Staying On this Offseason

The speculation and anxiety that comes with the offseason is unbearable. No one has ANY clue what the new front office is thinking because they're just figuring out a consensus between themselves. They're at the stage in the relationship where you're too drunk to account for an additional latch on her bra and you accidentally headbutt each other when you're trying to kiss.

I'm going to give my opinion on some offseason topics because, well, I haven't in a while (and my last post flopped so horribly that I vowed to never post again).

Dwayne Bowe

- Dwayne-bowe-funny_medium


I've seen everything said about this situation from Andy Reid only employs small, fast receivers because they can wash his car faster and John Dorsey only took this job if Greg Jennings kissed him on the mouth and promised to come here to "the Chiefs vow to cut all players and give Dwayne Bowe the entire salary cap". The truth will remain to be seen, but there's a lot of murky water here.

Andy Reid may have most recently had Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, but the best team I remember him having was with Terrell Owens as the focal point. TO may have been a bit faster in his prime, but he is much closer to Dwayne Bowe than Jackson and Maclin. I don't think Andy Reid's last roster is any sort of indicator of what he wants now. It's a better indicator of why he's in Kansas City instead of Philadelphia.

John Dorsey probably does have a bit of a man crush on Greg Jennings (and let's be real, I wouldn't mind him being in my lap the commercial...but...sexual), but that doesn't mean he's going to send Bowe Packing (get it...packers?). It really doesn't mean anything at all. The two have had similar careers stat-wise. Jennings is a year older with more of an injury history. It's also ALWAYS important to point out that Bowe has put up similar stats with FAR inferior QB play (and playcalling). I would love to have Jennings as my #2 (hehe), but, again, that doesn't mean Bowe is gone.

I can only beat this drum for so long, but Bowe should have been signed to an extension last year (with Carr franchised), but it didn't happen. I need to get over that. My true worry about Reid and Dorsey's opinion comes from the bullshit rumors around the league that Bowe's effort is lacking. They may send him packing without ever seeing what he can do. That would be awful.

My thought will always be that you don't let an impact player in their prime go without getting something as valuable back in return. If they don't want him, that's fine. I'd disagree with them, but that happens. It's imperative that if they franchise him for this season, they trade him before letting him go for nothing the following season. My hope is that they figure out a way to sign him for a few years, but that's not up to me.

If they want to bring in a Jennings or Wallace as a "better" option, that's fine, but, to me, those plans would still include Bowe as the best #2 in the league. They've gotta.

Branden Albert-



If he's healthy, he's signed. Period. He doesn't wanna play guard. He doesn't need to play guard. We don't need to sign a Left Tackle with potential to be a top 5 talent if we already have a guy in the top 10.

The only real play I can think of here is to sign Bowe long term, and franchise Albert. There's a strategic reason. If Albert is on the roster and not signed to a long-term deal, that makes it look like we still need Joeckel. When trading back, it's better to make it look like you REALLLLLLY want/need the best prospect in the draft. It makes the other team feel like they're really taking you to the cleaners. They'll offer more if they think they're not only getting your pick, but also taking the player you wanted.

The Draft-



Of course, I want a QB. I'd like to have Geno, but I'd like a lot of things. As much as I'd like to have Geno, I'd rather trade back and use one of the extra picks to get an additional QB. I'd feel much more secure getting, say, Nassib and Manuel (any 2 of the list of 6 or 7 we've looked at...and maybe Lil Rodgers at some point) than reaching with the #1 pick. This QB class has been ruined by Luck and RG3 being sooooo damned good last year. It's a solid class, of the 7 QBs we've looked at, I'd say the talent gap is smaller than in year's past. If Geno is an A-/B+ prospect, and the other guys are, currently, B to B minuses, I'd rather get two and see who wants it more. It would give us a better chance of stability moving forward, AND it would be cheaper than bringing in a couple of veteran guys (which frees up money to, I don't know, sign Bowe and Albert).

If we could trade back with Buffalo, Philly, or Detroit, we'd still be in good shape. Plus, we could amass more picks to pick up players in the second day where this particular draft is more stocked with talent. If we're going to go from worst to first, we need more picks.

My draft priorities are: 2 QBs, 1 CB, 1-2 LBs, 1 S, 1 WR, and a lineman from either side of the ball. Of course, I want to trade back so it's hard to know how many players we could get. I'm not naming many names because there's a thread for that.

Last thing here, I don't know much about him, but can we please, please, please draft Baccari Rambo? I want his jersey so bad. Rambo is the best name anyone can have. And his first name sounds sort of like a rum. Please. We also could use a safety. Win/win.

Alex Smith, Nick Foles, and Brady Quinn: Oh MY! 85417bcaf2dc1cd929c59ffa1b74e856_medium



He is, basically, the Matt Cassel we acquired (not the one we broke). Why trade to get this guy if we give up a draft pick that, as stated above, could be another QB? Why would he want to come here and get Kaepernicked again? If he comes here, it's going to be for the long haul. We're not talking a 37 year old Hasselbeck here to mentor and play when he can, we're talking a 28 year old former #1 with something to prove....again. Getting him would delay the quest for a franchise QB. I was one year old when we drafted Todd Blackledge. I need this.

In the same vein, I wanted to draft Nick Foles, but we didn't. I don't want him now. He's 24. We could save that pick, and get get a different guy with as much potential who is a couple-few years younger. Plus, he's been sullied. My franchise guy will be a Chief from day one.

If we're going to draft a couple guys and NEEED a veteran guy, we might as well re-sign Brady Quinn or get a Matt Moore/Jason Campbell type for a lot less money. If we cut Cassel, but just give his money to Alex Smith, we're in the exact same position we're in now. We could get one of the above guys for 2 or 3 years for the same price tag. Since the CBA, drafting a franchise QB is the much more cost effective way to go. Why spend extra money on someone who has already reached his apex, rather, plateau?

D-Line Stuff



To be honest, I don't care what happens here anymore. I'm so consumed with needing a permanent solution at QB (and in love with Hali, Johnson, and Houston), that I just don't care.

Jackson's contract has to go. That's for sure. I'd like to restructure, but it's hard to tell someone, "you know how you're supposed to get, like $17 million? Well, we want to give you that over 4 years."

If someone told me they were going to do that to my salary, and I was Tyson Jackson, I'd eat them. I'd love to have Dorsey and Jackson back. I would also not care if they weren't. They're draft positions and salaries put the franchise in a bad predicament. It's not their fault, they were filling needs in a bad time for salary logic in the NFL. Thanks to the CBA, that's no longer an issue.

I'd like Canty, but's more important to me to get a shutdown #2 CB. We have some talent on our D-Line, at least, we're supposed to. Allen Bailey, Powe, Poe, Pitoitua, etc (there's not much of an etcetera, I'm just being nice). The point is, we have some talent, and we can plug some holes in free agency pretty easily. After the Jared Allen trade, our best pass rushing DE was Tamba Hali. I think we could use some sub formations that play off of that pretty well.

It's more a priority to get a top 4th LB, a corner, and a safety. I'm not giving up the battle in the trenches, I'm just relying on some in-house talent and cheap Shaun Smith-esque junkyard dogs in free agency.

It's good to air some opinions again. What are your thoughts on my strategies? This is the time it's the most fun to be a fan because everyone is undefeated when no one is playing (and our franchise has had a change or two in the last few months).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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