Why the Albert might take longer than expected.


I think AP's thought process is spot on. Branden Albert will not be a Kansas City Chief in 2013.

But I'm a bit skeptical that we'll see anything happen within the next week.

1. Albert's TRADE VALUE rests on the fact that he will sign LONG TERM with the franchise he is traded to.

Ironically. Think back to the player Albert was traded FOR. Jared Allen. Allen's trade is almost the centerpiece of the downfall of the Chiefs dominant years. Or at the very least, The Carl Peterson era.

Allen controlled his own destiny in this trade more than the Chiefs did. Other franchises weren't interested in Allen because he didn't want to play for a re-building team or be the only star on a bad defense.

Miami (the current leader) has to be careful in this trade & be certain that Albert wants to play with them for a rather long time.




Kansas City has a bit of a devil's dance card to deal with. Almost a month away from the draft, Kansas City can't paint themselves in a corner by showing all of their cards.

The bigger trade that will "potentially" be made this offseason is the trading of the no.1 pick for the rights to Geno Smith.

My gut says that Dorsey feels like Jacksonville is heavily interested in Smith. And at the very least, so is Buffalo. For argument sake let's add in the Eagles.

A) IF we trade Albert, Jacksonville could & probably will play chicken with us to draft Joeckel/Fisher/Johnson at 1. Leaving them to get off scot-free and draft Smith w/o any compensation.

B) If we trade Albert, and then TRADE TO Philadelphia.... my guess is that Joeckel/Fisher will be Jaguar (or whoever drafts at no.2) , and the Raiders could potentially draft Fisher/Joeckel as well. This forces us to draft Lane Johnson (fairly high) and a future 1st round pick.

*** I also feel like Detroit would trade up for Joeckel/Fisher at 2 in a heartbeat & move Reiff inside.

C) Let's assume the Chiefs wouldn't trade with the Raiders. But if they did, that would at-the-least give us an option of Joeckel/Fisher

D) Finally the Bills at 8.

If we make an RGIII type of trade w/ Buffalo. That could mean trouble.

Fisher & Joeckel would be off the board. No way either get past Arizona or Detroit, let alone Jacksonville / Philadelphia.

This is not only a scenario where Kansas City has to be happy that Lane Johnson is a better long-term option than Albert. But they ALSO have to start praying that San Diego doesn't leapfrog us to take Lane Johnson.


IF an Albert trade happens, I think it will happen on draft day / after day 1 of the draft.

And that could be the best case for everyone.

The worst case scenario of this situation ..... is that Kansas City trade to Buffalo. All 3 tackles are gone. And we keep Albert / try to sign him long term. We get the best player available Ansah/Jordan/Star L/etc and have a great deal of picks that will help us build next year as well.


Chiefs trade down to Philly or Jacksonville. Draft Joeckel/Fisher. Miami somehow drafts Lane Johnson. And we play Albert for one last season as a Chief.


Someone already posted Draft Scenarios this but I'll add mine as well in here.

35% Philadelphia Trades for no.1 ( no.4 + no.35, no.1 in 2014)

25% Jacksonville Trades for no.1 ( No.2 + no.64 , no.1 in 2014)

15% Buffalo Bills Trades (No. 8 , no. 41, no.1 in 2014, no. 2015)

5% Arizona Cardinals Trades for no.1 ( No.7 , No.1 in 2014, no.2, 2014 )

20% Chiefs draft Joeckel/Fisher at no.1

70% Miami Dolphins trade no. 42 & 2014 conditional pick for Albert

15% San Diego Chargers trade no. 45 & 2014 no.2 pick for Albert

5% Baltimore Ravens trade no.32 overall for Albert (cap space)

5% Philadelphia Eagles trade no.35 for Albert *** a Albert plus no.1 pick deal could probably also be reached

10% Albert remains on the Chiefs Roster After the NFL Draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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