Is It a Good bet to roll the dice on a QB in the first round

I like Geno Smith I think we should draft him first overall. But I'm not a scout so if the Chiefs choose to draft Wilson or Bray or some other QB I'll be fine with that to. this post isn't about that its about drafting a QB in the first round, we have to. Below is a list of the best QB to come out in the first round , in my opinion, over the last 20 years (in the years where there were multiple bad QB's i just picked one because the end result was the same BUST). I listed them and then decided if (in my opinion) they into quality NFL talent .

1993 : Drew Bledsoe (BUST)

1994: Heath Shueler (Bust)

1995 Steve Mcnair ( DRAFT)

1996: No QB taken

1997: Jim Drunkenmiller (BUST)

1998: Peyton Manning (DRAFT)

1999: Donovan Mcnabb (DRAFT)

2000: Chad Pennington (DRAFT)

2001: Michael Vick (DRAFT)

2002: Joey Harrington (BUST)

2003: Carson Palmer (DRAFT)

2004: Eli Manning (DRAFT)

2005: Aaron Rodgers ( DRAFT)

2006: Jay Cutler (DRAFT)

2007: Jamarcus Russel (BUST)

2008: Matt Ryan (DRAFT)

2009: Matt Stafford (DRAFT)

2010: Sam Bradford (DRAFT)

2011: Cam Newton (DRAFT)

2012; Andrew Luck (DRAFT)


Bust: 5

Draft: 14

Other: 1

Of the 14 I consider good picks there are only 2 I wouldn't consider franchise type players (pennington, and Palmer) and One that I don't know (Newton). Either way i still think they were good NFL talents maybe not for 10 plus years, but if a player with the same kinda of talent was available I believe it would up grade our team and be worth drafting this year in our spot. I know not everyone will agree exactly with the picks but the overall numbers have to be closes. There isn't that much you can argue with. So that means over the last 20 years 63% of the first rounds produced franchise type QB's and another 11% produced Quality NFL QB's. So if history holds true (since we have the first pick and can draft the best QB this year whoever it is) the chiefs have a 73% chance at drafting a QB that will be an asset to the team. So Why wouldn't they?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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