Realistic Albert trade scenarios

Okay everyone I have read multiple posts on this matter and I have come up with a few solutions, trade partners and what I think may happen and what we might be able to expect.

First thing first and that is if we are willing to release Winston (who played horrible last year and it was the right move) and we are willing to trade Albert then coach Reid and Dorsey have to think someone on the roster is capable enough to play either tackle spot: In comes Donald Stevenson I had thought this for a while now but if you remember he played dam good when Albert went down last season he will be manning one of the tackle spots next year.

Now we take a look at what teams outside of the top 5 may be looking for a tackle that is 28 years old and played in 13 games last season and only gave up 1 sack yes ladies and gentlemen he only gave up 1 sack in 13 games granted he didn't play against Denver (V. Miller) but still good in my eyes. I have two teams in mind that I feel could make the push for Albert and that is Arizona and Miami. In both scenarios we will be getting a first and third round pick because of the production out of Albert that was mentioned above.

I will start with Arizona I no longer think that Arizona will target a QB in round 1 because of the Stanton signing and Kolb release I think they can easily land someone in the second round to push Stanton for the job this year probably Matt Barkley. Arizona offers us the 7th pick in round 1 and the 69th pick in round 3 for Albert and our 5th round pick number 127.

I will give what we could do in the draft with both cases at the end.

Now we will focus on the Dolphins they have made some moves in free agency that makes me feel like they think they can contend right now but losing Jake Long hurts and they need a LT badly more than anyone in the top 15 in my opinion and they have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds so they have the firepower to make this trade happen.

Miami gives us the number 12 pick in round 1 and number 82 in round 3 and we give them Albert and a 6th round pick.

I still believe that we will trade down in the draft even if we trade Albert two teams seem to be the most interested in Geno Smith and that is the Jags and the Eagles I feel that Andy Reid will do his old organization a big solid and trade the number 1 overall to them. We will get 4th pick in round 1 the 35th pick in round 2 and a second round pick next year and the eagles will get the number 1 overall pick and will draft Geno Smith.

Arizona: In this scenario we now have the 4th pick and 7th pick in round 1 35th pick in round 2 and the 63rd, 69th and 96th in the third. I actually don't think that the jags or raiders take Joeckel so we still land him at number 4 and when we get to pick 7 Miami is calling us because they have to get Fisher since they couldn't land Albert so we trade the 7th pick in round 1 to Miami for the 12th in round 1 and the 54th pick in round 2 at number 12 we select one of two players either Chance Warmack or Dion Jordan if he falls that far not sure that will happen. with the 35th pick we select Manti Te'o don't like this pick but best value at this point. At 54 we select Eric Reid and I wont go into the 3rd picks.

For the Miami trade:

Since this trade kind of plays into the what I had suggested in the Arizona trade my picks will not be different for this we just wont get the 54th pick in round 2 we will only have the 12th and the 4th with the trades we did with the eagles and the dolphins so we still take Joeckel, at 4 Warmack at 12 and Te'o at 35.

I don't this that this is out of the realm of possibility what do you all think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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