As Things Stand Now...(game)

Eric Winston is released. Wow! I didn’t see that coming. After I got over the shock, I started thinking about the ramifications of the move. Then it hit me. This could be a game! How about these rules:

1. By agreement, let’s say that the Chiefs need to add players at eight positions to their roster. The positions are: Offensive Tackle (OT), Strong Safety (SS), Inside Linebacker (ILB), #2 Wide Receiver (WR), Cornerback (CB), Quarterback of the Future (QBOF), Defensive End (DE), and Tight End (TE).

2. Your job is to fill the Chiefs current needs by signing four free agents, and drafting four college players.

3. Four veteran players currently designated as free agents must be added, with approximate salaries.

4. The Chiefs currently have four key draft choices, Round 1, Round 3-A, Round 3-B, and Round 4. Using one of the draft rating services, draft four players. The players drafted must be ranked within 15 slots of the actual Chiefs’ draft position. In other words, you can’t have Keenan Allen "fall" to the Chiefs at #65. The round 1 draft choice is obviously pick number 1. The round 3-A pick is number 65 (I’ve seen a source that indicates that there are only 30 teams selecting in round 2, but we’ll ignore that for now). The round 3-B pick will be, for sake of argument, #99 (because of comp picks), and the round 4 pick will be #102. Any player ranked below 100 can be selected for Rounds 3B and 4. Remember, you must finish the exercise with four Free-Agent signings, and four draft picks, and fill each of the eight positions of need.

Let me start the game.

Free Agents 1. Chris Canty, DE; $11.3 million/3 yrs.

2. Sean Smith, CB; $14.5 Mil/4 yrs

3. Kevin Ogletree, WR; $5.6 mil./3yrs.

4. Dustin Keller, TE; $4.5 mil./3 yrs.

Draftees; (using fftoolbox "Big Board Top 100)

Round 1 (#1); Luke Joeckel, OT, TX A&M #1

Round 3-A (#65); EJ Manuel, QB, FlaSt. #80

Round 3-B (#99); Nico Johnson, ILB, AL, #89

Round 4 (#102); Duke Williams, SS, Nev #unranked


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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