SUMMARY - Ezekiel Ansah is clearly going to be a hotly debated player in NFL war rooms because while his inexperience and raw technique may scare some scouts off, coaches are sure to fall in love with his freakish athletic ability and strength. He does not know how to use his hands at this stage in terms of shedding blockers and setting up a variety of pass rush moves, but his ability to consistently lock out with his long arms allows him to consistently set the POA and hold his ground at the LOS. He possesses outstanding first step quickness for a man his size, which was prominently on display at the Senior Bowl, when Detroit's coaching staff lined him up wide and let him continually abuse OTs with his raw speed off the edge. One of his traits that makes me feel more comfortable about his ability to learn the NFL game is his instincts, as he is surprisingly quick to locate the ball and understands how his man blocks him changes the design of the play. He is certain to be taken within the top ten picks of the draft, and if he can put his entire package together he will likely become an All-Pro player, whether he plays as a 5-technique or OLB for a 34 or a DE for a 43 defense. Russ Lande Link

Ziggy's Coach

Let's compare two prospects:


  • Elite speed - 4.56 forty
  • Explosive - 1.62 second 10 yard split
  • Very strong - 21 reps at 225 lbs
  • Physical
  • Excellent speed to turn the corner
  • Rare athlete
  • Agility to sink his hips/shoulder to get leverage on tackles - 35 1/8 arms
  • Has a powerful bull rush
  • Active hands - 10 1/4
  • Has the strength to anchor and hold his ground vs. the run
  • Versatile to play end or tackle on passing downs
  • Quick get-off
  • Great leaping ability - 34.5"
  • Good motor
  • Huge upside
  • Athletic - 6'6 273 lbs
  • Lined up in a variety of spots - DE, OLB, DT, and NT

  • Very raw
  • Needs to improve awareness
  • Needs to improve instincts

I guess that is easy to decipher who this might be.

Who is this?


  • Strong upper and lower body
  • Long arms
  • Solid tackler
  • Proven pass-rushing skills; threat off edge
  • Explosive off snap
  • Speed to pursue
  • Hard worker; workout warrior
  • Experience as 3-4 linebacker and 4-3 end


  • Too focused on rushing passer
  • Limited experience dropping into pass coverage - liability
  • Tendency to quit if play is away from him
  • Still a work in progress after declaring a year early

Our very own Justin Houston. He turned out pretty good for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The upside on Ezekial Ansah is staggering. He still has room for more weight on his frame and you can see the raw athleticism and power in his game. He's a prospect who I expect to really take off by year two or three. The fact that he can strong-side DE in the 4-3 or 3-4 DE makes him even more valuable. He can fit in ANY system.


Who is interested in Ezekial "Ziggy" Ansah:

Jacksonville Jaguars

Detrot Lions

Cleveland Browns

The Kansas City Chiefs worked out Ziggy at BYU in private last week. The Chiefs will hardly think of taking Ziggy at #1 but might be serious contenders after a trade down. What do you all think? Too Risky or just Right

Geaux Chiefs

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