Where we might be heading with our O line

When the Chiefs were playing games that mattered in December regularly they were using a power blocking scheme. We had probably one of the best offensive lines ever assembled. At that time our main rivals the Broncos were run by a Rat and used a zone blocking scheme. I remember how I grew to dislike it because of the dependence on the technique of cut blocking. I just hated that targeting of our guys on the defensive line's knees. Well I hated almost everything Broncos at that point but ZBS was pretty high in the mix.

Now cut blocking is a legal method as long as the defender being blocked isn't engaged by another offensive player. Looking at the trenches though it seemed that it is a rule more encouraged than enforced. I can't remember the last time I have seen that called. Either way, I was not a fan of the system then and although almost all NFL teams use zone blocking as part of their playbook I wish fewer teams would use it as their main philosophy.

I know that many posters feel that changing the offensive line was not something that needed to be done this season and that we are creating holes we have to fill that didn't need to addressed. However looking at the current crop of draftees available, The meat on the bones in this draft seems to be in the trenches. Add to that the fact that if Reid is going to stay here and be successful we will eventually convert to a power blocking scheme the question is not do we convert our current line scheme but rather when.

I am as tired as many here are of the prospect of 'rebuilding' but really what is the alternative? Power blocking schemes are used to good effect in the WCO and is also a component of the spread offense as well. Here is an analysis I found about power blocking and the spread.. There are others but that the fact that Reid wants a power scheme to go with his WCO is understandable given his vision of the way he wants to install it here.

We are a 2-12 team that truly sucked nads on the offensive side of the ball. Now we can blame poor QB play exclusively for the steaming pile of offensive stats we compiled but honestly I just can't see that. We flat assed sucked and the only redeeming quality we had was the fact that Charles was able to make (H/T to Casey Printers) chicken salad with what he had to work with. I would love for it to be a situation where Reid could come in and just pop in a rookie Quarter Back and off we go but does anyone really think that was the case as Reid came in the front door?

What I was curious about was why the power blocking scheme? Why does Reid want it? Turns out from what I am reading is that it is all about making defenses choose what to defend. If defenses want to cover the receivers then a power blocking scheme allows the offense to overload the point of attack for the running game. The scheme also allows for several formations and types of plays to be called without changing the blocking scheme. Add to that the opportunity for a mobile quarterback to make aggressive defenses pay not only with a quick passing game but by a judicious use designed quarterback read option plays.

This makes the addition of Childress and his odd job title fit as well. Power blocking is a strong component of the spread offense as well as the WCO.

I just see this as why these moves are being made.

Do you think we should have stuck with ZBS or make the change to the new power blocking scheme?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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