Step off of the Ledge, Steve the Hedge

As the title suggests, I have a few thoughts that link to what Steve the Hedge posted on recently. And judging by the number of rec’s given to that article (justly so) many of you agree. But I thought I would point out something that seemed to pop out at me fairly quickly, but for some reason no one else seems to notice. That could be because my mind is making things up, but I will let you be the judge.

The first portion I would like to address is the FA period we just went through. Now I will get to the QB position (and I think it’s the most important one, but patience, patience) but I want to look at everything else first. So whom did we get? 2 CBs, a TE, a DL, a WR and a versatile OL guy. No huge names, but some pretty solid depth pressuring to start, which is exactly what we have been complaining about, right? And the positions all of us on here have been complaining about. So that alone should tell us that DoRiedo (props to Brsrkr, this is a great nickname) have been paying attention to our roster, and are making positive moves.

So about those QBs. Let’s look at them one at a time. Alex Smith: what are the big complaints? 1) retread QB 2) Not an elite QB 3) useless arguments that I won’t address. So lets look at the first one. Yes Smith is yet another QB that we didn’t draft. I get why people are upset about this. But, looking at the coming draft prospects, I think Alex is the best chance for us to win now, as well as some other upsides I will deal with later. If you doubt this, look at the fact that the Raiders just cut Carson Palmer (who just a few seasons ago they used a 1st round draft pick on) just to trade for Matt Flynn. Yes the Raiders, who with the number 3 pick, who would be all but guaranteed to at least have 1 of their top 2 QB choices, chose to trade for someone else. For the second point, again I get you. But elite by definition means significantly better than the rest, which means there can only be a few. And 32 don’t count as a few. For those of you who call him Cassel 2.0, get your head out of the math book, and watch some damn tape. Or even just a few YouTube videos. Those of you who just want us to take a chance; I have something in store for you, but again, patience, patience.

So Chase Daniel. What was it, 9 regular season passes? For 3 mil a year? For 3 years? Really? What in the hell were the Nacho Cheese dudes thinkin? Well, lets look at the fact that Daniel has been a solid enough backup to Brees that New Orleans never thought they needed to find someone else. Also, lets go back to 2 caveats on that contract. The first is that if he produces in his first year, the rest of the contract is void, and we have to resign him. Which means if he gets the chance to start, and starts producing like he did in college, we just got a 3 mil test drive, and a pretty good shot at signing our nice shiny new QBOTF. As for the slightly hefty price tag, well first of all we had the money (thanks Pioli, no really. You saved the money so someone who knew what to do with it could have some) and second of all, Cassel was on the market for only 6 hours before he had a new job. 6 hours. QBs were a premium this offseason. (This also explains the higher than wanted price tag for getting Alex Smith. That and the damn Raiders, apparently. Bastards.)

What’s the second caveat of Daniel’s contract? Well, it is what popped out at me. Remember how Smith’s contract is only for 2 more years? Well Daniel is only getting 5 mil guaranteed. So if we want, we can cut him after next year, and owe him nothing. So for those of you who didn’t catch it, if we don’t need any of the QBs that are currently on the roster, we don’t have to pay for them….

Pause for effect

What does this point to? Both Reid and Dorsey have the background of being fully prepared at the QB position, and their first offseason together suggests that they will continue that. So how are two prepared guys planning on not being short at the QB position when they don’t have anyone really set up for just two years down the road, when we have little to no idea who will be draftable, nor where we will be drafting? Because we will be drafting a QB, and I will tell you how it happens in three different scenarios. I consider the first two more likely with the third a distant third, based on rumors of what the Chiefs have asked for, and who they are looking at pre-draft, but I don’t think that more than one happens, unless we get a massive trade offer. Keep in mind, I think the Chiefs have several QBs that they like pretty much equally, or at least don’t like one enough to outweigh the benefits of risking we don’t get our top guy. I also think the only reason the cut Winston is that they think they will be ok with Stephenson + anyone we might draft.

Scenario 1: Chiefs trade Albert, pick up a 2nd rounder this year, plus some. This isn’t a very popular scenario, and I get why. Chiefs draft Joeckel or Fisher with #1, and then grab the top QB left with the second round pick they just got. I am one of the ones who would like to keep Albert around, but this is a business.

Scenario 2: Chiefs keep Albert, trade down out of the #1 pick, get a 2nd rounder plus some. We use our new #1 on a pass rusher, #2 on the top QB left. This is probably my favorite option, even though we will lose out on Geno (He is the only one that anyone would want to trade up for). We get another pass rusher, which we have discovered you can never have too few of, and we still get a decent shot at a QB.

Scenario 3: No one will give us what we want for Albert, no one will give us what we want for the #1 pick, so we tell the world to fuck off and take Geno for shits and giggles. The 3 teams miss their selections because they are too busy bawling their eyes out because Dorsey just went all in on a 7-deuce off and they didn’t call his bluff. Suck it, little bitches.

Now then, a lot of you out their think I’m completely insane, because I have dared to suggest that we will draft a QB with one of our first two picks, only to sit him for 2 years, but hear me out. What is the big knock on this draft class? They aren’t quite NFL ready, correct? Several of them have the ability to make the jump, but they will need some training. So what DoRiedo have done is gone out and gotten us a capable starter, and one that has shown he is willing to train those below him. They went and got a solid backup QB who can step in immediately when the starter goes down (oh God, how we have missed this kind of guy), and who has the possibility to be pretty damn good. And they have set themselves up to fully groom their new QB, with no hairy future contract problems for when the new guy is able to step into his role as the QBOTF. So yes, step away from that ledge Chiefs fans, our front office may just be out to shock the world.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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