Can the Chiefs become the 49ers: Midwest

(I know I am gonna get ripped for how the Chiefs aren't even close to the 9ers, but I feel like being optimistic about some players' potential and the Front Office decision makers)

The Alex Smith trade has been the overall hottest topic concerning the Chiefs this off season. There seems to be the "Cassell 2.0" discussion all the way to: Joe Montana?

The fact is that Alex Smith is the Chiefs QB for the foreseeable future. Many have questions about his ability to win games, or is he just a game manager, or just a product of Jim Harbaugh. Chiefs fans want to know what we got in exchange for 2 2nd round picks.

Others have made fantastic posts with statistics and GIFs concerning Smith the individual player. Most can agree that if Alex Smith plays like he has the last two years we have at the very least a chance for a playoff game. What I know for sure is that Alex Smith had a relatively high level of success in San Fran the last two years.

So how can the Chiefs duplicate the conditions that he played well in? For starters we all know the 9ers had one of the league's premier defenses lately. Since the Chiefs play the same 3/4 base scheme we can look at a few positions and compare personnel.

DJ is not Patrick Willis at ILB but he is not too far off. On the outside Houston may be better than Ahmad Brooks, but Tamba is not the player that Aldon Smith is. Navarro Bowman is their other ILB and we currently have nothing close.

There is probably no J.J. Watt in this draft, but there might be a Justin Smith type end. Add someone like Star to Poe and Jackson and DeVito, and the line might stack up.

I think our secondary will be strong this year, so with getting a good ILB, DE, S, our defense could be close. If Dion Jordan is the next Aldon Smith, then I hope we grab him. Obviously we won't get Star and Dion, and we may take a offensive tackle, but with a ILB in the 3rd our defense could stack up well compared to the 9ers.

On offense Alex Smith played behind the best O-line in football. We know this all depends on Albert, but with either he or Joekel/Fisher, and the rest of the young talent on the roster we may come up a lot or just a little short compared to San Fran.

For weapons we don't have Vernon Davis, but Moeaki and Fasano are quality targets, and I feel like Bowe is better than Crabtree. JC is a huge upgrade at RB and we have some potential in DMC, Wylie, Avery, Draft Pick/Baldwin. So not too bad overall.

Also we have our own QB guru at head coach to continue to develop Smith. I think that player for player the Chiefs do not have as strong a roster as the 9ers have had. But they are closer than 2-14 suggests, and with some well spent draft picks, the Chiefs may have very few holes this season. (I don't have a mock for this post, the only thing I am fairly certain of is best available ILB in the 3rd)

If that is what Alex Smith needs to win, then he may just have close to it and the Chiefs will be closer to the SB than they have been since Trent Green was under center.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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