If I were the Chiefs Front Office: What I would do to help build this team this Offseason.





I'm going to delve in what I would do to improve the best team in the NFL: The Kansas City Chiefs. If I were John Dorsey or Andy Reid, my first order of business would be to sign the in-home talent IMMEDIATELY. (and also restructure T-Jax's contract.)

Albert is a great left tackle that wants to be here, he's also, IMO, a better option than Jake Long. I would get him signed ASAP. Colquitt is arguably the best punter in the league whom also wants to be here. I would get him signed ASAP. Lastly comes the hardest decision. Do we resign Dwayne Bowe? On one hand absolutely. He's been the one consistent receiving option we've had since Tony G. left. On the other hand are there going to be cheaper options in Free Agency? Jennings and Wallace come to mind, but would either of them be cheaper? I don't know. I want Bowe, but if there is a cheaper option I might prefer them.



My next step, would be to look for cheap value in free agency. We don't need a big splash to wow the fans. We need solid players that fit the system, not a Nnamdi Asomugha type FA pick up that would be playing out of place. (Hopefully Reid learned his lesson there. Don't spend too much money on free agents.) My first FA pick-ups would be Jairus Byrd and Randy Starks. Byrd would be a big upgrade over Kendrick Lewis and Starks would replace Dorsey (while being a better 3-4 D-lineman). My next order of business would be to sign a veteran TE, IF Boss does not return. Jared Cook from Tennessee or Martellus Bennett from New York are ideal options. I would then sign Aquib Talib to a 2 year deal to play opposite Flowers. Finally, My last solid pick-up would be Inside Linebacker Rey Maualuga from Cincinnati.



With my "big" Free Agency signings out of the way I'd finally be able to focus on the draft. With the first pick I'd choose Geno Smith, Quarterback out of West Virginia. The pick is a no-brainer. He's the top QB in the draft and would fill our biggest need. Geno is a very talented QB. He makes all the throws and is very smart with the ball. I have 2 knocks against him though. He needs to learn to see the pressure better as he focuses too much down field. (Which isn't a bad thing, but he needs to learn to do both. Aaron Rodgers had the same problem. It can be coached out and I believe in Andy Reid to do so.) Also, he seems to shut himself down at times. Game gets out of hand and he stops playing his brand of football and gets jittery. This was the same knock against Joe Flacco early in his career, though I'm pretty sure he won the Superbowl. Geno's Head Coach at WVU said that Geno put too much pressure on himself at times to do everything for them to win, which inversely made him look worse. If Geno can get his nerves under-control and balance his competitiveness a little better and learn to rely on his teammates more, then Geno will be a great NFL QB. By great I mean Top 10 and I stand completely behind that.



My next step in the draft would be to fill more holes and find good value (which shouldn't be hard picking at the top of every round.)

With the 34th pick I'd select a defensive back: Xavier Rhodes-CB, Florida State, Desmond Trufant- CB, Washington, Matt Elam-S, Florida or Jordan Poyer- CB, Oregon State, being my top choices.



With the 64th pick in the draft I'd select a Wide Receiver: Quinton Patton- WR, Louisiana Tech, Stedman Bailey- WR, West Virginia, or Da'Rick Rodgers- WR, Tennessee Tech, being the ideal options.



With the 3rd round compensatory pick I'd select an Inside Linebacker: Jonathan Bostic- ILB, Florida, Kiko Alonzo- ILB, Oregon, or Nico Johnson- ILB, Alabama would be ideal here.



Here is the rest of what I would do in the draft:

Round 4. Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame
Round 5. Joseph Fauria- TE, UCLA
Round 6. Marquise Goodwin- WR, Texas
Round 7a. Cornelious Washington- OLB, Georgia
Round 7b. Braxton Cave- C, Notre Dame



  • Branden Albert- Left Tackle
  • Dustin Colquitt- Punter
  • Tyson Jackson- Defensive End
  • Ropati Pitoitua- Defensive End (not formerly mentioned)

Possibly Re-Sign:

  • Dwayne Bowe- Wide Receiver
  • Peyton Hillis- Running Back (not formerly mentioned)
  • Abe Elam- Safety
  • Brandon Siler- Inside Linebacker (not formerly mentioned)
  • Shaun Smith- Defensive End (not formerly mentioned)

Free Agent Aquisitions:

  • Jairus Byrd- Free Safety
  • Randy Starks- Defensive End/Tackle
  • Aquib Talib- Cornerback
  • Rey Maualuga- Inside Linebacker
  • Martellus Bennett/Jared Cook- Tight End

Possible Free Agent Aquisitions:

  • Greg Jennings- Wide Receiver

  • Mike Wallace- Wide Receiver
  • Connor Barwin- Outside Linebacker (not formerly mentioned)

Draft Choices:

  • 1. Geno Smith- QB
  • 2. Xavier Rhodes- CB/ Desmond Trufant- CB/ Jordan Poyer- CB/ Matt Elam- S
  • 3a. Quinton Patton- WR/ Stedman Bailey- WR/ Da'Rick Rodgers- WR
  • 3b. Jonathan Bostic- ILB/ Kiko Alonzo- ILB/ Nico Johnson, ILB
  • 4. Cierre Wood- RB
  • 5. Joseph Fauria- TE
  • 6. Marquise Goodwin- WR
  • 7a. Cornelious Washington- OLB
  • 7b. Braxton Cave- C

There is what I would do this Offseason if I were Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Leave comments on what you would do or would rather Dorsey and Reid do. Thanks for Reiding. (PUNS.)


Rily Forrest McCall

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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