Tamba Hali cut maybe traded! What? It will happen in 2014!

Ok lets start with the facts this year!

More than ever before, teams are being cap-cautious. Only so many big contracts can fit in a $123 million cap that is destined to be flat until maybe 2015 or 2016 but who really knows.

Very few teams in the NFL can fit more than eight $6 million-a-year contracts in that cap in any one season. To get $6 million a year, you have to be either young and talented, or a so called "hot commodity". Like Mike Wallace got $12 million a year from the Miami Dolphins and Percy Harvin got a six-year, $61 million deal after the Seahawks.

To fit in many of these new contracts, teams have been unloading veteran players at an alarming pace. As of March 15th, 92 veterans have been terminated or had their contracts voided, and it has freed up around $373 million of cap room. CRAZY!

So we come to Tamba Hali....

His contract looks like this:

8/3/2011: Signed a five-year, $57.5 million contract.

The deal contains $35 million guaranteed, including a $15 million signing bonus.

An annual $250,000 workout bonus is available in years two through five.

2011: $1 million ($4 million cap hit)

2012: $11.25 million ($13 million cap hit)

2013: $12.25 million ($15.5 million cap hit) + 9mill in dead money

2014: $6.25 million + $2 million roster bonus ($11.5 million cap hit)

2015: $6.75 million + $2 million roster bonus ($12 million cap hit)

2016: Free Agent

So KC is on the hook this year....

Hali's going to be 30 this year and production has been steadily declining since he recorded a career high 14.5 sacks in 2010. Then 2011 recorded 12.0 sacks. 2012 recorded just 9.0 sacks. Tamba production has not been justifying the cap hit. It's just way to much for the KC Chief's to swallow.

Also with Justin Houston at the young age of 24 getting better year after year...

2011 recorded 5.5 and the 2012 recorded 10.0 sacks + 1int .

Maybe it's time for Houston to take over being the pass rusher all the time?!?!?

Maybe the writing is on the wall for Hali.

Only 2 things will happen this year.

1: He has a great season this year and records over 15+ sacks and becomes trade bait for some draft picks. Because the 6.25 million is easier to move than this year salary.

2: He performs OK and nobody wants him in a trade and the KC Chief's will cut him.

Also to guarantee this is what the Chief's are going to part ways with Hali for sure in 2014. Just wait until the Draft. If they are able to trade down to get more picks or not. If their first pick in round #1 on a defensive end/ linebacker like Dion Jordan. Then Hali is as good as gone in 2014.

They will move Justin Houston over to the backside and insert Dion Jordan on the other. Because Dion Jordan at 6'6 and 248 lbs.... can do multiple things -- rushing the passer from a linebacker spot or his hand in the dirt, covering tight ends and receivers able to do it all. And with the secondary beefed up. With Houston rushing the passer 24/7...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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