Hello From Another 49er Vagabond

Hello Kansas City!

I must say, your community is very impressive. Liberty Jac's exemplary work brought me over here initially, without planning to contribute, I simply perused the comments. The quality of posts here compelled me to interact; and I have felt rude, as if my nose were poking in to other people's business. A formal introduction may be appropriate.

I started watching football in 1981. My father was a 49er season ticket holder since the 60s. Sunday in my house has always been very serious business. By luck, the 49ers have been my sports team through all my life. For my 11th birthday I blew out the candles and wished I would be Jerry Rice when I grew up. I saw it all. We had some great times. Then we sucked. Now we don't. Through all of it, I was in front of the TV every Sunday. I don't mock draft, I don't concern myself with contract status, I just watch football. I love football. I love the 49ers.

I joined SBN sometime in the early part of the 2011 season. It was a very exciting time. Consuming more and more 49ers media brought Ninersnation to my attention; I joined for the like-minded conversations and to learn more about football. That's why I appreciate AP, there's tons of knowledge being shared here.

It was then that I learned that people hate Alex Smith. Being football literate, it didn't make sense to me. As an optimist and die hard by nature, reading the irrational hatred of our QB was mystifying. Apparently, these boards have been around a long time and everywhere you go there is both deep love and deep hate to be found. However, there aren't many issues more hot-button than the quarterback position on the San Francisco 49ers. We are also, truth be told, spoiled. As Eric Davis once quipped, the old teams used to get boo'ed for not winning by enough. Then, there we were, booing our own #1 draft pick.

I've run the gauntlet on Alex Smith conversations. I empathize with your plight. The dude is not sexy. The dude is not yet truly a Chief. He won't win you over with one pass or one game. It'll take time. His limitations are striking to the eye. However, he's truly very good. If he's a game manager he's the Peyton Manning of game managers. He'll be much more than just a game manager for you, even though that's all you've been missing. Your team is stacked with talent and you've continued to make good moves this off season. You are not a 2 win team. You were only a 2 win team because your quarterback sucked. Alex has the magic ability to win games for you by not losing them. All 3 phases will grow to understand that the offense simply won't lose the game for them. Alex is a rock. He'll master the game plan, he'll master the adjustments, he sees the game start to finish on every snap. He understands the run game like an offensive line coach. Though you will never see him wing it until there is simply no other option, when he does wing it, you'll wonder why he doesn't just do that all the time. I can't answer that for you. The Chiefs will rally around him. He's simply too determined, too stable, too trustworthy for anything else. And in the end, he wins.

Nonetheless, half of you are going to despise him. He'll take sacks, he'll opt to punt, he'll opt to kick a field goal, he'll annoy you with his interviews, you'll never see the fire in his eye, he almost never makes an amazing play.

I can see that AP is a smart community. You appreciate nuance. You see the game. You read plays. You delve into details. Alex will indulge your needs. He will give you more than enough debate. Some of you will appreciate his intelligence. His understanding of the offense. While others will be screaming "Throw the goddamn ball!" "Get out of there!"

I will gladly participate on AP, if you'll have me. However, pardon me if I keep my postings on Alex to a minimum. I had an entire fanpost ready, much like Liberty Jac's, all of his stats and whatnot to prove a case. But the truth is, you don't want that. You just want to see him prove what he's got. I think I'll do my best to allow that.

I will leave you with this; he will win your division, he will win in Denver, and he will take the Chiefs to a playoff victory. He'll manage to do all of this with half of you calling for his head all the while. He really is a marvel. If you like football players, you are going to love Alex Smith.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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