Draft Gem: Adam Replogle

The Chiefs must draft Adam Replogle and they could get him in the 7th Round. Every year I like to add in one of my Indiana Hoosiers boys to my mock drafts. They are not an elite program, but they can produce playmakers in the NFL. Most recent Hoosiers would be Roger Saffold and Tracy Porter. This years Indiana Hoosier is Defensive Tackle -

Adam Replogle



Height: 6'3'' Weight: 300lbs

  • Started 47 Games for the Indiana Hoosiers
  • 2 x Team Captain
  • 2nd Team All-Big Ten
  • Academic All-American

Adam Replogle has a ridiculous motor - in fact I would put his motor up against anyone in college football. Not the fastest guy out there, but quick enough for a man of his size. Although he doesn't have freak speed for a man his size, he has a lot of power and will never stop on a play. Very intelligent player that would be described as a "blue collar" type of player. He would bring added depth to the Chiefs defensive line.

Now I am going to post his Pro Day numbers up to another 2013 DT prospect - we shall call him PLAYER X

Player X is 6'2'', 310lbs. Adam Replogle is 6'3'', 300lbs.


40 Time:

  • Adam: 5.03
  • Player X: 5.15


  • Adam: 31.5''
  • Player X: 30''

Short Shuttle:

  • Adam: 4.71
  • Player X: 4.65

3 Cone:

  • Adam: 7.62
  • Player X: 7.76

Reps 225:

  • Adam: 38 - see here
  • Player X: 38

Adam Replogle played and started all 4 years in college - Player X only played for 3 years. So I will compare their stats from 2010-present (3years). Adam did have a very successful freshman season, but to make it fair I'll just compare 3 years.



  • Adam: 151 tackles (78 solo)
  • Player X: 107 tackles (48 solo)


  • Adam: 11
  • Player X: 7


  • Adam: 23.5
  • Player X: 21.5

Now numbers are numbers, but they do give us a guideline. Adam Replogle had better stats and similar pro day numbers to Player X. Size is similar and I would say Adam has a higher motor. Am I going to be a little biased? Sure... but I watched this kid play all 48 (started 47) games for the Hoosiers and he was one of my favorites. Always disrupting plays and never giving up. I honestly think he could give DeVito a run for his money. Looking at the numbers you would probably give Replogle the edge b/c of the Pro Day numbers are the same, but statistically Replogle made a bigger impact. Adam also played in the Big10 - player X played in the Pac-12.

Oh yeah, who is PLAYER X?

Star Lotuelei.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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