If I were the Chiefs GM

To start, I am not the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, but if I were (that would be awesome by the way) this is what I would do with the Chiefs offseason starting with retaining our own players, signing free agents and then the draft. In some cases I will provide a few scenarios for something, but I'll try and keep things in order for you. These decisions are influenced by my own opinions OBVIOUSLY so if you don't agree I look forward to reading why in the comments below. Forgive me if I'm a little off on cap space and such, but we're in pretty good shape so most of this is/should be possible.

#1 - First order of business is to SIGN DWAYNE BOWE! He is a great receiver and he has NEVER had a decent QB or another decent receiving threat line up on the field with him. The jury is still out on Jonathan Baldwin and I still believe he can develop into an awesome receiver. Besides MOST receivers don't really come into their own until their 3rd season in the NFL. If we were able to solidify the QB position or get another decent receiving threat to compliment him (I'll get to that in a minute) I can't even imagine how productive he could be. THIS IS A MUST!

#2 - Now we franchise Branden Albert. I feel really bad doing this because he has earned the right to get paid, but the NFL is a business and making around $9.5 million for one year of work isn't half bad. If he didn't have any issues with his back last season I would feel more comfortable signing him to a long term deal, but as it stands now he is going to have to play under the tag for a year and we'll sign him next year if he keeps it up.

#3 - Restructure Tyson Jackson. I am a firm believer that he is only going to get better and he is already a plus defender. I don't think the Chiefs can get better by starting over at so many key positions so retaining him is in our best interest. This will free up A LOT of cap space and even Tyson Jackson doesn't think Tyson Jackson deserves to get paid $14+ million this season. This will enable us to be more active in free agency which I am all about.

#4 - Release Matt Cassel, enough said and this also gives us more cap room.

#5 - I would do everything I could to make sure that we traded for Nick Foles from Philly and give Andy Reid the opportunity to continue working with him and develop the Chiefs first franchise QB since Len Dawson. This would entail swapping our 1st overall pick for their 4th overall pick and probably get us their 2nd and/or 3rd round picks. Whatever makes this happen!

#6 - Come March 12th I would aggressively pursue Greg Jennings, the Chiefs have the cap space to make a splash in free agency and this is the way I would do it. He is a consistent receiver with a good knowledge of the West Coast offense we will be running under Andy Reid. Combined with Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and hopefully the emergence of Devon Wylie as a slot receiver alongside Dexter McCluster our receiving corps would be set for the foreseeable future. If we can't make this happen I'd love to snag Danny Amendola away from the Rams.

#7 - I almost had this as a priority over signing Greg Jennings, but I think it is almost equally important and SHOCKING that I haven't heard anyone else suggest this. Bring SS LaRon Landry to KC! He is a beast who was born a man and never a boy. He is EXACTLY the kind of safety we need playing in the box while Eric Berry can become the ball hawk he is meant to be. Landry is great against the run and athletic enough to provide some different looks in coverage. I haven't heard anybody talking about him this off-season and there is no way the Jets can re-sign him. Make him a Chief!

#8 - Next up is SILB. I believe Danelle Ellerbe will be re-signed by Baltimore so he won't be available. I think signing Rey Mauluaga or Brad Jones will be a good addition to an already stocked LB corps. If not I'll settle for Bart Scott or maybe Brian Urlacher as a short term solution. Hopefully we can address this in the draft as well.

#9 - Finally adding a quality TE would round out an improved offense which is a must to compete in this league. Signing Martellus Bennett, Fred Davis or Dustin Keller would be a solid addition to the team and would light a fire under Tony Moeaki and hopefully help him regain the promise he showed as a rookie.

#10 - Value signings: (without breaking the bank)

Cullen Jenkins - He has a history with Dorsey in GB and Reid in Philly. He would provide good depth on the DL and was just recently cut by the Eagles.

Antoin Cason - What can I say, he's a former 1st Round pick and a former Arizona Wildcat like our new QB Foles. I love this guy!

Peyton Hillis - He was injured most of the year, but would be quality insurance and a goal line back to spell Charles. I think he still has something to prove.

Now the draft! Below is my mock draft and I would love for things to play out this way, but they almost never do. Anyways here goes.

Rd.1 Pk.4 (from Philly) - Dee Millner CB Alabama

Rd.2 Pk.34 - Arthur Brown ILB Kansas State

Rd.3 Pk.63 - Margus Hunt DE SMU

Rd.3 (Comp) - Tyler Bray QB Tennessee

Rd.4 - Knile Davis RB Arkansas

Rd.5 - Terron Armstead OL Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Rd.6 - Dion Sims TE Michigan State

Rd.6 (Comp) - Brandon McGee CB/KR Miami

Rd.7 - Zeke Motta S Notre Dame

As you can imagine I put a lot of thought into this, but I love my Chiefs so much it hardly felt like any at all. I live and breathe Kansas City Chiefs football and I hope the powers that be pull off at least some of the things I outlined above. Thanks for reading and go Chiefs!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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