Excerpts from Marty Schottenheimer's book, part 2.

Here's part 1.

Again, if you haven't read it, I highly recommend picking it up.


1. Tony Dungy was Marty's first choice to be DC after Bill Cowher left. He actually promised him the job and then changed his mind at the last minute to hire Dave Adolph. Marty apologizes profusely every time he sees Dungy to this day.

2. Marty and Carl used to go bowling alleys, luncheons and breakfast meetings across the midwest, including Nebraska and Iowa, trying to drum up interest in the Chiefs.

3. When all had Marty had was DeBerg and ancient Ron Jaworksi in his first year, he said he felt more comfortable with that than "two 22-year olds." LMAO

4. Marty was like the Phantom of the Opera in position meetings. He would show up out of the darkness at completely random times without anyone knowing he had entered ther oom.

5. The KC Times ran a very stupid article Marty's first year after a HS football game was over. The headline was "Marty's son loses, too," in reference to Brian Schottenheimer, who was a QB.

6. After the Chiefs and Browns tied in 1989, people inside the Browns org. referred to the score as Marty 10, Marty 10.

7. Marty predicted that rookie Tim Grunhard would last longer than he would in Kansas City. Sho nuff.

8. The audio meters that measured sound at Arrowhead usually had a needle bouncing up and down throughout the game. The needle stayed at max the entire game against the Bills in 1991.

9. After the Bills pounded the Chiefs in the playoffs that year, Lamar consoled Marty after the game by saying "hey we outscored them if you combine the two games."

10. When Brian Schottenheimer transferred to Florida, everyone called him "Young Schotty."

11. The Cardinals offered Joe Montana $5 million more than the Chiefs but he turned them down because the Cardinals suck.

12. The Chiefs wanted to start Marcus Allen at FB at first and tutor Harvey Williams.

13. Marcus later presented Marty with a photo of himself bleeding in a Chiefs uniform, and signed it "I told you I'd bleed for you!"

14. Requests for Arrowhead press credentials more than doubled when Montana arrived.

15. Marty was shocked Willie Davis caught the game-winning TD at Denver in 1994. He said "Willie drops that 9 times out of 10."

16. Marty would rant about the Raiders during Raiders week and call them nasty names, and one time he said "they're all a bunch of SOBs and they've always been that way." Art Shell was in the room at the time, and Marty stopped, and said "oh, no disrespect intended." Then he went on with his rant some more.

17. Rich Gannon says he learned more about football from Marty than anyone else in his life.

18. One time during camp Gannon threw a pass that was tipped and picked off. Marty chastised him and Gannon said "hey it was a decent pass, it was tipped." And Marty responded "If it was a good pass, it wouldn't have been tipped."

19. During the Chiefs ill-fated last possession against the Broncos in 1997 playoffs, Elvis Grbac's headset malfunctioned and he could barely hear Mike McCarthy. So he called all the plays himself. That ended well.

20. After the 1998 MNF meltdown, Carl told the locker room the team had disgraced themselves and the entire city. Lamar Hunt stood nearby with his hands over his face.

21. Andre Rison nearly got into a fight with a reporter later that year.

22. Marty was originally going to return for the 1999 season, but changed his mind during the offseason. Lamar, Carl and Steadman all begged him to stay. And to this day, Marty has second thoughts about it and wonders...what if.

23. The Patriots, Saints, Jets and Packers all tried to hire Marty before the Redskins did in 2001.

24. Marty went to see Derrick Thomas at the hospital several times when he was trying to recover. He would go with him to therapy every time. On the drive home he would break down crying every time.

25. Dan Snyder gave Marty a 4 year, $10 million contract. He never earned more than 750k in one year with the Chiefs. Cha-ching, baby.

26. Redskins player personnel director Vinny Cerrato was a jerk to Marty. He told him "Dan may be listening to you now during the preseason, but wait until I get up into the owner's box during the regular season. Then we'll see who he listens to." Marty had him fired.

27. Deion Sanders retired because he didn't want to fall in line with Marty's rules.

28. Brian had to ask Marty several times if he could interview for the QB Coach job in Washington. When Marty finally relented, they had an interview which was interrupted because Marty wanted to interview Chris Palmer. Brian got up at 4 AM the next day to finish the interview...and was hired.

29. The Redskins tried to cut corners and save money by taking people out of the media guide, like the head groundskeeper. Marty insisted everyone be included, and told them he'd pay for it himself if he had to.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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