 2 sacks and 5 breakups. When you watch his tape the things that jump out are his closing speed on the ball carrier and his hard hitting. While he will have to adjust to the speed of receivers at the next level, this guy will probably come in as a backup/special team’s guy with the possibility of turning into a steal in the future. The projections that I have seen have him going in the 5th to 6th round and I think that sounds like a fair estimation.


David Bass, DE/LB Missouri Western

As much as it kills me to compliment a Griffon, this guy is pretty dang good. I have seen him play several times and he always seems to make plays. He has some good moves, decent speed and a good motor. He has had a mixed bag of results however in the evaluation process. He ran a slower than expected time at the combine with a 4.84 and a mediocre 20 reps in the lifts. This wouldn’t be a big deal for a large school prospect, but it really hurts a small school guy like Bass. Luckily for him he played very well at the shrine game against some big school competition, which should stick in the minds of scouts. Because the 6’4" 262 lbs. Griffon but up some serious stats while playing at St. Joe, with 2012 stats of 61 tackles 16 of which were for a loss, 11.5 sacks, 2 int ( one for a TD) and 7 break ups. 2011 stats of 55 tackles 20 of which were for a loss, 14.5 sacks and 4 breakups. 2010 numbers of 47 tackles with 10.5 for a loss, 8 sacks, 2 int and 4 breakups. 2009 numbers of 47 tackles and 9.5 for a loss, 6.5 sacks and 8 breakups. Bass is one of those college DE that will make the switch to LB in the pro’s in my opinion. I think he has the agility, pass rushing ability and awareness to be an OLB in the 3-4. I have seen projections for Bass in rounds from the 4th to a PFA. So there are obviously various reviews on the guy, in my opinion he will get drafted and we will see him go in the top of the 5th. I think this kid is really talented and just needs the opportunity to learn from an actual coach (sorry I had to get a MoWest shot in there) and would love to see the Chiefs take a flier on this guy in the later rounds.


Edmund Kugbila OG, Valdosta St,

As we learned from Matt Conner, Kugbila actually has a workout scheduled with the Chiefs. While it is very hard to find information on D2 guards, there is a little out there on Kugbila. He was a mainstay on the Valdosta St. O line and helped the team to the 2012 National Championship. I was unable to find tape on Kugbila, so the only thing I have to use for reference on him is his combine stats and team stats. So we will start with the team stats. In 2012 Valdosta average 218 yards rushing a game and gave up 23 total sacks on 422 total attempts. The yardage number is pretty impressive and the sack number is mediocre, but they passed the ball a lot and there is no way to determine how much of that is Kugbila’s responsibility. Now to the combine numbers, Kugbila measured in at 6’ 4" 317 pounds with a 40 time of 5.31, 4.69 shuttle and a mediocre 23 reps. Like Bass before, the mediocre numbers at the combine could really hurt Kugbila, so hopefully scouts have seen enough of him to make a determination on the kids abilities beyond the combine numbers. Like Matt Conner said, he has been projected to go anywhere from a 3rd rounder to a 7th rounder. I have a feeling that he will fall in at the 7th round or a PFA. I think his numbers at the combine are going to hurt him, seems to happen every year with D2 guys, they just have a hard time recovering from mediocre showings on a big stage.

Garrett Gilkey OT/OG, Chadron St

Garrett Gilkey is a guy that I really like from the highlight videos that I saw. He is a 6’6" 320 lbs. monster and mean as my wife after I forget to take the trash out, leave the toilet seat up and tell her she is wrong about something all in the same day (which is pretty damn mean). He was a combine invite and ran a 5.33 40, 28 reps and a 4.75 shuttle, which is not awesome but unlike Kugbila above there was some tape on Gilkey for me to watch. Man did I like what I saw, this guy looks nasty but under control and stronger than his combine numbers suggest. Of course like mentioned above these are highlight tapes and only show the good things that he does. But after watching this ESPN VIDEO, it is tough not to root for the kid. In my opinion this guy is a Guard (I know he is 6’6", but his skills fit) with the possibility of being a RT in the pros. From what I have read and saw on tape, he seems to play high and has a tendency to loose leverage at times. He has been use to being able to completely manhandle his opponents at D2, so the pro level will probably be a big adjustment for him. I have seen projections on him from anywhere in the 5th to 7th round and I think someone will take a shot on him in the 6th.


Manese Foketi OT/OG, West Texas A&M

Some of you Kansas St. fans may recognize this name, because he was a starter for the Wildcats at LT in 2010. He then had an Achilles injury took a medical redshirt and transferred to West Texas A&M. He is an interesting prospect who obviously had the talent to start at the top level, but had a troubling exit from Kansas St. From what I have read on the guy he is a physical mauler that will fit well as a Guard or RT in the pros and from the tape I saw, I agree. At the combine he had 25 reps and 5.06 shuttle, these mediocre results combined with what some are calling a rough exit from Kansas St. result in him being projected as a 6th rounder to a PFA. With his experience at the top level and his good tape from West Texas A&M, I think he will go in the 7th round.

Ryan Schraeder OT, Valdosta St.

Schraeder is another gigantic and athletic D2 Tackle in the mold of a former Chiefs fan favorite David Mims. As you can see from the video below he is pretty dang athletic for a guy his size (6’7" 305 lbs.) and has a lot of room to grow. He has to be one of the most interesting prospects in the draft because he has only played a total of 2 years of organized football. So it is pretty obvious that his natural physical skills are very, very good to draw the attention that he has (workout with the Patriots). I was able to find some game tapes on him on Hudl and he does appear to have some skills, to my untrained eye he does seem to play high and obviously needs to work on his technique, but it is quite impressive that he is as good as he is for only playing football for two years. This makes me think that if he lands with a team with a good Oline coach, he could be a real sleeper pick. I have seen him projected as a 6th rounder to a PFA and I could see him going in the 7th round or a PFA much like Mims was.


Luke Marquardt OT, Azusa Pacific

Yes Chiefs fans that’s right Azusa Pacific, the very college where the one and only Christian Okoye played football. I take this as a sign that he is meant to be a Chief on his college choice alone. As far as physical ability see the Ryan Schraeder comments above except the 2 years of experience and Marquardt is actually bigger at 6’9" 315 lbs. and had 31 reps at the combine.


Michael Hill RB, Missouri Western

I am sick of talking about Olineman, so time to go to a familiar name. Hill is a former LB turned running back and man is he good at it. He is probably the most underrated D2 running back that I have seen for a while, which is saying something (see Danny Woodhead and Joique Bell). Michael is a 5’10" 210 lbs. RB that I have been reading should run somewhere between 4.48-4.55 range. He played in the Raycom All Star game and was voted the MVP by scouts and had 148 yards on 12 carries. The tape on this kid is as impressive as his numbers (2,168 yards last season). He looks very quick and decisive in his cuts and runs really hard. I have seen this guy live many times and he is just flat good, there is no other way to explain it. He has good hands and is also a good blocker, just a complete back. Despite all this he doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of respect from the draft pundits, with most saying he will be a 7th rounder to a PFA. But in my opinion after seeing the tape I think he will be a 6th rounder. If he does fall out of the draft Kansas City should have ample opportunity to get him after reading this Yes he is a Chiefs fan.

Travis Chappelear DE, Northwest Missouri State

Finally I have a Bearcat to talk about and Travis is a very interesting prospect. He is a physical freak standing 6’5" 275 lbs. and ran a 4.7 40, 34 reps and a 37 in vert all in 30 degree weather. In is only year as a full starter at NW he recorded 62 tackles, 8 for a loss and 1.5 sacks while playing as a DT for the Bearcats. In my opinion he was playing way out of position for the Bearcats because of their undersized DL (DE weighed 240 lbs. each and other DT was 280 lbs.). Chappelear is a late riser that transferred from Missouri State in 2011 and only played in a sub role in his first year. He has really caught the attention of scouts (New England flew in to have a personal workout). He is a very solid 275 lbs. that could but on another 10 lbs. of good weight without losing any of his athleticism. He has the skill and ability to play as a 3-4 DE and also as a 4-3 DT. He will have to learn how to handle the abilities of top level lineman. But if he can harness that ability he could be a steal as PFA or a late round draft pick.

Good Read


Pro Day

Other Players to Watch for the Chiefs:

Jordan Simmons RB, Northwest Missouri State – Workout 4/5

Derrick Washington RB, Tuskegee – Workout

Well guys that is all I got, please feel free to ask questions and critique my work. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

Info came from, youtube,,, and my brain

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