If I were the Chiefs GM - Part Deux

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I want to start off by saying that parts #1-3 (#1-sign Bowe, #2-tag Albert and #3-restructure T-Jax) of my last post "If I were the Chiefs GM" have gone off without a hitch and I'm pretty sure #4 (release Matt Cassel) will be happening any day now! I'm not bragging and I know I wasn't the only person who thought this would happen, just saying. Now to address the changes that will be made since Dorsey decided not to take my advice and get Nick Foles instead of Alex Smith. Maybe the Eagles agree with me and they just couldn't bear to part with him, who knows.

I'm starting to think (I know) that signing Greg Jennings is not going to happen. I'm ok with this, but I'd still like to add some WR depth and I think (as I mentioned in my previous post) that stealing away Danny Amendola from the Rams would be a nice move. Not that we really have much of a rivalry, but it'd be nice to stick it to them anyways. Plus he would make a great slot receiver and McCluster/Wylie could definitely learn a thing or two from him. I wanted to say sign Wes Welker, but I know that's not happening either.

Signing LaRon Landry should now be our #1 priority! He is a monster and is already familiar with new D-Coordinator Bob Sutton from their time together in New York. We really need to pair Eric Berry with another solid safety to improve our secondary. Think Seahawks with Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas, Landry would be Chancellor obviously and Berry would be Thomas only better. He was drafted ahead of Thomas for a reason and he needs a decent safety next to him to help realize his potential. Obviously Seattle has 2 great CB's, but I'm hoping we solve that problem in the draft or through free agency. Pro Football Talk just posted their Top 100 FA list and he is #47, we can make this happen. Kenny Phillips would be a nice consolation prize in my opinion.

Now we sign Sean Smith. He will be a good addition to Brandon Flowers and has good size to match up on some of the bigger receivers in the NFL. Word is he was "talking" with our new asst. secondary coach Al Harris (love that hire by the way) and I'm hoping that helps bring him to KC.

Still sign a TE please! I think Dustin Keller makes the most sense, but I'd be fine with Martellus Bennett or Fred Davis too. Maybe even bring Delanie Walker over with Alex Smith and give him a chance to shine.

Inside LB is up next. This is a position I'd like to address in the draft (Arthur Brown), but you can never be too careful. I'd like to bring in Nick Barnett or maybe Brad Jones as two cheaper options for us. I think Rey Mauluaga would be nice, but he'll require a longer term investment on our part.

Now my mock draft. I still have us trading with Philly (they really need a franchise LT), only not for Foles so the compensation increases to a 2nd and a 4th.

Rd.1 Pk.4 (from Philly) - Star Lotulelei DT Utah

Rd.2 Pk.34 - Traded to SF for Alex Smith

Rd.2 Pk.36 (from Philly) - Arthur Brown ILB Kansas State

Rd.3 Pk.63 - Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

Rd.3 (Comp) - TJ McDonald SS USC

Rd.4 - Knile Davis RB Arkansas

Rd.4 (from Philly) - Matt Scott QB Arizona

Rd.5 - Terron Armstead OL Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Rd.6 - Brandon McGee CB/KR Miami

Rd.6 (Comp) - Dion Sim TE Michigan State

Rd.7 - Dan Buckner WR Arizona

Super Bowl baby!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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