Kansas City Chiefs remaining needs, one day into free agency

Peter Aiken

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed three players and all three filled what I considered a need for the Chiefs. Let's take a moment to re-visit my list of the Chiefs top eight needs from last week, and see where the Chiefs stand.

[Ed. note: The list of needs I'm going off of came before the Eric Winston release. So you can plug offensive tackle into that No. 2 spot.]

1. Cornerback: This remains a need as the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to address it. The cornerback market has been slow thus far but we expect that to pick up in the next few days. The way it works is that a team will sign a free agent corner, and that will set the market for the rest of them. So once we see a couple of the big names land someplace, the rest should be coming in shortly behind that. The Chiefs have been rumored to be in the mix for a free agent cornerback, despite the signing of Dunta Robinson. Sean Smith is a name that's repeatedly been brought up but we haven't heard anything on him in the last 24 hours. Keep an eye on this. It could be the last "big" signing the Chiefs have.

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2. Defensive end: This has been addressed. Mike DeVito signed a three-year deal with the Chiefs. Looks like he'll be the starting defensive end. This essentially rules out Glenn Dorsey (at least I think it does), who is visiting the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs could still use depth along the defensive line.

3. No. 2 quarterback: This, too, has been addressed. Chase Daniel was signed to a three-year, $10 million deal. That makes him the No. 2, backing up Alex Smith, whose trade to the Chiefs became official on Tuesday.

4. No. 2 receiver: The Chiefs are visiting with Donnie Avery, which is the only receiver news I know of. As I argued before, the Chiefs are in a tough spot here because they should give Jon Baldwin a chance to earn that No. 2 spot.

5. Inside linebacker: Nothing here. Brad Jones from the Packers was a name folks said to keep an eye on. Eight teams were reportedly interested in him ... but in the last 24 hours there has been no news on him. Hmm....

6. Safety: Maybe this is Dunta Robinson, whose position is not yet clear. He could potentially play safety. Or the Chiefs could bring someone else in. Bernard Pollard just hit the market.

7. No. 2 running back: Zilch. This could be a position the Chiefs address in the draft considering Andy Reid's offense doesn't give a lot of touches to the backup running back.

8. Tight end: Obviously, the Chiefs saw this as a bigger need than I did. They committed $16 million over four years to Anthony Fasano, so this has been addressed. He will be paired with Tony Moeaki.

Other needs for the Chiefs...

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