R.I. P. Kansas City Chiefs 1960-2013

I loved my Chiefs, so much that it was nothing to trek 500 miles each way once a year to see them play. I loved growing up with them as a child (born in 1961, was introduced to them by my father when they moved to KC in 1963). I grew up wearing red everyday and will never forget all my favorite Chiefs of those earlier years. I am so glad and thankful their memories will be forever enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Reading every thread it seems like today, since the news broke, makes one think that the Chiefs are now completely done. The franchise is dead! Holy Tamole they traded our beloved second round pick this year for Alex Smith. And a mid round pick next year, slap me stupid and call me a flying turd! Fire them all I say!!!

How could Andy Reid and John Dorsey talk Clark into doing this? How could they come in and ruin this franchise? What gives them the right to trade our second round pick anyway, I mean that belongs to the Arrowhead Pride bloggers dang it! Ain't nothing they gonna do be right and we will continue to suck forever and forever! I just wish the next 12 Super bowls would be played so we can get passed this once and for all.

Maybe one day we will accept the fact the guys hired to do the job might have opinions too. Maybe they will be somewhat informed about things, I dunno, too much too ask for? Maybe the guys hired will have information we don't know exists about this or that, that keeps certain things from happening, I dunno, too far fetched you wonder?

Funny I didn't hear anyone on here talk about the Trent Green trade when it happened...remember? Trent Green and a 5th round pick for the Chiefs 1st round 12TH PICK! And speaking of Trent Green, who I really liked by the way, I looked at his three years at the same age as Alex and found some stats.

Trent Green

Age 27 played in 1 game with 1 attempt.

Age 28 started in 14 games with a 6-8 record. Had a 54.6% completion rate for 3441 yards. Had 23 TD’s and 11 Int. Was sacked 49 times.

Did not play at age 29.

Age 30 started in 5 games with a 2-3 record. Had a 60.4% completion rate for 2063 yards. Had 16 Td’s and 5 Int. Was sacked 24 times.

Alex Smith

Age 26 started in 10 games with a 3-7 record. Had a 59.6% completion rate for 2370 yards. Had 14 Td’s with 10 Int. Was sacked 25 times.

Age 27 started in 16 games with a 13-3 record. Had a 61.3% completion rate for 3144 yards. Had 17 Td’s and 5 Int. Was sacked 44 times.

Age 28 started in 9 games with a 6-2-1 record. Had a 70.2% completion rate for 1737 yards. Had 13 Td’s and 5 Int. Was sacked 24 times.

Trent was so good coming out of college that In 1993, Green was drafted as the twenty-sixth pick in the eighth round and 222nd overall by the San Diego Chargers. He spent a year as a backup and saw no playing time. After being cut in 1994 by the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, he finally signed with the Washington Redskins. He didn't play any until 1998.

So, was this a good trade? I don't know, yet. I hope it is, because I always hope we make the right decisions for the Chiefs teams. I always want to be the team representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. But, as I looked in the mirror, I'm just don't ask my opinion, but I still believe in our team, I still believe in the direction and one day we will get to see that Lombardi trophy again presented to or owner.

If no one gets the point of this post, simply chill out and let things take their course. We are all Chiefs fans in the end and hope to be winners again soon!

Go Chiefs!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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