On The Draft, Where Do We Go From Here?

It's official. The secrets out. The Chiefs want to compete. After signing Dunta Robinson, Abdullah, and now Sean Smith, it would seem that Dorsey and Reid are trying to build a sound secondary capable of competing with the Broncos for the AFC West title.

This is Reid's MO when it comes to defense. A strong secondary that is improved via free agency, and an emphasis on getting to the quarterback with versatile playmakers in the front seven.

Heading into the draft, the Chiefs needs have greatly diminished. I won't say it's impossible that we cannot, or will not be able to trade down from the #1 overall. If the Eagles truly like Geno enough, they could use Nick Foles as trade bait with us and move up for a reasonable price. Reasonable being swapping #1-#4, Nick Foles, their 2nd round pick, and next years 2nd. Steep, but not WAS arm and a leg steep (or Alex Smith steep for a better example).

With the moves made before free agency and during, charting where the direction we are headed for in the draft becomes a little simpler. We lost Glenn Dorsey but replaced him with Mike DeVito. We resigned guard Bryan Mattison. Even if he's not a household name (nope, I don't know who he is either), he's still depth. I'm assuming that with the infiltration of ex-Jets players we will probably come to terms with Ropo, and I'm hanging onto the belief Thomas Gafford, and Edgar Jones will be retained as well.

So what does that spell for the future? We seem to have our starting rotation at DE. We could use another WR, but it's no longer a hole per say. Our secondary is shaping up, and it looks as though Robinson will indeed be playing S alongside Berry, with Flowers and Smith as the #1-#2 CB's respectively. QB? We just paid handsomely for Alex Smith and are paying his backup $3 million a year, so good luck hoping for Geno. Not happening here. What does that leave?

Glad you asked, let me tell you. It leaves us needing an offensive tackle, inside linebacker, depth at guard, and depth at outside linebacker. When Andy Reid was hired, a lot of talk centered around his formulas for success. He likes to pass the ball, pass blocking running backs, puts stock in big offensive linemen, loves a solid secondary, and places special emphasis on getting to the quarterback.

Now two things to note here. One, Reid rarely drafts offensive line in the first round. However, that all depends on Albert's situation. If he cannot be resigned, we will be drafting one of the top tackles and that's all there is to it. If the Brass feel Albert can be resigned, that opens things up. A lot. It also opens that sliver I alluded to earlier.

Reid...places special emphasis on getting to the quarterback

At the top of this draft are three impact players of freakish athletic ability, that specialize in the art of sacking and disrupting the pocket.

-Dion Jordan

-Ezekial Ansah

-Jarvis Jones

We have Hali, we have Houston. Why would we take a guy that won't see the field nearly enough to justify being worth the #1 pick? Simple. If Andy Reid drafts one of these guys at the top, that guy is going to be seeing the field. And not just on special teams. There will be a place designated especially for that player, and their skills will be put to immediate work.

For me, I love what Dion Jordan has to offer. He's huge, he can fly, he's scary as sh*t. But if we were in fact able to trade down with Philly, chances are good Jordan will go #2 to JAX. That leave us with another option. Ezekiel Ansah.

Ansah is big. Like really big. 6'5 275. Oh, and he runs a 4.63 40. So he's fast too. Ansah is a tackling machine, he's relentless, and he's a quick learner. This is the type of guy that you could move around the front seven at will and he's a threat that must be accounted for each and every time.

I personally would love to see what Asnah would look like play SILB.

Derrick Johnson inside with Ezekiel Ansah = Death Star level fear, from the shear blinding awesomeness that would emanate as soon as they took the field.

There are plenty of options should we be able to trade down. I think the Geno and Milliner trains have moved on, Richardson/Star/Floyd could be a play, but it seems less likely with DeVito now. Joeckel, Fisher, or one of the top three pass rushing phenoms will be the most likely bets come draft day, in my opinion.

My ideal draft right now would involve trading down with Philly for Nick Foles (can you imagine? What an overhaul that would be to that position) plus their 2nd round pick this year, and next year as well.

1. Ezekiel Ansah ILB/OLB

2. Margus Hunt DE

3. Barrett Jones G/C/OT (see that? End all answer right there)

3comp. Mike Gilislee RB

4. Da'Rick Rogers WR

5. Quanterus Smith OLB

6. William Gholston DE

7. Denard Robinson WR/KR (not sure he falls this far, but its not impossible)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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