Super Duper Dream Scenario for the Chiefs Draft

Geno is flying up the boards, which is giving value to the #1 pick we don't want. At this point, Arizona and Buffalo are considered to be his most likely landing spots, but you can't totally rule out anyone in the top ten except us and Detroit. We should be able to move down, and maybe we get a couple teams bidding and actually get (at least close to) full value for the top pick. If Ari or Buff want to move up from seven or eight, that would involve a package of picks that would include multiple picks this year and an extra first in 2014. Even if we just move down to Philly's spot at four, we might get their first and second round picks this year and next year's first rounder. All of these options would be awesome, and any would qualify as a dream outcome for the Chiefs. At #4, we would get to pick between one of the two top offensive tackles (one of Joeckel and Fisher would likely be gone but not both,) one of the two top defensive tackles (same thing with Star and Floyd,) and either of the two top defensive end/outside linebackers in Ansah and Jordan. At seven or eight we'd still have one or two of those guys available. Plus get a second rounder back, an extra first in 2014, and more. Dreamy.

But I'm even looking for dreamier than that for the sake of this post. Here's my mock of the top half of the first round to set the Chiefs in motion to perennial playoff births...

The first thing we need is for the Jags to fall for Geno. Then when we start fielding offers for the first pick, we call them and give them a shot at him. The Chiefs trade the rights to the future bust (he can't be any good if we don't want him, right?) to the Jags for #2 overall and the Jags' second rounder, #33 overall. Geno holds up a jersey and the Chiefs are on the clock.

Our attention turns to the Eagles. Whether they wanted Geno or not, he's gone so they turn their attention back to Joeckel. He's the guy most everyone expects us to take anyway, so this is an easy sell. The Chiefs trade the #2 overall pick to the Eagles for the #4 overall pick, their second rounder (#35 overall) and their fifth rounder (the third pick in the round.) It's even a slight discount from the value chart, but they won't give any more and things are going just the way Dorsey wants so he's willing to deal. Joeckel gets to walk the stage, followed by Floyd in a Raiders' jersey, and the Chiefs are on the clock for the third time in an hour.

The Chiefs get a phone call from Arizona. They wanted Geno, but they need help on the line and with Joeckel gone they can't let us take Fisher. They want us to take a three and four, but no deal. We want their second rounder, too. After several minutes of tense negotiation, we agree to a deal. The Chiefs get the #7 and the Cards' second rounder, #38 overall. They get #4 and we throw in the fifth rounder we just got from Philly. The Cards grab Fisher, the Lions grab Ziggy Ansah, and the Browns are thrilled to get Milliner at this point without having to pay the Chiefs anything. Dorsey gets back on the phone...

to screw a new division rival. The Chargers need Lane Johnson. They're not willing to make the Chiefs any richer, though, so they are out of luck. We deal him to the Dolphins instead. They are a bit desperate after losing Long, and although they don't really want to go all the way up to #7, the Chiefs are willing to give up our third to continue stockpiling seconds. The Dolphins get #7 and the second pick in the third, and the Chiefs get #12 overall and #42 overall. Johnson is a Phin, the Bills take Barkley, and the jets take Jarvis Jones. The Titans select Kenny Vaccaro and the Chargers grab Chance Warmack. The Chiefs again become the center of attention.

The Vikings have two first round picks, but Star won't fall to either one of them. They send their second first, #25 overall, and their second rounder, #52 overall, to the Chiefs for #12 and select Lotulelei.

The Chiefs now hold picks number 25, 33, 35, 38, 42 and 52. After that we won't pick again until the supp pick at the end of the third, but that's ok. We're the kings of this draft!

1st round, #25 overall... We select Manti Te'o, ILB from Notre Dame. A couple months ago, this guy was a potential 1st overall pick. One shitty bowl game and a bad breakup with an imaginary girlfriend later, the Chiefs have the best linebacking core in the NFL after bouncing down the first round like a rubber ball on an escalator.

2nd round, #33 overall... The Chiefs grab EJ Manuel, QB Florida St. After Arizona took a lineman and Buffalo took Barkley, EJ started to slide. There are plaenty of teams that still need QBs and we're not risking someone trading up to grab him ala Caepernick. He's the best fit for Reid's offense this draft has to offer and maybe the best QB in this draft. He can be groomed as our #3 immediately and might push Daniel out of a job by year's end. Alex will be looking over his shoulder by the middle of 2014 because we got a QBOTF after all.

2nd round, #35 overall... Eric Reid, S LSU. Matt Elam won't get out of the first, but Reid may. It's fate anyway. Our HC gets his namesake and our starting safeties both put Eric on their jerseys instead of their last names to confuse QBs and TEs. A few haters on AP complain about yet another LSU defender, but it's the second round and it's not a lineman. We all get over it.

2nd round, #38 overall... Arthur Brown, LB Kansas St. The starting four is set with Hali, Te'o, DJ, and Houston, but Brown is a stud for depth with the speed to start down the road. He wouldn't have gotten past the Jags, but since we got their pick we get their player to slide a few extra spots too. Doubling down on LBs is a must with only five under contract and Stude a possible (likely?) cap casualty.

2nd round, #42 overall... Menelik Watson, OT Florida St. The former b-baller from England steps in as swing tackle behind Albert (who gets extended after the draft) and Richardson. Big and athletic, he might even push Stephenson back to swing if he steps up quickly and has the stuff to play either side. Plus he can be EJ's roommate on the road!

2nd round, #52 overall... Eddie Lacy, RB Alabama. Lacy could have been a first rounder, but the lingering hammy hurts his stock and the Chiefs are the beneficiaries. The guy is a battering ram and perfect compliment to Charles. By platooning him with JC, the Chiefs can limit his carries and hopefully keep him healthy. With Cyrus Grey on the roster the Chiefs can withstand his hamstring if it lingers/recurs better than most teams, too.

One bummer of a crazy scenario like this is the bevy of second rounders would push our rookie cap up to $7M or more, so we would need to clear quite a bit of cap space, but extensions for Alex Smith and Brandon Albert would more than do the trick. The nice thing is we would get two starters and several more key contributors and lay the foundation for some quality replacements for some of our aging stars.

I know I'm dreaming irrationally, but I did put it right in the title, folks. I hope it was worth the read... GO CHIEFS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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