First let me start by saying that I ultimately think that the Jags will be drafting Geno Smith at number 1 not number 2. I think there may be some teams interested in Geno but we will convince the Jags that someone is trading up to us for him and they will be the ones that get up there to get him. It is only one spot to jump up to so the windfall will be very minimal. The Jags give up the number 2 and the number 33 in the second round to get Geno Smith that franchise has to do something to get the fan base excited and a DE isn't going to do that nor will Matt Flynn, Geno Smith will they will be making this move.

Next thing we need to bring up is the Brandon Albert situation look at the guys that we have scouted out of the offense linemen they have all been LT's the chiefs are doing something sneaky in my opinion and wanting to trade Albert is crazy to me this guy has done nothing but produce at a high level but if he doesn't fit the scheme then so be it and we have to move on hopefully for the compensation that we are looking for a second round this year and a second or third next year same compensation we gave up for Alex Smith would work out well.

How and why are the chiefs willing to give up Albert? In my opinion this is easy most organizations in the NFL don't tip there hand at what they are doing in the draft and with the chiefs so willing to get out of the first pick it just doesn't make since to trade Albert because according to the experts if we do that we just gave up our hand and will have to take Luke J or Eric F at number 2. I don't believe this to be true I think that Stevenson proved last year he could anchor the left side and having some games under him makes him serviceable and may turn out to be great. So I think the chiefs aren't looking to go OT in the draft until round 2 with the first pick we received from the Jags. (i will have a mock at the end of this) Everyone keeps talking about how deep this draft is on both the defensive and offensive fronts why not take someone who can improve your roster and fill a need at number 2 then come back and get some good value.

Now that I have explained a few things on how I have been thinking I will tell you what I think will happen in the coming weeks leading up to the draft. First I think the week of the draft we will end of trading Albert to Miami for their 42 second pick in this year's draft and a 3 round next year. I don't think the Jags trade takes place until the draft kicks off and we convince them they need to trade up to get him. (You will have to really look at my mock to see why I think trading Albert is in the best interest for the chiefs and how I think that Reid and Dorsey are thinking right now) So now that we have made those trades we now have these picks, in the first three rounds.

Round 1 pick 2

Round 2 pick 33 and 42

Round 3 pick 63 and 96

So here is where I think we will go with these picks in hand.

Round 1 pick 2: Sharrif Floyd

Round 2 pick 33: D.J. Fluker

Round 2 pick 42: Matt Elam (I think he falls this far because of his size not ideal for a SS)

Round 3 pick 63: Manti Te'o (I know you will all say he wont be here then but believe me his stock is falling and his pro day didn't help him at all just remember Da'Quan Bowers. I think he falls and I think we get a steal in the third because of it.)

Round 3 pick 96: Stedman Bailey (This guy was just as good as Tavon Austin but didn't run as fast he is going to be a good slot receiver and may beat out Avery outright for the position.

Tell me what you all think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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