This is the most likely scenario in my HUMBLE opinion. (And a poll on YOUR opinion.)



This is all if the Albert trade goes through. Throughout the post I'm assuming that we aren't getting as much as we probably would. (EX: I say we'll get a 2nd for Albert, when realistically we might get a 1st)

Trade Albert to Miami for their higher 2nd round pick. Using the freed up cap space to sign Karlos Dansby and Matt Slauson. Trade 1st round pick for the Bills 1st and 2nd. Here is the new Chiefs draft. I go on more about these later on.

Mock Draft

(1st) No. 8: Lane Johnson OT, OKL. assuming Joeckel and Fisher are picked, and they will be.

(2nd) No. 41: Eric Reid FS, LSU. these two picks are interchangeable, but getting a safety to play opposite Berry is critical even though it may not seem like it. Freeing Berry up will let the Chiefs do so many things and Berry will go back to playing at his pro-bowl level.

(2nd) No. 42: Kevin Minter ILB, LSU. ironic huh? Two LSU Tigers go back to back to the same team? It's quite possible. He may not fall this low, in that case, the next available inside linebacker will do.

(3rd) No. 63: Mike Glennon QB, NC State. He's got potential if he can learn to step up in the pocket and work on his mechanics in a situation better than the team he had at NC State. Drops were a huge factor and if he falls this low, this is a great pick. (Possibly E.J. Manuel if he falls this low) Andy Reid is a great mechanics coach, and having a big, strong, QB like this behind Daniel and Smith will help the Chiefs in the long term, this kid has major potential.

(3rd) No. 96: Ryan Swope WR, Texas A&M. He's a very talented receiver and is part of what made Johnny Manziel and Ryan Tannehill who they are. He's a steal.

(4th) No. 99: Brandon Jenkins OLB, FSU. Very talented pass rusher coming off an injury and as a result, his stock has fallen, which is good. Provides depth, which we don't have. (See Week 1 vs. Atlanta)

(5th) No. 127: Xavier Nixon OL, FL. Versatile, athletic lineman can provide depth to this team.

(6th) No. 170: Steve Williams CB, Cal. Small, yet talented corner, could turn out to be a rotational player and add some youth to the already crowded DB group.

(6th) No. 204: Jonathan Stewart ILB, Texas A&M: Quick, underrated linebacker, provides some more depth for a position of need.

7th round pick could be anyone, who knows.

Now we go in depth.

The Trade to Miami

Why it makes sense:

Branden Albert is a very good LT but at the price of $9 million this year, is it really worth it to pay him that much when we could get a LT in the draft that seems to be sure as can be? By doing this, we save $9 Million this year that we can use to sign FAs, we get our LT for the next couple years at a reasonable price, and we get a 2nd round pick, which I think is being undervalued. This draft may seem weak because of the lack of Quarterback All-Stars, but there are a lot of great players, and I mean a LOT. There is depth going into the later rounds, and even those players can contribute. A 2nd round pick would mean a lot to a team with several needs and lack of depth.

Free Agency

Why those two players?

Dansby is a very talented player, yet remains unsigned which is very surprising to me. He has put up two 100+ tackle seasons in the last two years, and has had a pretty consistent career, which is what the Chiefs need, consistency. He actually had a career high 134 tackles this past year, that's pretty darn good, and paired with the outstanding LB core we have he could help a lot. This contract would only be 1-2 years and at most $3-4 Million a year.

Matt Slauson on the other hand is solid guard who could provide some offensive line help. He's not a special player, but he could be brought in to compete with the younger players and I wouldn't be surprised a bit if he became the starter. (As you can tell I'm not a fan of our guards)

Overall we've had a a pretty good Free Agency, not losing any major players, yet adding depth and talent, while not spending a lot.

Sean Smith to me is looking more and more like a "perfect fit" as John Dorsey described him. He is a very physical, big, and talented corner, and I expect him to win the no. 2 corner across from Brandon Flowers. However he doesn't play well when forced to play deeper zones and cushions, which is surprising because he has above average football IQ and that generally correlates with better zone play. The major benefit though, is that in Rob Sutton's new Press-man defense, he will excel. In Miami he played about 35% of snaps in a press-man coverage. In Sutton's new defense he will be playing about 85%. After watching several games against teams with better receivers, QBs, and O-Lines, he played very well in these situations. It will be exciting to see how well he plays in a defense that seems to fit his strengths.


Why the Chiefs want to, and will be able to trade the 1st overall pick:

The Chiefs want to trade the pick. They have most likely narrowed down the player or two that they want to pick, but they are still saying that about 10 players are in consideration. The most likely reason for this is to make it look like they're still looking at Geno Smith, who may be the only player a team may want to trade up for.

The Bills are the most likely team to trade up for the no. 1 pick. They need a QB and have pretty much said that they are taking a QB in this draft. They are looking for a franchise QB and if they want that, they're going to have to trade up for him. They most likely want Geno Smith and the only way to guarantee that is to trade up. Take a look at the QBs on the Bills roster, and tell me with a straight face that they have a franchise QB on that team. Exactly.

The players I have chosen are subject to change due to FA and trades.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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