Updated Chiefs Depth Chart

With the recent FA signings, I felt it would be a good time to look at our depth chart as it stands now, so we can see where our needs lie. I'll put up each position, who I think will be the starter, and list what depth we have behind them (those may not be in order). Keep in mind that I am not perfect, and it's possible that I forget to take off someone we haven't re-signed. Here goes:

QB: Starter- Alex Smith. Depth- Chase Daniel, Ricky Stanzi, Alex Tanney

RB: Starter- Jamaal Charles. Depth- Cyrus Gray, Shaun Draughn.

WR: Starters- Dwayne Bowe, Jon Baldwin. Depth- Dexter McCluster, Devon Wylie, Terrance Copper, Josh Bellamy, Junior Hemmingway, Jamar Newsome, Tyler Shoemaker, Marty Gilliard

TE: Starter(s)-Tony Moeaki, Anthony Fasano. Depth- Steve Maneri (restricted FA), Jake O'Connel, Kevin Brock, Martin Rucker, DeMarco Cosby

LT: Starter- Branden Albert. Depth- Steven Baker? Several guys are listed as OL, so I'm not sure where we sit here.

LG: Starter- Jeff Allen. Depth- Rich Ranglin? My depth on the OL is just going to be Questionable.

C: Starter- Rodney Hudson. Depth- Brian Mattison?

RG: Starter- Jon Asamoah. Depth- Luke Patterson?

RT: Starter- Donald Stephenson. Depth- Steven Baker again?


DE: Starters- Tyson Jackson, Mike DeVito. Depth- Allen Bailey, Marcus Dixon, Daniel Muir

NT: Starter- Dontari Poe. Depth- Jerrell Powe, Anthony Toribio

OLB: Starters- Tamba Hali, Justin Houston. Depth- Andy Studebaker.

ILB: Starters- Derrick Johnson, ?. Depth- We have basically nobody.

CB: Starters- Brandon Flowers, Dunta Robinson. Depth- Javier Arenas, Jalil Brown, DeQuan Menzie,

SS: Starter- Eric Berry. Depth- Hussain Abdullah?

FS: Starter- Kendrick Lewis. Depth- Tysyn Hartman

Recap: We still have some holes to fill, mainly in the area of depth. But with more FA and the draft, I'm sure we can do that. The major needs I see are:

1. ILB- We do not have a starter under contract. We can easily pick one up in FA. I do think we should re-sign Siler for depth.

2. CB- Dunta Robinson will not be our starter, barring injuries. He is just the 2nd best we have on the roster now.

3. RT- Donald Stephenson is a guy that I believe can get the job done. However, we'll either need some depth, or a better starter here. We'll see if they bite on anyone in FA or *gulp* draft a Tackle at #1

4. G/C- We need more interior line depth. I'm not sure about anyone we have right now. It would be nice to pick up a veteran guy that may be on the decline, but could fill in when someone inevitably gets hurt.

5. FS- I still think Lewis can be a solid starter, and we need to wait and see what they do with Robinson. But as it stands, we at least need depth, and probably another starting-caliber player.

6. WR- Reports are that Donnie Avery may be signing with us. That would be a good speed receiver to use in Reid's offense.

Honestly, I think we're solid everywhere else. We shored up the #2 QB, the TE spot, the DE spot, and improved our CB situation. I'm excited to see what the rest of FA and the draft bring.

Also, Sorry Joel. I started this before you posted your updated team needs. I guess great minds think alike....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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