The Case For Jarvis Jones



If you watch the tape. The most impressive player in this draft, wihtout question, is Jarvis Jones. Watching tape of Jones reminded me of Derrick Thomas. He has the rare ability to force the fumble with a lethal club. John Dorsey, who proved his worth over this past weekend, lives by the motto of drafting the BPA in Round 1. If he medically checks out on his Pro Day , Jones is that Best Player Available.

Thomas Highlights

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Jones Highlights

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But this comes with One Question from Chiefs fans.

We already have Houston and Hali , how does he fit into the lineup?



A) The Jets Defensive Philosophy is not the Romeo Crennel Philosophy.

Romeo ran a very meat & potatoes defense. The line eats up space. Outside linebackers use arms & speed to get a sack. Even when the Chiefs would bring in six, the main point was to get the OLBs to the QB.

The Jets run more strategic defense. It tries to ensure that the Blitz can come from any or all of the front 7. Lots of D-line pulls/crosses. Lots of OLBs stretching wide to create a gap between the guards and tackles.... creating a very fast 3 on 4 or 3 on 3 matchup between the OG, C, OG - DT, DT , MLB, and MLB .

All 4 Linebackers need to be fast, instinctual, and deadly when it comes to the blitz.

In the play above. The Jets ran a 2-4-5 defense against a pocket passer (Chad Henne). Wilkerson lined up on the zero, Coples over the Right Guard. OLB Calvin Pace and OLB Garret McIntrye lined up about half a yard behind the line.

But on paper.... it looks a little more like this.

5-tech/NT (Wilkerson), 5-tech/4-3 DE (Coples) ,

3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE (Pace) , 3-4 ILB / 4-3 OLB (Scott) , 4-3 OLB/ 3-4 ILB (Harris), 4-3 OLB / 3-4 OLB (McIntyre)

The Chiefs defense preferred using more secondary players (conservative) on passing downs. The Jets preferred using more pass rushers (aggressive) on passing downs and trusted their 5 man secondary.

5-tech/NT ( Poe ) , 5-tech/ 4-3 DE (Jackson, Bailey Canty<?> )

3-4 OLB/4-3 DE (Hali) ,3-4 ILB / 4-3 OLB (Johnson) ,4-3 OLB/3-4 ILB ( JARVIS JONES) ,4-3 OLB/3-4 OLB (Houston)

B) You can NEVER have enough Pass Rushers

Talk to the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, and 49ers. Everyone rolled their eyes at Seattle taking Bruce Irvin in the first round....

The drop-off between Houston and Hali's sacks and the next player (Tyson Jackson) is 7 sacks. And we've all seen the games. Derrick Johnson is not Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis. He is a 1-3 sack per year guy.

C) Need / Depth

Remember - we are still missing a ILB next season.

Similar to Von Miller, Jarvis Jones can play all 4 positions on the Line. He played 4-3 LB before Justin Houston left and is fast in coverage - taking on TEs and WRs in multiple games. And the Chiefs don't have a solid back up for Houston / Hali if either go down ( Remember the first games of the season when Hali was suspended?) .

Jones is the same weight/height as Derrick Johnson and Patrick Willis and probably has the same athletic ability.

Jones hasn't ran a combine yet, but his tape speed looks fantastic. As we start to see more Read Option QBs , we'll also need more speed at Linebacker and less Power. Up the Gut Running Games aren't in fashion. The spread is nice.

Adding Jones could allow Hali to take plays off or be able to get back onto the D-line on designed plays. During his record season Hali got 60% of his sacks with one arm down.


Why shouldn't the rich get richer?

Think back to our playoff loss against Baltimore. When the Linebacking crew got hot, our offense got frustrated. They were too athletic and strategic for all of us. They create the pressure that forces the turnovers.


Dr. Craigh Bringham , who is in charge of testing players at the Combine, gave Jarvis Jones a favorable report while testing his neck and spine. He is a specialist of spinal cord injuries. He also has nothing to gain.

The narrative that the media has created is that Jones sat out the combine run because of injuries. Jones, his trainers, and his reps have simply said that he wants to do everything on his Pro Day.

There could be a reason why teams are telling journalist why Jones isn't on their radar. They probably want him to drop - the same way that Derrick Johnson dropped. The same way that Suggs dropped.

14.5 sacks last season with SEVEN forced fumbled. I could see why they'd want him to drop.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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