1st Pick Could Be Worth Less and Less Everyday

Geno Smith is a hot topic. Not just here at AP, we know there isn’t a story that goes up where his name isn’t in it in the comment sections. Around the league the realization and simple economics is kicking in where the demand is higher than the supply. In the top 10 here are a list of possible options for the Chiefs to trade with and how this number is shrinking. My thought was to hold onto the pick as long as we could and sell the pick to the team that gets the most desperate. But with recent events, we might lose all negotiating power real soon.

Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the team that I think ultimately takes Geno. This would be fine by me, but we have to convince the Jags that there are other teams interested. If there isn’t interest outside of the Jaguars to take Geno then they will just wait for us to pick and give up nothing. If there are other suitors, they have to step up to the plate and match the offer to take Geno.

Oakland Raiders

Another team that has the possibility but if they trade for Matt Flynn I don’t see them then trading up to take Geno as well. If they just release Carson Palmer, they might but I don’t see them just cutting him without a backup option. Also both parties might be hesitant to work together on a deal being in the same division.

Philadelphia Eagles

A team that has shown a lot of interest in Geno but still has options at QB. I think this is the perfect spot for the Chiefs because they can still get a top LT or DE if they choose and gather picks as well. I’m not sure that the Eagles have genuine interest but let’s just hope they do for the sake of driving up the price.

Cleveland Browns

I haven’t seen the Browns really that interested in Geno even though they do have QB questions. If there is interest they are keeping that close to the chest. They have Brandon Weedon who is entering his second year and put up almost identical numbers to Ryan Tannehill who people thought did a fine job last year. The difference is that Weeden is 5 years older but still the Browns I don’t think just start over already.

Arizona Cardinals

Here’s where things start shaking up a little. With Kolb out, the Cardinals have an instant hole. If Palmer is released the Cardinals could very well be in line to pick him up. This would be another blow to the Chiefs as this would mean another team is off the board to raise the price.

Buffalo Bills

I would have thought the Bills would have shown more interest in Geno. Maybe just didn’t like him or maybe just not letting on yet, but not a lot of news. They recently though have added Kevin Kolb which doesn’t mean they won’t want Geno, just that they might be satisfied to have decent veterans and play the hot hand. Buffalo hasn’t really taken to many chances at QB in recent years so I don’t see them making some big move with Kolb signing now.

New York Jets

Maybe the last hope for the Chiefs to trade this pick. The Jets have shown interest and could use a face of the franchise lift not only for the organization but for the fans. If they trade Revis they might feel more free to trade a few picks to trade up. I read though that the Jets are more positioning themselves to gather picks for next year rather than trade them. Hoping for a lot for Revis and possibly compensation picks might be their strategy.

When you break it down, you have three teams that have real interest in Geno if a few pieces fall into place. You have to hope that either the Eagles or Jets have enough interest to get a bit of a bidding war up for Geno. While I think there is still plenty of value with the first pick and it only takes one team to get real interested, I think this trade would be better made sooner rather than later.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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