Grading Reid and far

We knew going into the 2013 season that KC had to patch a lot of holes if they had any hope of being competitive. Four years of bad drafts and bad personnel decisions has led this team to one of the least talented teams in the NFL. When Andy Reid and John Dorsey took over , they inherited a roster that wasn't even good enough to win more than two games in 2012. Terrible coaching, QB play and just a generally poor roster was responsible for this being one of the worst teams in the NFL in the last twenty years. Not only that, but three of the teams best players entered 2013 with no contract in hand. It was clear that Reid and Dorsey had their handful rebuilding the roster.

Lucky for the Chiefs, the NFL has a thing called free agency. KC didn't have to hit on every draft pick in order to restock the roster with talent. The Chiefs had millions to spend in free agency and Dorsey has been one of the most active GM's this offseason. Signing, re -signing , releasing players, few teams have had a more active offseason. I for one am surprised . I thought Dorsey would have a more shy, conservative approach to free agency. The Packers organization has always prided themselves on being frugal with cap dollars, preferring to build through the draft instead.

This is the smartest approach in my opinion. Too many high priced free agents can mean a team in salary cap limbo, as dead money contract from under performing free agents can haunt a team for years. This isn't to say free agency isn't important or can help a team win. A GM, no matter how gifted he is at evaluating talent , can't hit on every draft pick. So free agency is a way to fill in the holes of a roster. And this team has plenty of those to be sure.

So can we grade this offseason? The pundits sure do.Free agency is like the ultimate garage sale.Day one, is when you find the best stuff, day two there is still some deals to be had and day three you are just searching for anything interesting. We are on day three this year of the garage sale this year. With most all of the good players gone and with KC's pockets empty, there aren't many more major moves ahead.

Even though none of these guys have played a down for this team yet, ''experts'' seem to have no problem divvying out letter grades for all 32 teams. Probably isn't fair to do so, but it is human nature. So I thought I would throw my opinion into the hat and try to grade every major move we made this off season. Some criteria first . I look at contracts and guaranteed money. It isn't as much did we get the right player as much as did we get him for the right price. I also look at the player . Can he help this team win? Who was out there that was a better option ? Could we have gotten him etc..., So a lot goes into my judging of these moves, keep that mind. Also , keep in mind that this is one man's opinion , you are free to have yours as well. I also give you some of the guys I liked as well




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Not re-signing Piol's free agents he brought in last season

My first choice Ropati Potoatua, second choice Edger Jones, third choice Abe Elam(although I couldn't care less if none re-sign here)

Final grade: A-

As you could imagine , there wasn't much as far as guys Dorsey needed to bring back for a second tour of duty with this team. Well, at least there wasn't very many guys as far as who Pioli has brought in. Think about this for a second. Not one of these guys that Pioli brought in has even had a meeting with another team. In fact, only five guys that Pioli has brought as free agents have ever played for another team when they left here. That is a pretty telling statistic . But these were the guys KC went to war with every Sunday .

No wonder we were 2-14 . The list of free agents we had on this team were a who's who of nobody's. A bunch of no name guys that aren't wanted by any other team. Almost all of the free agents we had going into this free agent period were on one years deals the year before. There are a couple of guys that I would maybe consider bringing back as depth. But overall, you can see why Pioli was canned by the guys he brought in here to play for this team



Bob Sutton DC, former DC/LB coach for the Jets

My first choice, Kris Richard Seahawks DB coach, second choice Lovie Smith former Bears HC, Ray Horton Cardinals DC

Final grade : B

Bob Sutton was kind of a disappointing choice to many on AP. He wasn't the sexiest hire to be sure. He was demoted by Rob Ryan after serving as the Jets DC from 06-08. He is also 62 years old. I would have rather had some younger blood infused on this defense. As far as his defense rankings with the JETS .......meh. Never horrible , but far from the upper eshalon of the league. And as far as fixing the two biggest problems, you know , pass rush and forcing turnovers, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel there. In the three years He he was DC of the Jets , NY never had more than forty sacks and never had more than sixteen int's in a season.

So why do I give him a solid grade? Well first of all , the guy seems very well respected.It is almost unheard of for a position coach to be on a staff after his HC was fired. Sutton has seen four head coaches and yet , all four wanted him to serve in some capacity. That speaks volumes to me. Four different coaches thought he was too valuable to replace. He also has developed some good talent at linebacker. He helped turn David Harris into a beast. He took Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace from draft busts to solid starters . He even made Aaron Maybin look serviceable for a year.I also like the fact that he has experience coaching a one gap and a two gap 3-4 alignments and likes to play more man to man. Is he over his head at DC? Very possibly . He wasn't at the top of my list , but I will give him a chance



Doug Pederson offensive coordinator

First choice Norv Turner SD head coach, second choice Ken Whisenhunt Cardinals head coach, third choice Joe Lombardi Saints QB coach

Final grade:incomplete

The offensive coordinator job is very important considering the epic struggles KC has had moving the ball. Bill Muir, Brian Daboll were utter disasters calling plays for this team the past two years. The Chiefs desperately need a smart, creative and competent person to call plays and get the most out of the talent we have. Is Pederson that guy? That is up for debate. He was the QB coach in Philly . This will be his first job coaching the offense as a whole. He is a young guy with no experience calling plays. But so are all coaches .You have to get a start somewhere.

Long before Jim Harbaugh made Alex Smith look decent as a starting QB, Norv Turner made him look at least OK in his short tenure as OC in SF. Turner is a proven offensive mind , I would have liked to have seen him coach here. He was my first choice as OC

Word on the street is that Pederson is a up and comer. That he is a very sharp minded guy that could get a HC job in the future. There was another young coach in Dallas in 2005 that got his first job as OC under Bill Parcells. He had a rough time at the beginning. But , he learned real quick and became the best play caller in the NFL. His name was Sean Payton. We can only cross our fingers and hope Pederson can be that guy for us.



Dave Toub Special teams

First choice Dave Toub

Final grade : A++

Lost in the horror of the 2012 season was just how awful our special teams unit was. We gave up over 25 yards a KR and over 13 yards a PR with two scores . We also averaged a sub par 8.7 yards a PR and a pathetic 21.6 yards a KR. I could make a very strong argument that special teams was the worst unit on the team , that is saying something. But that is how terrible that unit was . And it has been bad for several years now. Since 07 , we have only returned two kicks for TD's . In that same span, we have given up seven returns for TD's. We have only averaged more than ten yards a PR twice since 07 and we haven't even seen a 22 yard average in that time. This unit needs an enema

And who better to turn this group around than Dave Toub. Not only have the Bears had one of the best return games in the NFL the past several years, their coverage unit is beastly. They have given up an average of only 4.4 yards per punt return the last two years. Field position is always critical in a teams success . But I believe it will be even more important for this teams success, as we are limited offensively right now. Toub could be worth his weight in gold for this team if he can help our special teams become one of the best in the NFL. I also hope we can get more out of the return game. I want to see more explosive guys back there returning kicks. Shauhn Draugh and Javier Arenas just won't get it done back there

Toub may very well be the next John Harbaugh. That is how much I think of this guy as a coach. He wasn't even on my radar as far as special teams coacheswe could hire , because I thought it wasn't possible he would get cut. I was shocked DA Bears let him go. Oh well ,their loss(bigtime)



Eric Bienemy RB coach

First choice Eric Bienemy

Final Grade:A+

I'm not going to go through the entire Chiefs coaching staff, but Bienemy was a major get. This guy has had success wherever he has gone as a coach. He helped turn Maurice Jones Drew into a beast at UCLA. Chester Taylor had his best season under him. He made Chris Brown into a Heisman candidate at Colorado. He had a big impact on Adrian Peterson early in his career. I am surprised he hasn't gotten more love on here. I am excited to see what Jamal Charles and Cyrus MOAR Gray can accomplish under his tutelage. Major steal for the Chiefs coaching staff. I just hope he can adapt with this new rule and teach these runners ''bring the shoulder back into the game'' as coach Fisher says. What a f****ing chicken bleep of a rule BTW





Releasing Kevin Boss and Steve Breaston

Final grade:A-

One of the first actions Dorsey took as a GM was cut ties with underachieving Steve Breaston and injury prone Kevin Boss freeing up a little more than five million dollars in cap space. Breaston was a major bust after a decent 2011 season as the number two receiver across from Dwayne Bowe. He was so far in Romeo's doghouse that he was a healthy inactive on a weekly basis for a team desperate for WR help. He has yet to sign with a team . The only team that has showed any interest in him were the Steelers.

Kevin Boss was supposed to give this team a solid one . two punch with Tony Moeaki. But a severe concussion in the second game of the season put an end to that notion and now his career seems to be in jeopardy. No complaints cutting these two and putting their cap space to better use



Hussain Abdullah backup /possible starting safety

My first choice Glover Quinn , second choice Michael Huff , third choice George Wilson

Final Grade:A

Safety has become a big ,yet quiet need for this team the past two seasons. Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis have either been hurt or ineffective in that span. No player has fallen further back from fans popularity list than Kendrick Lewis . He has gone from fan favorite , to liability, to flat out unreliable since he was drafted in 2010. Eric Berry has also seen his star fall as well. The fifth pick in 2010 has went from pro bowl , to injured reserve , to inconsistent in 2012. Depth has also been a huge issue for this team, as they tried trotting out Sabby Piscetelli, Donald Washington, John McGraw among others to failed results. I love Glover Quinn. I wanted KC to sign him to start beside Berry. But , they opted to sign Abdullah instead

I actually liked Abdullah for this team as depth back in the 2012 offseason. But Abdullah decided to spend a year out of football so he could make a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca for his religious requirements. He now is back and is in the mix for the safety spot. I worry about the fact he has spent a year and a half out of football.I also worry about the concussion he sustained in 2011 that cost him seven games. But , the guy is a quality player that Dorsey got for peanuts. At worst I think he will be quality depth for a team that desperately needs it at safety. I love the move by KC to get a young player , in his prime for so little .MOAR Hussain Abdullah!



Cutting Eric Winston

Final grade:D+

There was perhaps no more polarizing player on the Chiefs roster last year than Eric Winston. His sickening and disgusting rant will go down as one of the most talked about speeches in KC since the infamous five year plan. Winston the player was somewhat of an enigma also. He seemed to do a good job run blocking , but at times seemed to struggle with holding penalties and speed rushers.

His biggest criticism was that he wasn't a great pass protector.Really? That is why you cut him? Excuse me, when was the last time a RT was a great pass blocker? Was Barry Richardson a great pass blocker? Do I have to unleash the 2011 tape on you Andy?I think Winston did a little better job than that in pass pro. Saying your right tackle isn't a great pass blocker is like saying the stripper can't add.Think of a better excuse to cut the guy

I think he is fine as a RT. But, the KC brass decided to cut ties with the controversial player, despite having no known injuries and playing pretty well overall. What is also a head scratcher, is this move really didn't help much with the cap. It only saved about a million dollars or so. So KC cut a decent player , didn't save a ton of money and created another hole they can't afford to create.

The only reason to do so, is so they can make room for Luke Joekal or another OT they take with the first pick. I am very opposed to taking a OT number one. It seems like the last thing we need on this roster. If it comes to light they cut Winston to make room for Stephenson, I will amend this grade. But right now , I can not support this cut , especially when you could have saved money by releasing Studebaker and or Lewis instead



Anthony Fasano second , or first string TE

My first choice Martelus Bennet , second choice Jared Cook , third choice Fred Davis

Final grade C

The Chiefs TE position as been in flux since Tony Gonzalez was trade in 2009. It has been riddled with injuries, inconsistency and flat out neglect by GM Scott Pioli. It has been a non productive , non existent unit the last two seasons. We finally thought that we were going to have a decent TE combination last year in Moeaki and Boss. That went to hell real quick when Boss got injured and Moeaki was once again the only answer at TE. Moeaki looked very tentative coming back from ACL injury and was a complete non factor in the passing game. No other TE on the roster had more than five catches all year.

Enter Anthony Fasano into the fold. The former Miami TE has good hands and is a good blocker. He is also durable , missing only four games in his career due to injury. He signed a 4 year 16 million dollar contract to be this teams number two TE. Problem is, we already have a number two TE on the roster. Moeaki isn't durable , fast or good enough to be a true number one receiving option. He is a solid all around TE when healthy.

But neither Fasano or Moeaki will stretch the field for you. So why sign another blocking TE to a 16 million dollar contract , when for just a few dollars and about the same in guaranteed money more , you could have a vertical TE in Martelus Bennet? Or , you could go after Fred Davis who has averaged 14 YPC the last three years. We need a TE that can be an effective receiving threat. Not another intermediate route running , blocking specialist



Chase Daniel(s) backup QB

My first choice Drew Stanton, second choice Matt Moore, third choice Bruce Gradkowski

Final grade :D+

Give Reid and Dorsey some credit , they weren't content with just getting one QB this offseason. So they went out and got former MU star and Saints backup Chase Daniel to fill the void of second string QB. And they paid him ten million over the course of three years to hopefully only hole a clipboard and be a holder on field goals. One issue , he has a grand total of nine pass attempts in four years. No one knows if this guy can even play if he had to start. So to give the guy ten million to be a backup is a little steep in my opinion. Everyone says that is the going rate for backup QB's . Ya, but I'm sure those QB's have more than nine attempts in four years. ''But , he watched Drew Brees for four years''. Ya, and.......? Matt Cassel watched Tom Brady for three years. How did that work out for him. Jim Sorgi watched Peyton and Eli Manning for years. How is he doing these days?

Hey , I loved Daniel at MU. He was the best QB in MU history. He gave me a lot of great memories as a Tigers fan. Having said that, I knew back then this guy wasn't an NFL QB. He is very limited as a player. I think this team is toast if he has to start for any period of time. If you you want to get a QB with upside , how about a player like Drew Stanton. You know , a guy that actually has NFL tools. This was a popular move for obvious reasons . But I can think of ten millions reasons it was a waste of money



Dunta Robinson nickel corner?

My First choice Captain Munnerlyn , second choice Christopher Owens, third choice Kyle Arrington

Final grade : B-

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first when I heard about Robinson signing a long term deal with KC. An aging number two corner? Sheesh , not again . I thought we learned our lesson last year . But then , I started hearing words I wanted to hear when Reid was referring to Robinson. ''Compete'' , ''nickel packages'' , ''possible move to safety ''. That and the fact that KC only is going to pay him four million guaranteed and we signed Sean Smith , has made me feel much better about the situation. You can never have too many good corners . And if Robinson can hold down the slot, we very well might have a great signing here for cheap



Mike Devito starting defensive end

My First choice Desmond Bryant , second choice Ricky Jean Francois, third choice Mike Devito

Final grade: B+

Devito is the kind of guy you root for. Not the biggest or the fastest guy on the field. But a blue collar, self made player that has a non stop motor and tenacity to play at a high level in the NFL. He is sure to become a fan favorite on Sundays . He is basically a better, healthier version of Glenn Dorsey. Everything I have heard about him is that he is an elite run defender and plays until the whistle blows. And at three years and twelve million, he is a reasonably priced defensive end. The only thing I don't like , is that he has no pass rush ability. And this team needs desperately to find someone to fill the pass rush void on the D- line. But overall , I have no issues with this signing. Good player for a fair market price, can't ask for anything more than that



Donnie Avery 3rd or 4th WR

MY First choice Brandon Tate, second choice Darius Heyward Bay, third choice just give Wylie more playing time

Final grade F+

The Chiefs had a desperate need for speed at WR last year. No receiver struck fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators. Reid likes smaller , quick wideouts. Guys that can take a short pass and turn it into a big play. So the Chiefs went out and got the fastest WR available in free agency in Donnie Avery. Problem is , he has some of the worst hands you will find . He gradually lost his job to rookie TY Hilton a year ago. Avery is a guy you give a one year two million dollar deal to. But KC decided to lock him up for three years at 8.5 million? Why?. They overpaid for streaky and injury prone WR.

But maybe the most frustrating part of the signing , is that I believe that they already have Avery on the roster. Devon Wylie is the same player as Avery. A smaller , explosive WR that could be lethal after the catch. Just promote him instead of wasting money on Avery. Add into the fact I am hearing rumblings that Avery might be the number two receiver on this team(WTF, really?) makes this move all kinds of fail. Reid wtf were you thinking?









Re-signing Dwayne Bowe, Dustin Colquit, Thomas Gafford and franchising Brandon Albert

Overall grade:A

If they trade Albert and draft Joekal :F

As I stated above , KC didn't exactly have a dearth of guys Dorsey had to re-sign. But they did have a few. And right on the eve of free agency, Dorsey locked up Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquit and slapped the franchise tag on Brandon Albert. I think we were all pleasantly surprised that all three of these guys were coming back to KC. Colquit was made the highest paid punter in NFL history. He is worth every penny of his contract. The guy has the best combination of leg strength and directional punting of anyone in the NFL. It isn't his fault that our terrible defense can't take advantage of the field position he gives them. I'm glad he will be a Chief for quite a while. And you gotta give love to Gafford the long snapper. Dorsey recognized a good thing and brought him back for another year

Some say Bowe is overpaid. He does have a tendency to drop passes. So do most receivers not named Calvin Johnson. The guy has been the most consistent WR on this team for years. He has had garbage at QB and he still puts up thousand yard seasons. He was the best option out there in free agency. If we were going to overpay for a guy, I would rather us overpay for a guy that we drafted and developed rather than a guy from another team. We need Bowe on this team. And we have him for the foreseeable future

The OT situation has been the topic of much debate for several months. Many of the top draft gurus believe that the Chiefs will target Luke Joekal with the number one pick in April. This is confusing for many fans because we already have a pretty damn good tackle in Brandon Albert. So it was a surprise when Dorsey announced that Brandon Albert was going to be franchised . Now there are rumors that Albert will be traded before the draft. I'm not sure how to grade this one. The fact he got franchised gets an A. Whether we trade him or he plays this year, we are at least going to get something out of him. I am just opposed to taking a LT number one. Joekal doesn't impress me that much. We have other needs than filling a hole we created. I hope he gets a long term deal here. Until I know what his future is and until I know what we do in the draft, this move gets an incomplete grade.



Sean Smith,starting corner

First choice Keenan Lewis , second choice Dee Milner, third choice Xavier Rhodes

final grade: B

Other than QB , what was the biggest need on the Chiefs roster other than CB? The CB situation last year outside of Flowers was really bad to say the least . Stanford Rout was brought in to replace Brandon Carr , but was released mid season.We won't even bring up the Jaque Reeves failed revival. Arenas held his own nicely down the stretch, but he isn't going to hold up for 16 games. KC had to find someone that could be a competent complement to Brandon Flowers

Enter Sean Smith. The former Miami Dolphin has an impressive combination of size and athleticism. A huge press corner that will lay the wood to receivers. The problem I have is that he isn't much of a playmaker to the ball. He drops too many easy interceptions, only five interceptions in four years. He also struggles against smaller receivers. I think the guy is overrated . The Dolphins are swimming in cap space , yet they didn't even make him an offer . What does that tell you? I think that he is an upgrade over any number two corner we have. And it didn't cost us an arm and a leg to get him. Still, I have enough concerns to give this move a homerun grade just yet. I can almost see him moving to safety in a year.



Geoff(Jeff) Schwartz , swing tackle , backup guard

My first choice King Dunlap and a draft choice, second choice Joe Berger and a draft choice. third choice (tie) Jake Scott or Rex Hadnot and a draft choice

Grade : A for the player , F for the name GEE-OFF

In the opening game of the season, KC trotted out a nice offensive line . But then, Rodney Hudson went down and the line had to be completely reshuffled . Lilja had to move to center and Allen had to play right away . The result was a pretty streaky performance throughout the season. It was very apparent KC had no depth whatsoever on the O-line. Stephenson had to play when Albert went down and he had mixed results. Pioli brought in Ross Hochenstein off the street , only to see him fall to injury. And they had no real contingency plan at center. KC needed a couple guys this offseason that could play multiple positions on the line in case injuries happened again

I thought we were going to have to settle for an old guy or an unproven rookie for that spot. Or a guy like Joe Berger , who has played several years but never really started many games. So I was pleasantly surprised when we were able to steal Schwartz on a one year deal worth a little over a million dollars. Schwartz can play guard or tackle and was slated to be the starter in Carolina in 2011 until a hip injury cost him his season. He filled in admirably in Minnesota last year when called upon. And, unlike Jake Scott and Rex Hadnot , he is a young player in his prime. I think Scwartz could be the starting RT for this team in 20134. It will be an interesting camp battle to say the least.

The only reason this move doesn't get an A+ in my view , is because it is just a one year deal. I would have liked to have seen him locked up for two years instead of one . And the fact I really like King Dunlap (even going back to his college days to Auburn) , I would have liked to have seen him here. I believe he is underrated . He was a little bit more expensive to attain, but I think he has more upside. Either way, I can't complain about the signing. At worst it is quality depth on a team that desperately needed it. And we got him at a very fair price





Cutting Matt Cassel

''re-structuring'' Tyson Jackson

Overall grade A+++++++++!

This was a no brainer here. Normally, these are moves not even worth bringing up. But it is the symbolism that is just as important as the monitory gains involved. Matt Cassel and Tyson Jackson were arguably the two biggest failures of the Pioli regime. Pioli's first order of business when he took over the GM job , was to trade for Patriot QB Matt Cassel. The problem was that Pioli saw Cassel as the solution to the QB problem and never addressed it again. And he was fiercely loyal to Cassel to the end. Matt was a disaster here in KC. He had a few nice moments here and there, but overall, his play on the field was unwatchable. Matt is now where he belongs as a number two QB in Minnesota.

Tyson Jackson has been another disappointment for this team. Pioli reached on him with the third pick in 09 and he has been at best an average defender since. Supporters are quick to point out how good he is against the run. That he has been a force in that department the last two years. I have my doubts about that . Even so, the impact players on the D-line are pass rushers. Jackson has been virtually non existent in that area. I know rushing the passer wasn't what RAC was asking him to do. Still, a one dimensional , run stuffing Defensive end is not worth the third pick

Jackson is the biggest mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle this year. As a player , the pressure is on. The diapers are off, no more trying to stand guys up in the passing game. If this defense is to work, Jackson HAS to generate a pass rush. The pressure is on to earn yourself bigtime money kid. Make papa MNchiefsfan proud and prove uncle saints chiefs wrong about you

So I was initially frustrated when Dorsey and Reid brought him back , albeit at a slashed price. '' Can't we just have a clean breakup''? I remember asking myself. But then , an epiphany hit me if you will. Glen Dorsey, Shaun Smith and Ropati Potuatua are all unrestricted free agents. If we cut Jackson , then the only guys we would have had under contract at the time would be Allen Bailey, Dontari Poe, Jerrel Powe and Anthony Torribio. And three of those guys are NT's. And besides, maybe , just maybe , Sutton can get some pass rush out of Jackson. I would have liked to have cut ties and went after a guy like Desmond Bryant. But I understand the move better now. We get a guy that has played his whole career in a 3-4 at a greatly reduced price. Can't really have too many qualms with that











Alex Smith starting QB

My first choice draft a QB one overall and in the third round also sign Matt Hassleback or Ryan Fitzpatrick or even Kevin Kolb as a stopgap

Final grade: F ----------------------------(that's supposed to be one big line)

Have you ever went to the bar on a dry spell? You know, it's been a little while since you had some action (if you know what I mean) . Isn't it amazing how much your standards drop? You try to convince yourself that the Rosanne Barr look alike is sexy. You bargain with yourself that she really isn't that bad, that she is pretty cute as a matter of fact. You lie to yourself and pretend she isn't a 100 lbs overweight , or that there really isn't hair growing out of that mole on her neck. She doesn't have hair on her lip, it's just the lighting. You're about eight bears in , beer goggles fully in place. You hit on her and seal the deal, only to wake up and cringe at what you actually took home.

That reminds me of this Alex Smith trade. A lot of excuses trying to justify this trade. A lot of lying to one's self that he is better than what the stats say. A lot compromising standards because we haven't had good QB play in quite sometime. I see this as an act of desperation on part of Reid and Dorsey. He was there , so they took him home. And that was before the likes of Matt Hassleback , Ryan Fitzpatrick , Kevin Kolb became available. Had they just waited a few more weeks, they could have had one of those guys for nothing. No draft compensation, no eight million dollar a year contract for a guy that has done just as much as Alex Smith has for most of his mediocre at best career. Not only that, but they could have had any QB they wanted at one, and they could have taken another guy in the third and probably would have been in decent shape for the future. Now they put all their eggs in one basket with a guy that has a year and a half of OK play. Not record breaking, not earth shattering, not historic , just OK

This could be the worst move in the entire history of the Chiefs franchise. I think it is even worse than the Cassel trade. At least with that trade you only flushed one pick down the toilet. In this case, you throw away two. Two high picks on a team that can not afford to give any away. And what do we get in return? A guy that has stayed healthy twice in his career. A guy that got sacked every 9.5% of his dropbacks the last two years. A guy that has never passed for 3500 yards or even 20 TD's . A guy that until a year and a half ago was looked at as one of the biggest draft bust in NFL history. 17 TD's and 3100 yards was his breakout season. If that doesn't say how low expectations were for this guy, I don't know what would. Yet, we pat this guy on the head like he rewrote the record books or something. Kind of like the fat kid that makes the youth basketball team, has a few baskets and we all stand up and applaud because everyone expected him to sit on the bench and do nothing. Except this isn't grade school, it's the NFL. We don't give everyone a ribbon here. You have to produce. It was OK in the movie Lucas for Corey Haim not to make the tackle in the end and get dragged for 25 yards. Everyone gave him a slow clap for the effort. In the NFL , you make the damn tackle. No excuses , no E for effort. Produce....PERIOD! That is my new name for Smith, Lucas





But many on here try and convince you that Smith isn't Cassel. Even though they are the same size, same arm strength, same personality, same durability issues, same stats (well , actually Cassel has Smith beat there) that somehow they aren't the same guy because there is one piece of video of Smith looking off a safety. Several very articulate posts have been written about how these guys are completely different from one another.I read them and really tried to believe, I really did. But just use your eyes and common sense here. How are these two different from each other? When you were five years old someone might have convinced you two dimes and a nickel was more than a quarter. That isn't the case now. The only thing that you can say separates Cassel and Smith is that Smith doesn't make many mistakes. Sorry, that isn't a skill. That is just a coach not having faith in you to make the big play to win the game. Harbaugh relied on others to win games, not Alex Smith . I could rant about this for hours. It just pisses me off to no end



The Chiefs have been very active in free agency to be sure. But the question remains , are these moves enough to make the worst team in the NFL a competitive one? If we had a real QB on the roster, absolutely. This team patched most of it's major holes in free agency and we haven't even gotten to the draft yet. Can we be competitive with Lucas at QB? I don't know if we can. This offseason will be judged by one move and one move only, the trade for Lucas Smith. If Lucas can improve and help this team win games, I think we will be OK. If he is just a bystander like he was in SF , we are in trouble . We don't have that kind of talent on the roster to overcome mediocrity at QB. The fate of the franchise rests on a man who has been sub standard so far. This should be an interesting season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at Arrowhead Pride. You should read them.

Join Arrowhead Pride

You must be a member of Arrowhead Pride to participate.

We have our own Community Guidelines at Arrowhead Pride. You should read them.




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