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Everyone has there own take on how they would conduct the off-season for the Kansas City Chiefs. Some fans have already threw in the towel because of Alex Smith trade. Although I see it differently and also have my own take of how we could be a contending team next year, or at least have optimism going forward.

Lets First take a look at what we have to address:

Chiefs Free Agents worth noting

1. Branden Albert

Try to resign, I don't see him as a more important asset than D-Bowe so I wouldn't give him the franchise tag. I also don't think he is a top-tier tackle that most seem him as, he has a hard time staying healthy and can be slightly inconsistent.

2. Dwayne Bowe

Franchise, I wouldn't let a talent like D-Bowe walk or have a chance to test free agency. He has been a solid player with what he has been given which is sub-par Quarterbacks and a new playbook every season. I see Bowe improving his play with Alex Smith.

3. Dustin Colquitt

Resign, He might be the highest payed punter after his new deal and he has earned it. He seems to be our only weapon in most games and when it comes to a battle of field position this man is your best friend.

4. Ropati Pitoitua

Resign, with the probability of loosing Tyson and Glenn this is a guy you need to keep around. He should be a starter next year; this guy is a great player that plays hard and has excellent physical ability. He will be a great fill in until we find a long term solution.

5. Glenn Dorsey

Let him walk, Glenn never has fit in a 3-4 defense, he was drafted for a 4-3 before the defense regime change. Glenn tried to transition but never really fit into a 3-4 scheme, a great talent wasted away in the wrong system.

6. Peyton Hillis

Let him walk, 3.6 yards a carry. Lets move on.

Free Agent Pick ups

1. Andy Levitre: Guard

We could use a replacement for Ryan Lilja, he is aging and his play shows it. Andy is a young guard that will be a solid player for years to come.

2. Danell Ellerbe Line Backer

Danell was a solid fill in for the Ravens at line backer he has all the tools, he can rush, cover, and stop the run. Ellerbe would be a great pick up and fill the only hole left at line backer.

3. Dustin Keller Tight End

Andy Reid likes to use tight ends in his west coast system and this man would be perfect he is an exceptional athlete that never fully blossomed with the Jets. This would make a great camp battle with Moeaki.

4. Glover Quinn Safety

Glover is an excellent cover safety and would be a huge upgrade for the secondary. He would also allow Eric Berry tobr play more of a Center Field role and scan the field instead of Berry having to worry about the Lack of Kendrick Lewis's cover skills.

5. Gregg Jennings Wide Receiver

This is a pick up that has more to do with Jon Baldwin and less to do with the whole at the No. 2 wide receiver. If you bring in a younger guy you are giving up on Baldwin and wasted a first round pick. Jennings would be a great player to teach Baldwin while helping out Bowe and Alex Smith to help get the passing game together.


1. Dee Milliner

Milliner would complete the secondary and would help us move on from the disaster named Jalil Brown. Milliner would be the cheapest solution at corner and with the shaky Corner Back market he could be the safest solution.

2. Brandon Williams

Williams could still be available at the beginning of the third if he is the Chiefs should take the opportunity. He has NFL ready, run stuffing size and is the type of player that can play any position on the line. He has the ability to get to the Quarter Back and command a double team on the line.

3. Christian Micheal

Micheal would compliment Charles nicely with his solid speed and strength combo, while he isn't an every down back he is a perfect fill in back which is just what the Chiefs need. I could see Micheal ending up as the best back out of the draft class.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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