West Coast Playbook: Breaking Down The Gibberish.

Many on here know me as Akr_Baby. My kids(Players) call me Coach Andrew. Coaching is my hobby and football is my life. I love that I can start with a group of young influential kids, spend a few years with em and watch them grow into a family that looks out for each other on and off the field. I have had the blessing of working with kids that are way smarter and way more talented than what you would expect from young men. I have watched very low self-esteem kids become confident leaders on the field and in there classrooms. I have been blessed to have some of the coolest, most helpful parents. Parents that keep me involved in there kids life and there day to day struggles, parents that help other players parents whether its making sure there kids get to practice and games when they are to busy or struggling. Parents that are very involved in there child's life and schoolwork. If you are a parent of an athlete, and you have made sacrifices, put in the work, and everything it takes to be the parent of an athlete an supportive of your kids Coaches, I thank you. PLEASE Give yourself a big pat on your back.


Now that you know a little bit about my love for coaching, Lets get into the fun stuff shall we?

Many of you watched Coach Steve Mariucci do a 15 minute interview with Geno Smith. (Do not worry this will not turn into a Geno breakdown or any other prospect breakdown.) Some of you may have missed the interview on NFLN, but don't fear the wonderful world of YouTube is here...

Geno Smith with Mooch (via MegaWarpSpeed)

The part of the video I am going to break down is the part that prolly most of AP said HUH? Yes the play...

"Brown Left, Z Right, Sprint Right G, U Corner, Halfback Flat"

This is a play we will most likely see Andy Reid Run here in KC. This is the objective of the West Coast Offense, high percentage, short passes that take the place of the hand off. With a player Like Jamaal Charles we will see all kinds of different plays that find him(or Dex) ways to get the ball fast and make plays.


Lets start with the Personnel Grouping in the play drawn up by Coach Mooch. We see 2 RB's, 2 TE'S, 1WR. This personnel would be called out by a coach from the sideline. He might yell something like "Tank", or "U" depending on that teams verbage it could be a number of words, or hand symbols when it gets loud. 644662_550060281693882_515938414_n_medium

Lets break down the first words out of Moochs mouth. "Left Formation" sometimes said as "South Formation". This tells us that a player will be lined up outside the TE or south(It is warm in the south so you go outside). If the call was right or north the player would line up on the inside of the TE still off the line(It is cold in the north so you go inside). Now that you understand more than one verbage lets move on.

Again the play is "Brown Left, Z Right, Sprint Right G, U Corner, Halfback Flat" . To understand the play we have to understand the order of what the QB's call mean.

  1. Presnap shifts(Breaking the huddle in one formation and shifting to another formation to see how the D reacts. Not used in this play.)
  2. Formation("Brown Left")
  3. Formation Adjustments(Where a certain player will align. Mooch doesn't use this in this play call. You don't have to as the play call will tell you your job by not telling you yours but labeling everyone else. He could have used "F Left" or "F South")
  4. Motion("Z Right" Used to get mismatches and/or see if the Defense will show there hand or react.)
  5. Protection(Sprint Right G )
  6. Route Terms(U Corner - Halfback Flat)
  7. Snap count(on two, on three, first word)

Another thing I want to explain real fast while were on the huddle. Often times we see the WR's leave the huddle before everyone else. I have seen people in the past wonder why. The reason is not because the WR's don't care or any other bad things I have seen asked. The WR's are supposed to do this. Why? This lets the QB know that they heard the play and have no questions. If they missed something they will stay and yell "check" or something along those lines. This tells the QB to say the play call again. Once the WR's have left and the QB knows they got the play he then yells Break and walks to the Line.


Now we know the Personnel and how the play is called. Lets move on to breaking down the play call. The first term we hear in the call is "Brown Left". "Brown" is the backfield set, Meaning the FB lines up behind the QB and the HB will line up directly to the side of the FB. "Left" tells us where the strong side of the formation is located. The starting TE(Y) will line up on the strong side of the formation, and the HB will line up on the opposite or right of the FB(in this case the Z receiver).


In this situation Mooch hides Jerry Rice in the backfield and shifts the FB to the left or south of the TE(Y). We will see Reid do this with our WR's and TE's as well as in the backfield. Why does he do this? The goal is to confuse the defense presnap so they have to find him, and instead of adjusting to what they see they have to first find him. Wonder why he's there, then try and adjust. Make them think so they have less time to react before you hit them with your next move.


The next part of the play we hear is "Z Right". Ahh... the next move. We motion Jerry Rice out wide on the weak side of the formation, and watch what the defense does again. Does the defense make a move that gives our QB a read of what there defense is trying to do. We at least keep them thinking about whats going on. We have there attention on Jerry rice(Helps even more that it was Jerry Rice). "Z" being the player we want to motion. "Right" obviously being the direction we motion him to.


The next term we hear is "Sprint Right G". "Sprint" tells us and the line that it is a movement passing play, and the protection will slide. "Right" obviously tells the direction the QB is rolling to. "G" lets the movement side Guard know he is pulling in front of the QB to protect from any edge pass rusher.

Route Terms

The next two terms we here are the routes being run. "U Corner" and "Halfback Flat". "U Corner" tells the second TE(U) that he is running a corner route. "Halfback Flat" tells the halfback that he is running a flat route. The reads go as follow, 1 being the HB, 2 being the TE, and 3 being the Z receiver.


The Goal of this play is to get the ball to your playmaking RB(Jamaal Charles, Dex). We move the playmaking receiver(hopefully Bowe) around to keep the defense off guard and try to read there hand. we send the HB up in front of the QB like he is going to help block, then slip him over the defender and hit him open in the flat. If the play is there we have to make the pass. we can not get greedy and hit the TE to the corner or the WR stopping and sliding back across to the QB, unless the HB isn't open. If he is open, we don't check the other two routes first then come back to him. The play is rolling to the sideline and space is quickly getting smaller. Get it out, and let him work with the most space possible. Touchdown Jamaal Charles!!!

OHHHH! "Brown Left, Z Right, Sprint Right G, U Corner, Halfback Flat". Now you know how they got the proper Personnel on the field, how the play was called in the huddle, how the play gets set up, and how the play is run.


We will possibly see Jamaal have more receiving yards this year than he has any other year of his career. I'm ok with that. Any way we can find to get the ball into our playmakers hands more often works for me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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