Once Bitten....

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

It has recently fallen to my attention that the KC Chiefs under the direction of Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey have reached an unofficial deal with the San Fransisco 49ers to trade a second round pick on QB Alex Smith. At first I was happy about this move but as i poured over the comments and articles swamping message boards I was brought to a rude awakening.

You see after last season I was left in a desperate position. The Chiefs had no quarterback in a quarterback driven league. We were forced to watch not one but two quarterbacks who at times seemed to be double agents being paid by Carson Palmer to spare him of the title of "Worst in the AFC West". Yet we had a single hope, the 2013 Draft. For the first time in franchise history the Chiefs had the first pick and given the fact that RG3 and Andrew Luck were the top QB's last year we were finally in line to get our just deserts. Or so I thought.

At the top of the draft was the sensational Geno Smith. With his single handed mastery of the game, Geno lead two top wide-outs (Austin and Bailey) over defensive giants like Kansas University. Smith's stats were fantastic, the likes of which have not been seen since Mark Sanchez's senior year at USC. And sure maybe Smith wasn't going to be Russel Wilson his rookie year, but he had the possibility of greatness. As any good chiefs fan can tell you, sometimes all a team needs to be a monster-truck force is potential and blind-faith. With that first pick Smith was going to be our QB of the future, we were going to live in peace ,yet then everything changed when The Walrus attacked.

Reid decided, with no consent from us here in the fanpost section, to eventually trade for Alex Smith, making KC his home for the rest of his career and blocking Geno Smith. This is an outrage for all the reasons that everyone has been raging about for the last 24 hours on message boards. Alex Smith is just Cassel 2.0. He can't put a team on his back and carry them. It's only when he has the coaching, defense and run game that he can even think of going to the NFC Championship. Sure he has had good seasons the last two years but you can't ignore the first five. If a quarterback shows such a prolonged level of mediocrity he can only cover it up, not escape it. Hence why i'm still waiting on Drew Brees to bust (im on to you, you short devilish bastard). Alex Smith is not a gunslinger. He can not make big plays down field. He can't carry a team by himself. He doesn't have the necessary states to take on the prestigious title of chiefs quarterback. These are the complaints i've been hearing about this trade. Sure, Andy Reid is the man who convinced the NFL that Kevin Kolb is a legitimate starting quarterback but he is in over his head.

Last year we believed that with certain conditions met (healthy ACL trio, strong defense, Romeo and Cassel being competent, and a strong wide receiver core) we could compete for the AFC West Championship again. But that didn't happen. We were hurt, bad, and as the saying goes "once bitten, twice the resentment and fear of a rational human at anything that could have a down side shy" and chiefs fans have been living by that moto. Before last year, before the amazing quarterback class, before the 2 win season, I would have been ecstatic about the changes made to the Chiefs over the last month but both those events have changed the views of Chief fans. Maybe expectations have been inflated about drafting QB's while a well deserved cynicism has also been on the rise. This trade isn't a good idea.

Surprisingly after knowing about it for 12 hours we haven't been able to prove anything yet. But it doesn't matter, the worst case will always happen. No point in having a season, just expect 4 more years of bad. Give up faith. Only thing to do now is to break the news to Charles.

Sincerely, a loyal fan.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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