Reading the tea leaves, Sharrif Floyd makes a lot of sense for the Chiefs at 1 (from a Philly guy)


From the FanPosts. Thanks for the insight from Philly. -Joel

(NOTE: I'm an Eagles writer, in the process of putting together a detailed mock draft. I'm not so proud that I think I know all 32 teams as well as the fans that obsess over their favorite teams 365 days of the year, like some national writers. And so... I thought I could use some constructive criticism from the people who know the Chiefs best. So if you see any errors about your team or just think I'm an idiot, please fire away, if you don't mind. Thanks.)

When the Chiefs released RT Eric Winston, the overwhelming thought was that the Chiefs were thinking OL with the No. 1 overall pick. After all, there are two stud OT prospects at the top of the draft in Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel and Central Michigan's Eric Fisher. However, after reading the tea leaves, a strong argument can be made for DT Sharrif Floyd. A few points:

The Chiefs' projected starting 5 along the OL heading into 2013 is very young, and were all high picks:

A snapshot of the Chiefs projected starting OL heading into 2013, with the ages (by the end of the 2013 season) and draft position of each player:

Brandon Albert Jeff Allen Rodney Hudson Jon Asomoah Donald Stephenson
29 23 24 25 25
1st round, 2008 2nd round, 2012 2nd round, 2011 3rd round, 2010 3rd round, 2010

Under the old regime over the last 5 years, the Chiefs have used a lot of resources to try to put a good OL on the field. A key to the puzzle here, clearly, is Stephenson. What kind of grade did Andy Reid have on him in the 2012 draft? What did Andy see on tape in Stephenson's 379 snaps last season? What did Andy see of Stephenson in the pre-draft minicamp he's allowed to conduct as a new head coach with the Chiefs? If he thinks Stephenson can be a quality player in the NFL either now or in the near future, then it might make sense to roll with him instead of using the 1st overall pick on Joeckel or Fisher.

Of course, Albert is a big part of the puzzle as well. The Chiefs tagged Albert, so he'll be with the team at least through the 2013 season. Do the Chiefs think they can get a long term deal done with him? If not, then OT would obviously make a lot of sense.

Andy Reid does indeed like to draft offensive linemen, but that is somewhat misunderstood:

Here is a chart of how often teams around the league drafted offensive linemen over the last 5 years, both overall, and in the first 3 rounds:

Team Total picks OL drafted 1st 3 rounds Total OL drafted % of picks on OL
Steelers 42 5 10 23.8
Packers 42 2 9 21.4
49ers 38 3 8 21.1
Broncos 44 4 9 20.5
Bills 45 3 9 20
Colts 40 3 8 20
Eagles 51 1 10 19.6
Saints 26 1 5 19.2
Redskins 43 3 8 18.6
Falcons 38 4 7 18.4
Ravens 39 4 7 17.9
Chargers 34 1 6 17.6
Texans 40 3 7 17.5
Panthers 41 2 7 17.1
Dolphins 41 4 7 17.1
Patriots 48 2 8 16.7
Cardinals 37 0 6 16.2
Chiefs 44 5 7 15.9
Bears 38 2 6 15.8
Vikings 38 2 6 15.8
Jets 27 1 4 14.8
Raiders 34 4 5 14.7
Bengals 48 2 7 14.6
Giants 37 1 5 13.5
Lions 38 2 5 13.2
Cowboys 39 2 5 12.8
Browns 40 3 5 12.5
Seahawks 42 4 5 11.9
Rams 44 3 5 11.4
Jaguars 31 3 3 9.7
Titans 43 0 3 7
Buccaneers 37 1 2 5.4

The Eagles were always known for drafting OL talent under Andy Reid, and to some degree that’s true. If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that no teams drafted more total offensive linemen than them over the last 5 years. However, they did not use high picks on the OL during that span. Only two teams (the Cardinals and Titans) drafted fewer offensive linemen (0) in the first 3 rounds than the Eagles (1).

Andy Reid loved spending 1st round picks on defensive linemen:

In his 14 year tenure in Philly, Andy Reid had 12 first round picks. Half of them were spent on defensive linemen:

  • 2000: DT Corey Simon
  • 2003: DE Jerome McDougle
  • 2005: DT Mike Patterson
  • 2006: DT Brodrick Bunkley
  • 2010: DE Brandon Graham
  • 2012: DT Fletcher Cox

That list does not include DT Trevor Laws, who was the Eagles' first pick of the 2008 draft, but was in the 2nd round. Not only did Andy draft 6 defensive linemen, but he traded up to get three of them (McDougle, Graham, and Cox).

The Chiefs are bare along the DL:

The Chiefs showed how much they thought of Tyson Jackson when they got him to take a $10 million pay cut. Meanwhile, the Chiefs' other two DL starters, Dontari Poe and Allen Bailey, have under-performed, albeit in short NFL tenures. The Chiefs' depth is otherwise comprised of warm bodies. Obviously, what the Chiefs do in free agency will factor in heavily as well.

Floyd can step in and be an absolutely disruptive force along the Chiefs DL from Day 1. Below is video of Floyd against Texas A&M, who had arguably one of the two best offensive lines in the nation). A few subtle things to note:

  • Anchors well against doubles in the run game, gets penetration when single blocked.
  • The Gators moved him all over the line. He played 1-technique, 3-technique, and 5-technique. Very versatile.
  • Floyd ran an outstanding 40 time (4.92) at 6'3, 297, and it shows on the tape. Watch him mirror Johnny Manziel on several plays when Manziel tries to escape the pocket. 5:33 mark is a great example. Extremely impressive for such a big player.
  • Great motor (something Reid loves)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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