Kansas City Chiefs: An All-Around Movement

The Chiefs finished the 2012 season with a record of 2-14. To me this was a bad sight and don’t want to see it again in the year ahead of us. The Chiefs have came out in the off-season and have been on the top teams in talks with every player in the market. With the signing of new GM John Dorsey and the hiring of Andy Reid at head coach has brought a whole new look to the Chiefs and they look to make more moves in the future.

Lets began this off with all of the signings and improvements to the Chiefs.

The Draft is a huge part in the success of the Chiefs this year and the management took care of that early. First they needed to get pro-bowler Dwayne Bowe resigned and locked in. They signed Bowe to a five-year deal. Another need was to resign OT Brandon Albert, the Chiefs franchised tagged him and new opens up the draft a whole lot bigger. With the signing of Albert they can go after another O linemen in the draft. These two signings are so huge to the team and can bring more breathing room to the locker room. There is more what the Chiefs did in the off-season though.

The Chiefs hands down had on the worst quarterback situations in the NFL. Matt Cassel was hurt the later part of the season and was forced to bring in Brady Quinn. We all know the rest of the story with that… The fans wanted Cassel out and a new guy in. They heard and out of know were they traded for 49ers QB Alex Smith. Smith was taken his job of a concussion and was set on the trade block after Collin Kaepernick finished the rest of the season and even the Super Bowl. Smith is a very smart quarterback and has great vision. He has been called a "bust" at some points in his career, but now with a new team and a new attitude could show some people up with the Chiefs.

There were more than just quarterbacks that brought problems to the Chiefs season. The Chiefs released Eric Winston, Kevin Boss, and Steve Breaston. Of course there were some other smaller names that are out in the market now, but these are the three players that were brought to my attention. Boss and Breaston were non-factors in 2012, and no one should be sad to see them go. The big decisions were Cassel and Winston. Winston was a question mark, but than I realized that the draft is full of guys to replace Winston. We just need to see if the release was a good or bad decision.

Next is what KC did in the free-agency. I was super excited to see the Chiefs go after so many talent. I haven’t seen these kind of moves for years. It gives me a good feeling on what the management is doing in the front office. The first signing was CB Dunta Robinson(formally from Atlanta) and it was a huge shock to see a talent like Robinson to be in the secondary next season. Robinson is a huge fit to the scheme and had great years in Atlanta. Robinson had 80 tackles in 2012 but just four interceptions in three seasons with Atlanta.

The Chiefs didn’t stop there with the signings, they went after CB Sean Smith from Miami. With Brandon Flowers being still the top dog in that secondary, they add Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson. That was to bring a huge threat to the defense. Without saying that the Chiefs already had a pretty solid defense, they just need some more pieces to fit the puzzle. Another piece they got with TE Anthony Fasano from Miami also. Tony Moeaki was coming have an ACL tear from 2011 and didn’t get much playing time with Kevin Boss being in the offense in 2012, but Moeaki showed a lot of talent in his rookie year with having 3 TD’s, 556 YD’s, and playing 15 games. They now have another receiver they can look for on the field in Fasano.

More key signing they have gotten are Donnie Avery, Mike DeVito, and Chase Daniel. All of these players have a key part in this coming season and have added more talent and notice to this Kansas City club. To me it seems like the Chiefs arn’t done and plan to make some more signing before the 2013 Draft. I would have to give the moves in the off-season a A-. Depending on how the team handles the No. 1 pick in the draft, that could bring this grade up even higher than it already is. With the moves this team has made this off season, it’s hard to imagine them being 2-14 again next year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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