Excerpts from Marty Schottenheimer's book

This is one of the best football books you'll read. It's truly fascinating.

1. Dick Haley (Todd's dad) was a big HS football star at a school not far from Marty's. Haley drove a red convertible and Marty used to see it all the time and get extremely jealous. Marty's first purchase when the Bills drafted him was a red convertible Buick Riviera.

2. Almost everyone in the NFL was rooting for Brian Schottenheimer's Jets to beat AJ Smith's Chargers in the 2009 playoffs, because people hated AJ Smith for firing Marty after going 14-2. Marty had to watch the game from a hotel bar. Rex Ryan sent Marty the game ball from that playoff win over the Chargers.

3. Marty wanted to be a dentist but failed organic chemistry.

4. Marty was good friends with Joe Namath, to the extent that they went on fishing trips together. Namath once juked Marty in the open field during a Jets-Bills game, and afterwards gave him crap about it.

5. Marty failed in real-estate endeavors and that was why he got into coaching. He got stiffed on a bunch of checks in the WFL, then submitted a scouting report on WFL players to Giants head coach Bill Arnsparger, and eventually got a job with the Giants coaching linebackers because of it. Marty thought he was being paid $1500 for that WFL scouting report, and was really mad when he got $125 in the mail.

He later asked Arnsparger about it and he said Marty misheard "50 or 100." He threw in $25 because it was the best scouting report he had ever read.

6. Marty was Cleveland's defensive coordinator when the HC was fired. They offered Marty the interm HC job. He refused and asked for a two-year contract as the full-fledged HC because he knew players didn't respect interim head coaches. Smart move.

7. Art Modell, in all his wisdom, tried to force Marty to make changes to his coaching staff, and that was why he left Cleveland.

8. "One play a time" was coined because Namath juked Marty. After that play, Marty couldn't focus and gave up a TD because of it. After that he resolved to focus only on one play at a time.

9. Carl and Marty had their first interview together getting lost driving around Kansas City. They almost ran out of gas.

10. Lamar Hunt was the selling point for Marty to come to KC. He would do random things like bring a piece of Key Lime Pie to his hotel room late at night during league meetings.

11. A Marty saying you probably haven't heard: "Men, just hang in there like an old sack of balls."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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