One Team's Desperation Becomes Another Team's Opportunity

I think most people would like to trade down in this years draft. This draft really isn't that top heavy with the exception of Joeckel who many believe could develop into the best LT in the league someday. Since Joeckel is likely to be the only player worth trading up for, the only team that makes any sense is St. Louis. It appears that the Rams have failed to sign Jake Long who looks like is going back to Miami. This still leaves them with a much needed move that will solidify their offensive line. Something that has held that franchise behind for years. They also have the fire power to trade up with two first rounders. Now maybe they don't get desperate and take what comes to them. But, it is extremely unlikely that Joeckel, Fisher, or even Lane Johnson make it to 16. If they fall in love with Joeckel I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that they would want to move up to 1 to nab him for their 2 ones.

If the Chiefs can pull this off it would be a fantastic way to fill 2 needs opposed to one. It gives us more flexibility, options, and strategies moving forward. Right now, the Chiefs roster looks decent on paper with three exceptions. One, they still need to bolster the offensive line. In order for Alex Smith to have Trent Green like success is to have a bad ass offensive line like Green did or like Alex did back in San Fran. This is why Joeckel has to be the pick if we can't trade down.

The second biggest need on the roster is the pass rush. The Chiefs ranked 27th in sacks last season. In order to get to the top 10 they need to find 12 more sacks a year. In order for them to crack the top 5 they need 17 more sacks a year. Now with a better secondary, a more effective offense, and the development of Poe the Chiefs could make up some of that total with the current roster, especially Hali/Houston production. However, they are still missing that defensive lineman that can get you 6 to 8 sacks a year from the line. Its rare enough finding edge rushers, the real diamonds though are those interior pass rushers. The JJ Watts, the Richard Seymour's in their prime types. Those guys don't grow on trees, but to become an elite team we need to find that guy, or at least a guy that can come in on 3rd downs and get after the QB. The Mike Devito signing was solid and helps the run defense, but we need someone else playing on 3rd downs.

The 3rd biggest hole in terms of need and team impact is the SILB position. I think you have to prioritize this one last because it is easier to find those guys in the mid rounds and with cheap free agents. Unless Patrick Willis is on the board its best to use your 1st round picks on rarer talents.

So if the Chiefs do pull off an improbable, but not impossible trade down we could be in position to address all three issues with our top 3 picks if the draft plays out in our favor. If we got the 16th and 22nd pick in the draft this is how I would go about filling the holes...

1a. Chance Warmack (G, Alabama)

1b. Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)

3. Arthur Brown (ILB, Kansas St)

I know Warmack is going in a lot of mock drafts in the top 15, but NO guard ever goes that high. Remember when DeCastro was being mocked in the top 15. I know Warmack is the greatest guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson, but Steve Hutchinson went 17 overall. He is a pure guard due to his body type, so teams won't take him and move him to tackle. This would allow us to start Donald Stephenson at right tackle allowing us to evaluate him and see if he can be Albert's replacement. The Geoff Schwartz signing gives us another option on that side and the guarantee of depth. A line of Albert, Warmack, Hudson, Asamoah, and Stephenson could be one of the top lines in the league if Stephenson turns out to be the real deal.

Margus Hunt would probably be a Dontari Poe like pick and move into the top 15 if it wasn't for his age. He is 26 years old, and a raw 26 year old at that. But, as Reid showed in Philly, he doesn't shy away from older prospects as evidenced by the Danny Watkins pick. Hunt has that long frame with all athletic tools you can ask for. For his rookie year, I don't see why he couldn't be our 3rd down pass rusher from the line that this team needs. If we want to go a safer route, Sylvester Williams of North Carolina makes a lot of sense here too. Plus, he shares the same last name as our owner, has the same alma mater as our owner, and is part of the same frat as our owner. It just seems like a great fit.

A lot of people have Brown anywhere from the late first to the early 3rd. I think teams will start to look at him in the second half of the 2nd round. I think he could fall because he reminds a lot of Lavonte David of the Bucs who is a similar player and went towards the end of the 2nd. Maybe that is where Brown is picked, but I think this draft is deep at inside linebackers so it pushes players down. Brown is a little undersized, but should be able to operate in a 3-4. He is a tackling machine, can make some plays, and has a good football mind.

What do you guys think? Do you think St. Louis would get this desperate? And if they do what would you do with the picks?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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