2013 Arrowhead Pride mock draft sign-up coming today

Al Bello

The sign-up for the annual AP mock draft is only hours away. Find the schedule for the mock draft below.

As noted yesterday, the sign-up for the 2013 Arrowhead Pride mock draft will be TODAY at noon (Arrowhead Time). Be the first one to claim an open team in the comments section at noon and you will be repping that team in the AP mock draft.

We do have a few spots already taken up by those who have been involved in the AP mock draft with the same team for three-plus years now. It's actually more people than I realized -- six! We might have to tweak that next year. I've got those teams already taken listed below.

[Quick note: AP user iamthegreatest has participated for three straight years but only two with the same team (Cowboys). However, in the 2010 AP mock draft, I thought he missed his pick for the Falcons, so I made fun of him on the site for it. Turns out, he did get his pick in on time and I was just wrong. So, because I feel bad about that, he's got the Cowboys again this year.]

Below, you'll find the publishing schedule for the mock draft. Important note: your post is DUE to me TWO days before its scheduled to post. So the No. 1 and No. 2 picks owe me that pick by Saturday. Instead of all the emailing and back and forth this year, I'll send you a google doc you can just post your pick in, so that you can see who has been selected before you. Second important note: I'll be emailing whatever email address you used to sign up with AP, so make sure that's a good one.

Monday, April 1
1. Kansas City
2. Jacksonville - GenericBrand
Tuesday, April 2
3. Oakland - mushin
4. Philadelphia
Wednesday, April 3
5. Detroit
6. Cleveland - The Dank Dank
Thursday, April 4
7. Arizona
8. Buffalo - ArrowDread
Friday, April 5
9. New York Jets
10. Tennessee
Monday, April 8
11. San Diego
12. Miami
Tuesday, April 9
13. Tampa Bay
14. Carolina
Wednesday, April 10
15. New Orleans
16. St. Louis
Thursday, April 11
17. Pittsburgh
18. Dallas - iamthegreatest
Friday, April 12
19. New York Giants
20. Chicago
Monday, April 15
21. Cincinnati
22. St. Louis from Washington
Tuesday, April 16
23. Minnesota
24. Indianapolis
Wednesday, April 17
25. Minnesota from Seattle
26. Green Bay
Thursday, April 18
27. Houston
28. Denver
Friday, April 19
29. New England
Monday, April 22
31. San Francisco
32. Baltimore - Ben S

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